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Sometimes there ain't no woes lol And that's ok. Being alone isn't always a bad thing. • I'm absolutely loving my time alone here in Toronto. #The6 #Toronto #Canada #Drake

Overlooking Lake Ontario. • Yes, I took it myself. Lol Yes, I know you can't actully see the water. It was foggy, what cam I say 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Canada #LakeOntario #Selfie #NoFilter

Daring comes with Faith. And faith comes from the Word of God. Get on that! • Let God turn your fears into your blessings. Let what was meant for your harm be for your good. Dare! • #Jesus #Faith #Dare

I found this cool alley on my walk back to my Airbnb. • I walk 3.9 miles either to or from work because I believe that is how I can best get to know this city. Otherwise I would just be Ubering back and forth, with no days off and no idea of what Toronto really is like. • Take a walk. Be aware. Make stops. Get acquainted. #IClosedMyEyes lol #Blessed #Toronto #Canada #Travel #Photography #Art

Happy Valentines Day to me from Jesus and me lol. This Valentine's Day I've made it to Toronto! By the grace of God. I was given a last minute opportunity to come work here and I see nothing but God in that! I'm here all alone alone, but boy do I feel loved. ❤️ #HappyValentinesDay #Jesus #Love

The mountains He created, the mountains He moves. The mountains He brings me over. And through! #Jesus #Scenery

You command them with a whisper, Lord. I believe❤️ #Jesus

😂Listen closely, girl. I know you want chocolates this week pero like 💁🏻 How much are you really willing to overlook though? 😂 #Valentines

I always know what I want to eat, it's just sometimes I want multiple things at once 😩😩 #food

Be that woman. #Dare #Brave

#TBT to last summer, the sun and Cali warmth! As I travel to the land of inhabitable tempertures😩 #Throwback #Ootd #California

"I believe in your power, just not for me." "God is able, just not in this situation." "If only you had shown up then...." Etc, etc.. God works in absolute, if He can here, He can there.. If He can a small thing, He can a big thing. He knows best, He knows when. • I'm really telling myself. As someone who has carried the weight of regret for a long time, blaming myself and pleading with God that He had shown up. And maybe just maybe, for another chance.. I am reminded that He knows best, and He knows when. And if He wants to, He can resurrect. Even after three days. Or three years. Whatever. Whenever. If He sees fit. Because He knows best. •,l Did you all know that back then they thought that after the third day the soul fully left the body.. God showed up right when ALL the hope was lost, when every ounce of life had left the "body"... And with that He made it known that nothing is ever too much or too far gone for Him. If today, all hope, all life has left your situation... TRUST.. Believe(Mark 9:23) that God can resurrect. He can bring life back. He is able. #Jesus #Love #Grace #God

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