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Heather  Fit Girls Guide 1/2/16 - California 💟Varsity ⬇️41lbs 💟FGG Bootcamp🔸SW: 187.4 🔸CW: 146.4🔸GW: 135🔹I'm ready to make some changes and do this right!

I may have done the directions backwards but 3 things are certain: 1. I love this water bottle! (Because it reminds me of my beautiful #fitsister Dee @akfitmom and it is BIG) 2. Water is GREAT and 3. I love a good sparkle sesh in the morning! #sweatyselfie #sdac #fitgirlsguide #bbg #magnificentmermaids
Tagged babes - your choice!

Inquiring minds want to know #womp so here it is for the beauties @fitgirl_kdub @akfitmom @fitgirl_pritchr @fitgirl_maturemama @fitgirl_happy2016 this is my go-to breakfast at work. And I use the purple cup to measure it out! #fitgirlsguide

#bbg week 3 arms and abs ✅ I totally thought of Erica @middleofthemapfit when I picked up Luna for the picture. She wanted it but I was covered with cat hair afterwards 😹😹 made the shower twice as necessary! #sweatyselfie #magnificentmermaids #fitgirlsguide

A little something from my #fitspiration journal before bed! Now off to dream my next goals! 😴 good night #fitfam

I seriously admire you ladies who run distances! @fitgirl_kdub @fitgirlbrookeelyn @fitgirl_maturemama you all give me daily inspiration! I'm not sure I will ever get past 3.1 miles but I channel each of you every time! #sweatyselfie #5k #fitgirlsguide #magnificentmermaids

Feeling good in my outfit today so I had to share!

Shoutout to Dee @akfitmom for being so amazing and brightening my day! I will cherish this water bottle and try not to be so clumsy and all the other goodies are so sweet!! And finally fish tacos for dinner! At least one good thing came from working late 😂 #womp for the beautiful babes @glocanglo @fitgirl_futuremrsfreitas @grateful_fitgirl @renegade.mama

Looking for some positivity this morning to continue the #positivitychain for my girl @glocanglo and came across this which I love! We all face pressure but we can get through it!!

The strong kitty got me through it! I was sweating bullets in this #sweatyselfie it is a great way to start the week! Who else got their Monday workout in?

#sweatyselfie from this morning for the beautiful babe @fitgirlbrookeelyn I love this shirt and feeling good to have my cardio done ✅ now time to hang out with my nephews #bbg #fitgirlsguide #magnificentmermaids

Sparkle and shine oh my! #sweatyselfie to round out the week! #bbg is pushing me which I love! Sweat 💦 dripping out everywhere!! Show me your sparkle ladies! #fitgirlsguide #magnificentmermaids

Lunch and dinner both featured a salad with shrimp but somehow 3 slices of pizza 🍕 jump onto my plate and into my mouth whoops 😬 but other than that I think I did ok today! Thanks for the #womp tag @grateful_fitgirl @fit.girl.kirst and thanks for keeping me accountable! Tagged babes - what are you eating? #bbg #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlsguide

Today was for sure a mind over matter thing. I'm tired and I could have just walked rather than done my run, but I pushed on and got it done! #sweatyselfie for the mermaizing babes @fitgirl_kdub and @fitgirll415 and a #sdac just because. Tagged mermaids you're up! #magnificentmermaids #fitgirlsguide #bbg

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