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Vinny Viola ✳️ KPA-CTP  ▫️NASM Certified Personal Trainer ▫️Dog Trainer (Karen Pryor) ▫️JiuJitsu 🐻Baloo

Ashi Garami (translated): Leg entanglement.

Never skip leg day with @joey_gambardella

Proofing Baloos focus in one of the worst places to try to get it. The Dog Park. 🕺🏽🐶 .
One critique I hear over and over about training your dog positively is that it is not "real world training." Where is this real world you speak of?? How do I get there?? 🤔🤔 .
Baloo is no where near perfect and I have much more work to get him to where I would love him to be. But setting him up to fail is not my priority. Patience, hard work, repetition and reinforcement.

Focus is one of the biggest keys to getting your dog to do what you want.
I see so many people struggle to get focus from their dogs. They are connected at the leash but their is no emotional bond. If the leash was dropped the dog would take off.
You can force focus. You can demand focus. But this is illusory.
Think about things your dog focuses on. Animals, their food bowls, strangers, scents.
Did these things demand and command our dogs "respect" is the food bowl your dogs alpha?? 🙄
Our dogs are not stubborn, they are opportunist. They do what works for them. Many of us want to be our dogs "Leaders" but the work we put into our relationship with our pups is not worth a follow 🤷🏻‍♂️

Baloo playing fetch like a boss. I love incorporating fun with training 🕺🏽🐶

Tbt to the time Storm realized what she looked like without the Snapchat filter on 🤣🤣🤣


They grow up fast! Hoping you have a good week with your puppos. And if you don't have one yet, change that 💁🐶

Love mixing big lifts with body weight exercises. Partly because I'm impatient and hate resting between sets. It also allows me to get more done at the gym in a shorter amount of time.
My favorite triple set lately
Squat 3x10
Handstand: Max time balancing
Dragon flag: to failure

Baloos face when he got stuck in the middle of a doodle sandwich 😆😐

I can't handle this pitbull boxer mix 😍😍. Can anyone guess his name ?? Hint : ⚡️

Never miss a Monday workout 👊
It's interesting being in the fitness and dog training business simultaneously. Two seemingly different worlds with similar underlying themes amongst those searching to pursue their goals. -
Quick and or easy fixes.
The cookies with protein in them, the leashes that magically stop pulling, wacky fad diets, wacky dog training methods. -
There is no such thing as 15 min abs and no such thing as 15 min dog training.
Hard work in the basic foundations is where you will find success. Keeping it simple but staying disciplined.
Crush your goals 👋💁

I remember part of Jesters e collar training was to "correct" him for locking onto anyone or anything he might be reactive towards.
As soon as his head wrinkled, ears went back and his mouth shut I was instructed to give him a small "vibration." -
It looked robotic, he would look at stuff then shut his mouth turn his head away and look straight forward. I see this in many e collar trainers videos with "fixed" dogs walking.
Today I do almost the same with Baloo. Except instead of an e collar I reward him for giving me attention, I build up his confidence with praise and positive reinforcement. He still looks at distractions but in a more relaxed manner and looks back to me with a face full of joy instead of a rigid shut mouth filled with fear. -
I do not believe in fighting fear with more fear.
Here Baloo demonstrates a raw, "real world" recall off of a stranger running in a park.

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