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Fit freakz  #Motivate•#Inspire•#believe 🗝Mission is to improve the world one body and mind at a time. 📍Houston based. Est. 6/3/2017 🌐website is getting fixed.

‼️PLEASE READ INFORMING YALL ON WHAT HAPPENED‼️ Hey everyone we apologize for the huge stop we had with launching new merchandise, content and not going to any events. On July 7the 2017 a month after we launched the company the CEO’s brother passed away. It’s been difficult for him to get everything back together without him. He was the only other one helping with FITFREAKZ and when his brother passed away the CEO’s family went through a lot of tough times and it was and still is a very hard time but we want to announcing something we will be relaunching the company all@over again this year at the @americanfitnessexpo June 2nd & 3rd we will see everyone at the expo with a bunch of new merchandise, new motivational content and more positive vibes to give. This was a major set back for a huge come back, FITFREAKZ don’t give up and when hard times come, we make sure we stay strong mentally , spiritually and physically. Obstacles are part of life we learn from them and that’s how we progress. LET’S GRIW TOGETHER , GIVE OUT POSITIVE VIBES, CONQUER GOALS AND NEVER LET A OBSTACLE DIRECT OUT SUCCESS BUT KNOY LET THAT OBSTACLE MAKE US STRONGER THEN BEOFRE AND NEVER GIVR UP. That’s the mentality of a FITFREAK now let’s grow as a team and become a family. We love all of y’all that support us. See yall June 2nd💪🏼

Winners never quit and quitters never win. Which one are you when life gets tough? because it’s easy to be a winner when life is good.

Pain is a gift. Instead of avoiding it, learn to embrace it. Without pain there is no growth.

Survive because the fire inside of you burns brighter then the fire surrounding you.

Don’t die with your visions, die leaving a legacy because you fulfilled your vision.

No matter what never give up and you will succeed. Fight through the struggle, losing friends, losing sleep, Working harder, multiple jobs. Whatever it is, stay strong and never give up.

It’s all about the consistency of hard work 💪🏻

Rise and Grind everyone. Dreams become reality when actions is taken, start now. -
@lifeandfitness86 -
Fitfreakz is coming back we apologize to everyone, we have been working on a lot of new things that we are getting ready to launch!

Be true to yourself.
——❗️New sleeveless hoodies about to drop.❗️comfy, with front pockets and front and back scope with side slit.

Merry Christmas everyone from Fitfreakz! 🎄🎁
—————————————————————————Who’s ready to crush their goals and make big things happen?!

Have confidence, believe in yourself and never give up no matter the obstacles.

How many Monday’s have been gone since you said “ I’ll start next week “ take action start NOW.

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