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Anthony Sheridan  💪 Fat Loss Expert 🌍 London Based Personal Trainer and Online Coach 🥞 Pancake Connoisseur 💻 🙋‍♂️💁‍♀️How to lose weight

This is my client and friend, Sam @sammcharg. Sam has dialled in on her nutrition in the past 3-4 months and has been extremely consistent with her training; as a result of this, she has managed to lose 2 stone (13kg/28 pounds). She says she wants to lose at least another 10kg, and if she keeps up this level of consistency she’ll definitely achieve her goal. Sam’s getting married in 8 weeks and I know she’s going to feel incredible on the day. And for me, this is what makes my job so fulfilling.

I’m really excited for her to achieve her goal and can’t wait to be there with her on her special day.

Well done, Sam; you look amazing.
#myclientsareawesome #fitnessmadeeasy

If you'd like to enquire about making your own transformation you can email me at or check out my website

This is my client and friend, Mav @mav_d In the past 6 months, Mav has managed to regain muscle mass and strength, reduce his body fat, lose 5.5kg, and completely transform his physique.
What surprises most people about Mav's transformation is that he was able to consistently eat his favourite foods (I would even dare to say that he has a sweeter tooth than me!) yet still attain a body that the majority of people consider to be unattainable.
Mav's approach to his diet was flexible, yet consistent, and this is something I encourage with all of my clients.

He says he's over the moon with his results, and I'm very proud of him for being willing to learn and sticking to the plan.
I think we can all agree that his work has paid off and he looks amazing. Well done, Mav! 💪🙌 #proudpersonaltrainer
You can email me at to make an enquiry about starting your own transformation. And you can click the link in my bio to learn how to stop committing some of the most common fat loss blunders.

This is Phoebe @phoeberwood
She's an easy going interior designer that loves balancing random things on her head.
She also loves crushing it in the gym, and in the past 2 months has lost over 1 stone (14 lbs / 6.5kg). She's also much stronger than when she started (she did sets of 8 full Push-ups in today's session) and most importantly, has managed to achieve all this without suffering.
#myclientsrock #fitnessmadeeasy

*Client spotlight* Here's my client, Kelvin @kelvinwarburton training biceps (his favourite beach muscles 😀) during our session today.

Kelvin regularly enjoys meals out and night's on the town, goes on holiday about 30 times a year (literally) and yet he still manages to always look this good.
That's because he understands and consistently applies the correct nutrition and exercise principles to achieve his goal. He doesn't train for hours at a time, he doesn't cut out his favourite foods, and he doesn't suffer unnecessarily (unlike the majority of people you see trying to achieve this level of physique). If you'd like to learn how to achieve your own goal, click the link in my bio, read some of my blogs, and let me help make achieving your goals as easy as possible :) #myclientsareawesome #fitnessmadeeasy

Hiking to the top of the mountain got cut short because we were far too hungover to make it even half way. Great work, team!!! 💪🙌😂 @bencrane12 @fitcreator
#notsohealthy #hangover #fail

This is my client and friend, Danny ( @dannymahoney1 ). Danny came to me with the goal of decreasing body fat whilst maintaining his muscle mass, and that's exactly what we did.
He lost 5kg, gained strength, and improved his technique in every exercise. And most importantly, he's learned how to maintain this physique for as long as he wants.
He says he couldn't be happier with his results, and seeing the excitement on his face when I showed him his after photo was one of the most satisfying moments of my job.
Danny now plans to move onto a muscle building phase whilst staying as lean as possible, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress he makes in the next few months💪

If anyone would like to make an enquiry about making their own transformation, they can email me at
And if anyone would like to learn the basics behind weight loss, you can click the link in my bio✌️

Super proud of my fat loss client @dannymahoney1 for sticking to the plan 100% over the last two months. As you can see, his hard work is paying off and he's looking awesome. I can't wait to post his before and after photo comparison when he reaches his goal! ☺️💪 #proudpersonaltrainer #fitnessmadeeasy #knowledgeispower

I want to get a bit fitter but the cardio equipment in the gym bores the crap out of me. So, today I decided it was time to have my first skateboarding lesson 😂

Haven't even touched one in the last 14 years so thought I would kill myself, but luckily my teacher @kieranmenzies666 made sure I didn't!
I started off feeling shaky, then managed to land an ollie (the moving jump) and then somehow landed a 360 flip! 😂
I'm pretty sure I found my new form of cardio ☺️ #elbowpadswereforage9-12 #theyalmoststoppedthebloodflowtomyhands

Here's @dashadafne doing her first pull-up (and it's with fully extended arms) and I'm so proud of her!
Watching my clients achieving milestones in the gym makes me feel like a parent watching their child walk for the first time! 😂

Dasha's strength has improved tremendously over the last few months and it's great to see all of her hard work paying off.
Now that she's done her first pull-up, our goal will be to get her doing 3-4 reps in a row within the next few weeks. And with her work ethic there'll be no reason why she can't! ☺️ #bosslady #proudpersonaltrainer

They look great, right? These are the pancakes I make on weekends (about every second weekend to be more precise). Most people think you can't eat "unhealthy" foods whilst trying to lose weight/get lean, but that isn't true. Life isn't fun if you're constantly depriving yourself of the things you love. It's the reason I always talk about having balance in any health and fitness regime, as without it, things will get very dull very fast.
I've outlined a step by step guide to being able to let go every once in a while and still stay on top of your fat loss goal.
Click the link in the bio to learn how ✌️ #pancakeporn #balance

I'd also like to give a big shout out to some of my fat loss clients: @chadtrogers 🙋🏼‍♂️down 10.2kg (22 lbs) in 4 months (which also included a 3 week holiday to Canada!) @phoeberwood 💁‍♀️ down 3.6kg (8 lbs) in just over 4 weeks! This girl is smashing it! @dannymahoney1 🙋‍♂️ down 2.7kg in one month! Dude is starting to look vascular as hell... and @sammcharg 💁‍♀️ down a whopping 5kg in 5 weeks 😱 Sam has stepped her diet game up and it has really paid off! I could not be more proud of these guys and all of my clients who consistently put the work in every single day; keep doing your thing! 😉🙌💪


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of myself showing what difference 20kg of fat loss makes to your physique. And today I’m showing you what difference adding almost 20kg can make! 🙂

To gain muscle, you must ensure that you're forcing your body to adapt by incorporating progressive overload into your training programme. You also have to make sure you’re consuming more calories than you burn and eating enough protein to support your goal.
DM me if you have any questions as I remember how confusing it was starting out and I’m more than happy to help 🙂💪 #scrawnytobrawny

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