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Ooops another booty post? sorry not sorry.
Just so dang proud of my progress lately!

Having gained weight has been super hard on i’ve been looking for ways to boost my self confidence and show myself and my body a little more appreciation 😌

It’s leg day for me today and i’m hyppped for it💦 even though I know I won’t be able to walk for the next two days😂 i’ll be posting a workout later today for you guys if IG lets me🙄 #selfappreciation #bootymotivation #muscle

Ass + Abs anyone? 😂
Chillin home w/ my watermelon sorbet bcaas from @womenbest 😍 so yummy

actually shocked I have even the slightest appearance of abs, I’ve been more attentive to my eating habits, eating more portioned and filling meals, making sure I’m getting enough protein & healthy fats🥜🍳WITHOUT restricting myself in any way

exciiting news though, i’m going on my 3rd vacay trip this year in August with hubbs and were going to FL☀️it’ll be my first time in Orlando and i’m excited for the adventures to come 🍹
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Literally feels like 1000 degrees today🔥
Woke up @ 146lbs today which I know a lot of that weight is coming from water retention (yay🙄)... so i’ll be drinking lots of more water to help combat that along w/my lifts and cardio💦

Stay hydrated and Happy Tuesday☀️ #bootymotivation #tuesday #motivated #girls #bodybuilding #muscle #womenshealth #thick

Upperbody Workout🔥 SWIPE LEFT💪🏽
First day back in the gym after an eventful weekend and it went so great!
I smashed some biceps/triceps/shoulders and finished it all off w/ 20 minutes cardio 💦
Save this workout and give it a go!
Exercises shown⤵️:
1️⃣: Cable rope curls: 4x10-15
2️⃣: Tricep Push downs: 4x10-15
3️⃣: Seated DB Curls: 4x10 each arm
4️⃣: Lateral cable raises: 4x10-15
5️⃣: Front cable raises: 4x10-15
6️⃣: Cable bicep curls: 4x10-15

3 Tips to help you build mass and muscle💪🏽
I have been getting a lot of questions lately on “how to gain weight?” or “build muscle?” well here are 3 helpful tips to give you a better understanding on how you can achieve this!
1️⃣: Caloric Surplus 🍎 you’ve gotta eat to grow! makes sense right? I have girls tell me that they eat a lot but no matter what they eat, they don’t gain weight or see change. Well increasing your caloric intake with calorie dense meals will help you build up that muscle/mass overtime.
2️⃣: Less cardio, MORE lifting💪🏽 Keep the intensity high during your workouts. I used to be the biggest cardio bunny and always wondered why I didn’t make progress until I started picking up the weights. Stay consistent with your lifts, incorporate compound movements, and trust the process.
3️⃣: Progression 🍑 make sure you are progressing at a workout. Focus on progressing by either increasing the weight your lifting or by reps. It’s not easy and will definitely require you to push passed your comfort zone. #fitspo #gainingweightiscool #girlswithmuscles #beachlife #gainmuscle #motivationfitness #workoutinspiration #curves

DOUBLE TAP if you like the Swipe Feature for watching workouts💪🏽🔥 here are TWO ab moves to add to your routine that will have your core cryinnn for mercy😅
✖️Mountain Climber Twist into Mountain climber (I usually do this combo for 1 minute)
✖️Cable Crunches (my personal fav) I do this for 1 minute
@gainzvillle @womenworkoutvideos #absworkout #abs #core #getstrong #bodybuilding #fitspo #fitfemale #motivation

Booty Motivation🍑 DOUBLE TAP if you like the swipe feature! You guys voted so here we go👋🏽
Used my @womensbest gym towel to keep me dry. honestly such a great accessory for the gym 💪🏽
Exercises shown⤵️:
✖️ Barbell squats 5 sets 10 reps ✖️ Stiff legged deadlifts 5 sets 12 reps ✖️ Leg press 5 sets 10 reps ✖️ Cable pull throughs 5 sets of 12 reps ✖️ Seated Ham curls (not shown) 5 sets of 12 reps ✖️ Seated leg ext. (not shown) 5 sets of 10 @gainzvillle @womensbest @womenworkoutvideos #legworkout #workoutoftheday #fitness #wshhfitness #trainhard #leggains #bootygains #strong #womensbest

Gymmed twice this week and that’s ok!
So sorry I didn’t get around to uploading my leg workout yesterday I had some technical issues 🙄 but i’ll upload it later today ;) Spending the weekend BBQing w/ the hubbs and enjoying all the food and drinks coming my way 🍻🍗
if you would have told the old me that it was possible to have this type of balance in my life I wouldn’t have believed you ... Wishing you all a wonderful weekend🙏🏼

I always want the truth but it's dangerous
You got somethin' real, not basic 🥥🌸

Getting thicker by the summer 🍑
10lb+ difference between these two photos.
Lots of consistency. Heavy lifting. Eating, eating and more eating 🍣🍩.
#thicker #gainingweightiscool #buildmuscle #gains #curves #bodybuilding #inspired #fitchicks #fitnessjourney #fitfam #fitfemales #bootybuilder #glutes

Upper body workout👋🏽 targeting all groups🔥 sometimes I get bored of the same workout routines so from time to time i’ll switch it up and throw in a bunch of different exercises.
Exercises shown⤵️:
✖️ bent over DB rows ✖️ single arm cable front raise ✖️ cable bicep curls ✖️ cable single arm tricep pulldown
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Firey leg workout for your next gym day🔥
I like to train legs at least twice a week and each day I train them I focus on something different 👋🏽 remember it takes time, consistency, and patience to see changes happen and growth come in✨
Exercises shown⤵️:
🍑 Offset KB reverse lunge 🍑 Hack Squats 🍑 Leg Press 🍑 Side Lunges
Save this/Tag a friend🙈
@gainzvillle @gymglutes @womenworkoutvideos #glutes #legvideos #bodybuilding #bootybuilding #shape #workout #videos #curves #build #growth #fitvideos #fitgirls #girlswithmuscle

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