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Maddie  18 | SOFLO 🌞 | NPC bikini 👙 | struggling college student trying to be fit |madtraver22@gmail.com

Nice long back & shoulder session .. I want delts the size of pumpkins and lats that I could fly with. But on a more serious note, I’ve been on prep through every holiday this year... I thought I’d be so excited for thanksgiving but I’m so nervous... still a lot of food fears resonating right now but I shall turn my brain off and enjoy my family. Goodnight 😇

Feelin good, besides the hair tucked into my armpit lmao. Only up 5 pounds from show day so that’s nice. No gym today bc I’ve never been so sore. Also I bought these jeans during prep bc nothing else fit me but hollister baby jeans & they still fit so hallelujah


First successful week since I stepped off stage 🙌🏻

Lol this was the night before my show. I didn’t send or post the thousand of mirror selfies I took bc I “looked fat” okay Maddie you right

New phone new me ???????? Pre glute activation selfie 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Happy Friday!!! When I first got my stage shots back I picked them apart but I actually love this one. At first I thought I looked bloated and stuff but tbh I love it.

Today’s post is gonna be random bc I’m bored & feel like sharing some facts about myself.
1. I played soccer competitively for 12 years of my life and ran XC for 2 😳
2. I’m actually a very isolated person, I love my alone time lolll.
3. I want a hugeee family
4. I rebound bad after shows which is why I won’t be competing again for a while
5. I love meeting people on social media
6. My only sibling is my older brother and he lives in Colorado
7. I plan on moving somewhere more north when I can bc I love mountains and rock climbing
8. I’ve lived in Florida for my entire life 😩
9. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday 🤷🏼‍♀️
10. I’m 18 and my birthdays in February 👶🏼

early hump day post bc 😳 I didn’t realize the difference in my back end till recently lmao

My legs are my project. They will be lean as all heck next time I see the stage. They are stubborn and aren’t afraid to put on size... I blame 12 years of competitive soccer. But one day you’ll see that I actually do have hamstrings, no like they’re actually there I swear.

LOLLLLL throwback to prep when I didn’t post this bc I didn’t think my ratios were good enough??? Boy look at that tiny waist #prepbrain also I occasionally forget I have that tattoo

Messing around w some weights today, got 165x7 and did a set 2 just to show off on ig bc I’m like that lmaoooo.

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