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Throwing out a question...if I were to offer new online classes...what would you like to see. Looking at 15-30 min ones. Many of you request drills regularly...would that be of in drills for skills...drills (exercises) to target and strengthen the muscles necessary for skills many of you have told me you’re working on (handstands, arm balances, compression for presses, etc). Let me know if you like this direction...or have some other suggestions, as well! Here’s a little clip (5x speed) of how I regularly work things...prep drill, open up, wiggle or stretch out, drill, unplanned movement, drill, etc...and then you can see at the end how that work translates upside-down (one day! Not instantly after one drill...hehe😉). Comment below or DM me what you’d like in classes! Thanks in advance 🙏

🙃 🥨

It’s all play. 🙂🙃

Letting go. It’s hard in most circumstances. I remember reading a Pema Chodron book where she said to imagine giving away your most prized possession over and over again (something like that, not a quote, the general idea of being unattached). At the time, I immediately thought of the blanket my son was wrapped in—as I held him while he peacefully left this world for the next. I’m not big on “things”, but the smell, the memory, the attachment to that blanket was the strongest of any I could think of. So, I’d imagine giving it to a baby who needed warmth. And thought, would I really keep that “thing” if some sweet little one really needed it. No. No. But at first, the idea of never seeing it again terrified me. But with more time, the thought was ok, neither good or bad. Just ok. I’d be ok if I couldn’t feel that blanket again. Because it’s just a thing. I still have it, but I don’t obsess over it. Occasionally I feel it, look at his other things that are in his memory box. But I’m at peace. That type of letting go is tough. But when I flow, letting go is easy. It’s soothing. It’s the only time I don’t struggle with structure, my mind on over drive, any attachment at all. I think with more and more time, it transfers to the tougher things off the mat...
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Back~bendy in bitsys! My 🍑 has been bitsy-er, bigger, and many er’s in between 🤪. But I’m always comfie flowing in these stretchy shorties! 😉It doesn’t hurt that the creator of bitsy’s is a super sweet friend! 😘 ...who happened to just tell me a bunch are on SALE! AND use ONELOVE for an extra 10% off 😱🤩
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Drills in flow...give one or some a try and tag me! 🔵🙃 (oh, and the rings weren’t part of the plan...but hey, they were there, so I grabbed on! Don’t get too stuck in structure...have some fun😊)

☑️OTE...plans today...walk to the polling place with this dude to vote for our incredible daughter’s future. #vote #love

I neglect my legs 🤦‍♀️ occasionally I throw a squat in flowing...but uh, I think I’m on my hands far more than feet 🤷‍♀️ Here’s a monthly sissy squat lol. I feel like, perhaps, I should work on them a wee bit more often to make progress 🤔🤪

Because I didn’t 🧟‍♀️ zombie 🧟‍♀️ press on ya go.

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn 🎃 👻

Friday free flow 🌀 ...with an abrupt end to video due to incoming call ☎️ 🤪 Video stopped...I continued. Who wants to share some free flowing movement today?! Tag me so I can see! 👌

Just a little morning off to watch the kiddo run! 🏃‍♀️ #crossCountry #movingMeditation #yogaMom

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