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Krystal Holley  KBFitLyfe • Mother 💗• PiYo(c) Live Instructor & Health Coach 💪🏾 • TJB💍•Spirit Junkie 🙏🏾•Foodie 😋

Had a great class tonight @atthelb with some great people! Thanks for joining me @bbcoachsue and @mrs_e_thomas for the love, guidance, advice and support! Love this studio! There is no greater feeling than doing what you love. Thank you all that have supported me on this journey. So excited about the future! 🙏🏾💕 #fitness #piyo #motivation #inspiration #dreambig #goaldigger #facingfears #dedication

About last night ...
There is something amazing that happens you face your fears... when you walk into a dream studio, with your picture on the virtual billboard and class posted for everyone to see. Your heart races, your palms sweat, and you realize that it's exactly why you've been working so hard. It was an incredible rush and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of At The LB! Today, was the day I became more than the "title" of Instructor. I have such an amazing support system and would not have been able to do it without them. Thank you to my fiancée TJ, who always gives the best advice, tough love when needed, motivation and holds me down like the "kite holder" he is, as I fly high in the clouds with my dreams... You keep me grounded. Thank you to my beautiful daughter for a moving pep talk before my class that brought me to tears... I'm not sure when she became so mature, but she is wise beyond her years. Thank you to my parents for believing in me, B&B for supporting me, and the rest of my friends and fellow instructors, PiYo enthusiasts and to those that empower others to dream big. For the women that came to my class today, thank you for the opportunity to have your time, share your energy and lead you through my passion. I am so excited for this journey and I'm looking forward to what is ahead!
XoXo - Krystal

#dreambig #hustlehard #piyoinstructor #fitnesslover #inspiration #motivation

I've spent some good time and money searching for the perfect planner, and this one beats them all! One of the greatest opportunities for improvement is time management, so I'm working on it. This Law of Attraction Planner is scientifically proven to increase productivity and create happiness. It comes with a FREE video-mini course with tips and guidance. Yes, it's a little bent at the corner, but I love it too much to return and wait for another one. We will call it "character" 😂. I am all about awareness, self-discovery, setting goals and working to accomplish them. These are all practices I am hoping to instill in our children for their future. "There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path." 🙏🏾💕 The first quote in my book for today. If you're looking for a guidebook to help you on your path, I promise you will not be disappointed with this. #freedomplanning #visionary #goalsetting #liveonpurpose #dreambig #clearyourmind #meditation #inspiration #takeaction #manifestation #awareness #mindfulness

Forgot to post this yesterday! Happy 16th to my soon to be stepson! So happy to have you in our lives. You are such a great big brother to Nadia and someone she loves to be around. We miss your shenanigans, goofy laugh and ridiculous dancing antics when you're not around. Your dad and I know that things haven't been the easiest, but we want you to know that no matter what happens or wherever you are, we are always just a phone call away. We see so much potential in you and I promise to try to provide for you all the wisdom I've learned, to prepare you for the real world and guide you in the right direction. You have potential to be great, son. Know that you can have anything you want out of life, with a positive attitude and maximum effort. We don't have all the answers, but here are some things we have learned along the way and want to share with you... Try new things. Be unafraid to take risks. Friendships require work and time. When opportunity knocks, be sure to answer the door. Make sure to strike a balance between saving, and experiencing all life that has to offer. Read more books, women like intelligence. Know that everyone is fighting a private battle, so respond to rudeness with kindness when you can, but don't let people take advantage of your kindness. Be grateful and don't take anything for granted. Life is short, seize each day. Know that what you think you know, someone else knows more. It's okay to cry sometimes. Have a good heart. Be good to others. Be sure to give back. Work hard. Stay humble. Dream big.
Love you kiddo and can't wait to see you! #stepson #loveyou #family #happybirthday

This is my Happy Hour. Fitness training with mini me today after work, followed by drills, footwork and additional cardio with dad. So proud of my nugget. She inspires me to work hard, play harder and push myself to the limits. Thanks baby girl for motivating me and thanks babe for pushing her to be her best. 💪🏾💕☺️ Find a way to make fitness fun, and they will follow. #soccermom #fitmomlife #cardio #training #fitspo #kidspo #sheworksout #gunsandsockbuns #motivation #inspiration #limitless #fearless #becausegoals

Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you had to face your biggest fear just to get it? Feel the fear, and do it any way! My mantra this week. Happy Monday!
XoXo - KMH

#feelthefear #doitanyway #goaldigger #dreamchaser #makeihappen #inspiration #motivation #dedication #limitless

Early morning obstacle course and soccer drills with mom and dad. No grit, no glory. So proud of my girl and her work ethic. Thanks babe for showing her what it takes to be great and always giving her the "coach" speech about working hard, dedication and reminding her that she can do anything in life she wants with a positive attitude and maximum effort. ⚽️💗⚽️#soccergirl #futbol #dedication #kidspiration #fitspiration #motivation #drills #earlymorningpractice #nolimits #fiercefemale #teachthemyoung #bealeader #destinedforgreatness

Happy birthday my love! Lobster stuffed ravioli, oysters, escargot and blackened halibut ... #hedeservesit #ourfave #gratefulforhim #lovemesomehim #futurehubby #futuremrsb

OMG I did a thing today.... so excited! Classes will be posted tomorrow! Deets to come!!! Who's ready to SWEAT with me?! #piyolive #healthyliving #fitspo #inspo #chaseyourdreams #goaldigger #motherhustler #entrepreneur #liveonpurpose #feelinginspired #gettinexcited #ishjustgotreal #askmehow #askmewhy #askmeanything #beexceptional

Second workout of the day... These girls are tough! So proud! Love helping young girls push themselves past their limits and showing them that the body will achieve what the mind believes. Who are you inspiring today? 💪🏾 #fitfam #kidspiration #fitness #goals #gains #cardio #runhard #limitless #inspiration #digdeep #beinspired #aspiretoinspire

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