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EM  Kinesiologist | Trainer | Creator of Body By Me 💪🏼 Train: @bodybymemethod 🍽 Eat: @undietsystem 📺 Watch: WE WORKIN’ the series 👇🏼 WE WORKIN’ Merch

I’m just trying to make this drip the cool drip 💪🏼💧 #KeepYourChains #WEWORKIN #DripHarder
🔥 This burnout set is killerrrrrr. Hit Save ⬆️ and try at the end of your next workout
💧4 reps of each movement is completed for 3 min straight!
💧 Dumbbell Low Loaded Squat
💧 Dumbbell Jump Squat
💧 Dumbbell Squat Curl Press
💧 Dumbbell Jump Squat
💧 Keep repeating in this pattern
👊🏼 @bodybymemethod

When I ask @sahargolestani where we are going on our date and she tells me to @tjmaxx to buy everything that’s copper 😍 Who wants to watch vlogs of @sahargolestani and my adventures?? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Make sure to head to her page and subscribe to her Youtube because it’s cominggggg!
#ThatsMyBestFriend #CatchSomeOfThisEnergy ✨✨✨

Not going to lie this morning I was mad tired and didn’t feel like cardio (not to mention it was mad early) ... Made my coffee, got dressed, then looked down at my hoodie and realized... there’s WORK to do. Anyone who needs that reminder today, LET’S GOOOOOOO.
Black hoodies now back in stock - link in bio 💪🏼🖤

Applying Un-Diet principles to relationships. If it ain’t real I don’t want it. 🌱🙅🏼‍♀️ #KeepYourFakeAwayFromMe #RealFood #RealPeople

Wednesday WORK, Slider Edition | w/ @d_mclean | ➡️ Hit the Save tab and try it with your workout partner!
💧 20/side Lateral Slider Cleans (you can use a weighted bag or dumbbell)
💧 20/side Reverse Lunge Presses
➡️ Continue back to the start and drop to 18 reps per side, 🔄 continue this dropset until reach 10 reps/side of each movement with minimal rest! 🔥 #WEWORKIN
Sliders: @taylormadebands and use code “fitemfitness” to save!

DRIP HARDER CHALLENGE 💪🏼💧💧💧 I wanna see how many of ya’ll can turn your whole drip harder shirt another shade! I’m challenging you! Take your before pic and your after drip pic ➡️ post&tag! #WEWORKIN #DripHarder
To grab a tee - link in bio and for this challenge you can get discount using code “DRIPPIC” 💪🏼💧
Reposting the best ones and giving away drip swagggg 💧💧💧

drip harder. 💪🏼💧
➡️ White just dropped, hit the link in my bio
Keep tagging me in your before and after the drip pics. LOVE seeing ya’ll turn your drip shirts a whole new shade of WORK

Morning WORK. Bands edition. ▶️ Hit Save and try it in your next workout 💕
Daily the top three pieces of equipment I use are 1️⃣ Bands 2️⃣ Dumbbells 3️⃣ Sliders (and I do pull-ups and dips wherever so find a bar)
Workout Details:
1️⃣5️⃣ Dumbbell Loaded Squat Step into Lateral Glute Raise
2️⃣0️⃣ Wide Stance Banded Dumbbell Hinge
2️⃣0️⃣ Banded Hinge into Frontal Raise
🔄 Repeat 5 Rounds
💪🏼 @bodybymemethod
BAND: @taylormadebands (discount code: fitemfitness)
🎤 @candice 🔥🔥

Gratefulness on 100. ✨💕

💕✨ WEEK 2 of the #LEVELYOURSELFUP Challenge is here! ➡️ SWIPE for the full week of workouts and eating tips here!
💪🏼💧 @therealtahiry and I loved seeing all the posts of everyone participating last week, but this is the week to keep that momentum!! We are doing this challenge to provide guidance and accountability to EVERYONE so make sure you follow the steps of the challenge!
⚠️ ALL CHALLENGE DETAILS ARE ON WWW.TAHIRYONLINE.COM (for easy access click the link in @therealtahiry bio). 🏆 We are doing WEEKLY winners which is all based on the people staying consistent and tagging. So it’s not to late to join!
#LevelYourselfUp #BodyByMeMethod

I think I need a new shoe rack 👟 #SneakerHead #TomBoyForLife

Sunday WORK w/ @d_mclean ➡️ Hit that Save tab and try it with your workout partner 💙 Hit that like if you about this WORK!
⤴️ 10 Weighted Pull-ups and 10 Weight Hanging Leg Raises (@d_mclean Has 45 lbs, I have 25 lbs)
🔁 Repeat three times each switching back and forth
⤴️ Burnout out Pull-up set with no weight
⤴️ Burnout Straight Leg Hanging Leg Raise with no weight
Belts: @taylormadebands and use code “fitemfitness” to save!

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