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Tone it up APP....Best workouts on the planet! Today I did Balanced Babes. And I was so happy that my 12 yr old asked to do it with me. Although, I’m not so sure she was AFTER she did it....LOL. When we were in Dancer’s Pose, the instructor, Chevy, said to set an intention or a goal to reach for in our two goals, Debt-Free and signed divorce papers 😂 But really, it doesn’t matter what your goal is, all you need to realize is that you can achieve any damn thing you want if you set your mind to it. Now off to the showers, mix up my daily dose of ketones and grocery store shopping....UGH 😩 Anyone else hate that chore as much as me??? Happy Sunday, Y’all 😘❤️ #TIU #tiuloveyourbody #toneitup #ketonemama #justpruvit

#DailyGoals but hands down, I would always strive for the first as a top priority for myself.
And honestly, I think if we take care of our mind and soul, the rest comes a little easier, you know?? A tight booty and life goals are good to have, for sure, but a sound and well cared for spirit and a happy heart trumps all of that in my book ♥️

Oh, yeah! Loving this 💯
It REALLY, REALLY, REALLY doesn’t matter, not one FREAKING lick, if everyone loves what and who you are or what you stand for.
I’ve been telling my oldest this very thing. She’s always been the one who is the people pleaser, the one who wants to be friends with and be liked by everyone, and the one who will always find something nice and kind and positive to say, so she doesn’t have to hurt someone’s feelings.
And don’t get me wrong, that’s not a BAD way to be. (Reformed people-pleaser, right here 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️) can be draining, and life-sucking, and leave you with lots of hidden disappointments too. Because, NEWSFLASH......everyone WON’T always like you. You, most likely, WON’T be capable of making everyone simultaneously happy, AND some people will just hate everything about YOU just because that’s how THEY function. But whose problem is that, REALLY??? What’s the saying??? “Pay close attention to those who don’t clap when you win.” That will tell you ALL you need to know about friends/acquaintances/family.
The world is a WHOLE LOT BIGGER than the Negative Nancies and the Bitter Betties. #selfcareisimportant #loveyourselfeveniftheworlddoesnt

Who says you need a special reason to “celebrate”? Celebrate the little joys in life, all the bits of taking your little one shopping at the Dollar Tree for her Valentines Day box and stepping in someone’s puke.....or going grocery shopping and dealing with the meanies and the miserable people you encounter along the way, if for nothing else, then to thank the Heavens that you aren’t like them. And being able to laugh thru it all.
Yep! I’m totally celebrating my ketones right about now. 😋🤪😉 #KetoneMama #Celebration #yum #moodboost

Oh, HeartTart, how I’ve missed you❣️🥰❤️😋 #Ketonemama #FAVflavor #ketonesmakemehappy

Choose YOU today 🙂
Happy Monday!🙌🏻💪🏻👌🏻 #ChooseYOU #selfcare

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YESSS. Stop doing that. Like NOW. Cuz in the end, the people you are, no doubt, turning yourself inside out for, are the same people who will never find ANY satisfaction in this life, no matter what is done for them ♥️ #Fridaywisdom #Lifetips

Freaking truth. And if you’re smart, you will learn from it all. This girl, well this girl is BEYOND thankful for the rock bottom **it that’s happened......for if not for the shady, I wouldn’t have found the true blue in this world.
#solongshade #itwaswaytoocoldinyourshadow #thesunisouteverydaynow

And that’s A-OKAY!
People that scare so easy aren’t meant for you and your journey anyway ♥️

To the overthinkers.....who give so much of themselves, only to be broken, discarded, and’s time to take back that power from those who use you, abuse you, and make you feel less than. It’s time to rise up and show them who their dealing with. It’s time to freaking realize you can do any damn thing you want.....NO APPROVAL NEEDED. You deserve more than settling ♥️

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