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I loved creating healthy recipes for a baking class this week as part of The Smart Water wellness team! #smartwater @smartwater_uk

Happy Friday! If you’re planning to make a delicious indulgent yet healthy brunch this weekend I couldn’t recom be this dish more - it’s eggcellent! 🍳 Find the full recipe on the blog 🥚 #fitnessontoast #fitin3

Mince pies, mulled wine, gingerbread men - the festive season is unequivocally here & the time to train is NOW; that, way whatever excess you’re consuming, at least you’re using 🥊 Is as fuel to burn it off at the gym! 💪Furthermore, you’re establishing a fitness routine now rather than leaving it to January, when going cold turkey will feel like a tragic uphill struggle 😰 By the time the equally commercialised ‘new year new you’ fallacy comes along, you’ll already have a strong, regular thing going on; new year, same you! BTW, I don’t subscribe to the January frenzy, instead I believe ‘healthy’ is a sustainable lifestyle choice all year round enabling a bit of everything! ☺️Check out the blog for a few 101 tips to get started, right now! (Link in bio - type in WHY TO START TRAINING – NOW !!!) #fitnessontoast #fitin3

I shook things up by creating a bunch of delicious recipes with a healthy twist using Halo Top ice cream 🍨 Including hybrid recipes ice cream burgers, shakes & sweet pizza 🍕 🍦 @halotopuk

ALCOHOL’S EFFECT ON TRAINING? 🤔 👉Alcohol can stop you reaching your fitness goals in many ways including by dampening performance, recovery & focus. Although it’s absorbed quickly, it metabolises slowly & can still affect the system up to 48 hours after consumption. It decreases strength, dehydrates (damaging to the kidney), exhausts the body (impairs liver function, as it metabolises alcohol at the expense of glycogen), disturbs sleep (crucial for muscle recovery), slows down reaction time, disrupts the body’s balance & coordination, impedes cardio exercise (raises blood pressure so the heart works harder to pump blood through the body) to name a few... Find a few tips on alcohol on the blog! #fitnessontoast #fitin3

Good morning! Like most people, I’m constantly trying to master my sweet tooth; in tireless pursuit of healthy-yet-tasty dishes, here’s a fabulous breakfast offering, loaded with nourishing nutritional value & exquisite taste to satisfy the sugar craving! My home-made Granola is garnished with delicious berries! You’ll find the whole recipe on the blog but you’ll need:
🔹200g quinoa uncooked
🔹1/2 cup chopped almonds
🔹1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts
🔹1/2 cup chopped pecans
🔹1/2 cup of whole cashews
🔹1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
🔹1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds
🔹1/2 cup of dried cranberries
🔹1 tablespoon of coconut oil
🔹1 tablespoon of Steens 15+ Manuka honey
🔹1 tablespoon of cinnamon #fitnessontoast #fitin3 #healthybreakfast #granola

10 WAYS TO BE A TOTAL DUFUS AT THE GYM! You might think I’m all sweetness & puppies… NOPE - today on the blog, I get ANGRY. 😠⚡️👊⚔💘☣️ This blog has only ever been inclusive & happy-clappy, but NOT TODAY. These are my main pet peeves at the gym which DRIVE ME BERSERK! OMG 😠⚡️👊⚔💘☣️ Check it out at the link in my bio 👉 @fitnessontoast 👈 #RAGE #gymetiquette #petpeeves Wearing all @lululemon

Homemade ceviche 🐟 🍋
This recipe is essentially fish “cooked ” (cured) in the acid of citrus juice – the classic Peruvian ceviche. (Plus a side of plantain)
The ingredients are:
1 white saltwater fish (cod , sole, halibut )
1 cup lime juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1 teaspoon salt
1 chilli
1 medium onion, sliced thin leaves in half- moons
4 teaspoons chopped cilantro
➡️ Find the full recipe on the blog! 🍽 #fitnessontoast #fitin3

Today I powered out a heavy leg session & tucked into a delicious strawberry flavour @fage_uk Total Split Pot post-workout (10.3g of protein per 100g, with reduced sugar of 3g per 100g) before carrying on my day! So tasty! #richinproteinreducedsugar #strainedyoghurt #fagetotalsplitpot

Autumnal colds creeping in? 🤧This energy booster is great when you need some zing, immune booster to carry you into the day!! 🚀 💥💫 🔹2 carrots, halved lengthways.
🔹1cm piece of fresh root ginger, peeled.
🔹1/2 lime, peeled.
🔹1cm turmeric root or 1tsp ground turmeric. #fitnessontoast #fitin3

Structuring your fitness goals is paramount in order to reach them! ————————————————————————
Think ‘SMART’ when authoring your goals. (Structured, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-bound) 5 components of organised goal-setting which will lead them to be more readily achieved.
🔹Structured – simply, when are you going to do it, piece by piece, & when will you achieve the end-game? Calculate & break down the increments, & then diarise them.
🔹Measurable – Think about how you’ll measure you progress, whether its an amount of weight you want to lift, the number of repetitions, distance run, intensity, speed etc, a spatial measurement you want to achieve, a weight you want to lose/gain.
i) Take notes on how you feel; how did the session go, did you feel tired, was it easy, how did your body/muscles feel the the next few days? In time, you can return to your notes, see how the you’ve grown stronger, & notice how your recovery has improved. The notes may also relate to other components, such as not eating enough or not getting enough sleep the night before.
ii) MyFinessPal is great to keep track of your food intake, calories, macros (fats / carbs / protein) as well as helping to identify if you’re lacking anything on a regular basis.
iii) Take photos as you go along, once a week same time, same day, front, side & back. Take measurements, how do you clothes fit?
🔹 Achievable (or Actionable) – Set achievable goals; can you actually get to the gym 6 days a week – if not, diarise 2 or 3 sessions, per achievability, & then stick to it!
🔹Realistic – this ties in with achievable, setting realistic expectations of oneself, not expecting to observe progress within an unrealistic time frame, being sensible & balanced about your application to the cause!
🔹Time-bound Training – Finally what are you actually doing once you get to the gym. Plan that 1-hour of time well in advance; going back to point one – ensure it’s a structured approach. Knowing what you’re doing within the session will enable you to set a further-out time #fitnessontoast #fitin3

New Post on the blog today and it’s a TASTY one! ✨🌟✨ A DELICIOUS BROWNIE RECIPE, ONLY HEALTHIER! This is my attempt at alchemy - a lighter Sweet Potato Brownie recipe - perfect for sharing with friends, & exquisitely molten thanks to that secret ingreident! 😋😋😋 Check it out at the link in my bio 👉 @fitnessontoast 👈

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