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Long time,!?! 🤨 ...couple things...THANK YOU for all of your messages and comments. I appreciate all the amazing connections and lovely people this insta thing has connected me with! 💞 Next up, my break did coincide with some not-so-nice-comments (which I admittedly over-reacted on first reading, they still were not necessary or kind, but blah, not a big deal in the scheme of things)....however, as i mentioned, we all have these real lives outside this little square box...and we don’t always need to share it all, but let’s just say, I needed a real-life break. And I think I’m actually still on it. I just wanted to check in with pics with my two favorite, always there for me, real life “followers”. 😉 The workouts, yoga, flowing...still happening. And I’d love to get back to sharing that sooner than later. So stick around! But, even once I’m back at it, I think I’ll post a bit less frequently and spend a bit more time phone-free, investing the extra time in real life things that need some attention 👌 I woke up to a bunch of hateful comments...from what I can gather, I’ve lost weight, I’m a chubby fat ass, going to break, but also have too much muscle...all simultaneously. And it’s unacceptable to keep it personal as to any struggles I’m having...bc I have an Instagram account that I share some of my life on. Well, all broke me this morning, it got to me, the words hurt. I’ve found this to be a positive space, almost always, until now. And since you all win, goodness, let me share...yes, I’ve lost weight. No, not for Instagram (wtf? I don’t even know what that means?). I’ve struggled with eating disorders at points in my life since 7th grade... I’m a 34 year old mom now. And the last struggle was pre-Instagram days, sorry no one got to bash me. Stress is a trigger for me. It’s not about looks; it’s about control over sometime when life doesn’t feel like it has much. I over-exercise, last time I ran on average 120 miles a week for, uh, I guess I just over-move, in general. I under fuel. I’m not at a low point, but yes, I’ve lost. ...There is so much of someone’s life outside these little squares. There is a past we all have, and present issues, as well...and the specifics right now, no, I don’t owe anyone to share if I don’t want to. I just can’t wrap my mind around negative comments...I’d never leave a hurtful one to anyone I follow, don’t follow, know, don’t know. Anyway, I guess I’m done with rant. ...almost...PS...this pic is not edited. When videos look bright or dull, it’s because it’s sunny or cloudy out; rarely do I filter a video, photos...many which were commented on (and comments deleted) were not edited, occasionally I play with a’s obvious, blurred edges, shadowing, etc. And as for me skin color, it’s summer, I’m tan (even with religiously applying sunscreen); when it’s winter, I’m pasty white as a ghost. Okay. 👌

Why video? More times than not, it’s NOT “for the gram”. (They just get shared as a byproduct) ....So WHY? ...because you can go back and critique, see activations—or lack of, work on spots to improve, see where your body is in space (sometimes our proprioception is off...especially in new shapes), and also view progress as you put your findings into action. 👌👍’s a video from yesterday, as I was working towards getting those hands further back in presses, and controlling the L-sit through. This isn’t the best, isn’t the worst, of the several I took...somewhere in the middle...but I did a quick video check between sets to see where I could make improvements! 🎥

Is it yoga? Is it calisthenics? Is it a flow? Is it mobility? Flexibility? Strength training? Handstanding? ...I donno. I don’t care. I’m moving. I’m breathing. It feels good. ✌️ <3x speed>
. .
. Shorties @kft_brands ; hanging out on @yogabodyfitness trapeze 💜

First flow on the @yogabodyfitness trapeze...conclusion...I’m not very graceful on here yet 😂🤨🤪 ...I’ll work on it! It’s so much fun to have a new toy though. What do you all want to see with it?...I have endless drill ideas...

🌬💪 ...continued from yesterday... #uddiyanaBandha and #nauli ...”WHY do you do that?” personal answer isn’t necessary in line with traditional yogi cleansing and such... I do it for the strength, power, and control it translates to in inversions, pull up, balances. I’m not always “all out” doing it like shown here. But practicing this daily, allows that “lock” to translate to a lesser degree without even thinking about it when I’m upside down, hanging from my rings, etc. 👌

#uddiyanaBandha and #nauli ...I get tons of questions on this. “How!?” The number one thing...PRACTICE. every day. Creating the mind/body connection. This isn’t something we regularly do. The brain thinks it, but the muscles are kinda like huh, what!? the beginning. Years ago, I would barely be able to suction in or puff out the abdominals. But GRADUALLY, the connections were made. ...that being said, here are a few tips (and ...standing, hip width apart feet, knees slightly bent, shoulders where you start👌 here’s just some fun upsidedown play with it-front and side view ...this took a LONG time to find, as I said....practice 😉) So, here are some tips....before working "nauli" (the puffing out and/or “roll", initially you must learn "uddiyana bandha" (the suctioning in and lifting up movement you initially see me do after the forceful, complete exhalation). Do this on an empty stomach and initially, a mirror can be helpful to practice in front of for visual feedback...making the connection and knowing what it feels like when you really get the movement and lock. Once you have uddiyana....then you can begin to work that nauli pressing out of the rectus abdominis or rolling motion, which is essentially relaxing the rectus “6pack” and contracting the obliques to aid in the “puff” out OR (rolling)—alternating contractions of the rectus abdominis muscles. Very tricky in the beginning learning to really contract and relax opposing sides! Practicing every day (and again, a mirror for feedback to start) is the best way to really find this! Have fun, be aware if you have contraindications, and see if this new found type of strength translates to your inversions, pull work, balances, and overall practice!

More real life, less insta life the past few days. Popping in for some *almost* real time (1.25x speed) #toeTapTuesday ...bc they’re my faves! ☺️👣 .... 🔊⬆️ for breath.

🤸‍♀️🔹 〰️〰️〰️ #playoutside

Morning walk 👣 #realTime #takeAwalk #upsidedown
. 👙 @kft_brands

New shorts and new short <hair>... @kft_brands has some sweet prints! 🙌👌

Real~time ring play...inspired by one of my longest insta~yogi friends, turned real life one... @flexyogaemily ...her strength, smile, and sweet self have inspired me for many years now 🙏💙🙏

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