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EM  Kinesiologist | Trainer | Creator of Body By Me 💪🏼 Train: @bodybymemethod 🍽 Eat: @theundietsystem 📺 Watch: WE WORKIN’ the series 👇🏼 WE WORKIN’ Merch

Life is like a parking meter ....

2.0. Link in bio. #WEWORKIN

Banded push-up work! Explosive and transitional variations @bodybymemethod
👆🏼Link in bio to begin the program!

So many people care about what they put ON their body but don’t even care about what they put INto their body 🤷🏼‍♀️ if you are gonna drops racks on Gucci tees because your favorite rapper is wearing it, you better start caring about what you put into your body 🍽 #MakingHealthyCool and eating the @theundietsystem way
🥗 Salad by @aromacoffeeandtea
Link in bio to start UN-DIETING today 🍽🌱✨

Results aren’t genetic. Excuses aren’t reasons. Laziness isn’t a medical condition. You are you’re only problem. And the solution is simple. Stop taking the cheese from the mousetrap YOU set up yourself 🤷🏼‍♀️ #YaISaidIt #StopGettingInYourOwnWay
Needing help getting started 👆🏼 Link in bio
@bodybymemethod are the training programs that take you through every day for 60 days (phase I and Phase II)
@theundietsystem is the nutrition system that doesn’t requiring being on a diet

MOOD (every single workout every single day) I’ll never understand people who workout without music 😂 (they are probably the same people who dislike avocado 🥑... weirdos) -
All you need is a bench or chair for this killer by @bodybymemethod:
⚠️ complete all one side first
🔥 5 wise-narrow decline mountain climbers
🔥 5 split squats
🔥 5 forward lunges
🔥 5 knee tuck lunges
5 Rounds each side

READ ⚠️ You wouldn’t go to a dentist that has a mouth full of gingivitis and cavities. You wouldn’t buy a car from someone that doesn’t even know how to drive one. So why are you putting your health in peoples hands who don’t even care about their own. Instagram is cool and all, but you know what it doesn’t show? It doesn’t show the inside. Instagram doesn’t show health. In fact, it’s the ultimate catfishing. Someone may “appear it” but not “be it”..... It doesn’t show your favorite “fitness influencer” on the weekends knocking back bottles or eating a pizza.... photoshopping out their bad skin from their poor eating choices....or their compensation of “unnatural” aids *cough cough 💉* from their lack of commitment to an actual healthy lifestyle. It just shows what you need to see to think “I want to look like this” to hit that buy button or stroke their ego with comments and likes. Moral of the story is stop associating your goals and health with people who don’t even walk their talk.
On the left (a year ago) I was “fit” but not healthy. On the right (now) I have never felt better, healthy from the inside out.
I created @bodybymemethod and @theundietsystem to give you all the knowledge, tools, and resources to make this a lifetime thing.... not just a 30 days see a few results and fall back off type of thing. I want ya’ll to learn everything you need to know about YOUR body to be your own before after, be your own motivation, to be better than ANY #tbt and to feel so in tune with your body that noone’s photoshopped ass can make you feel differently.

💪🏼 Move with Purpose. 🍽 Eat with Intention.

100% natural🌱 non-GMO 🚫💉results made with these simple ingredients:
➕ Living bullshit free
➕ UN-DIETING: Eating to fuel
➕ Training my mind
➕ Protecting my energy
➕ Being comparison-free
➕ Be Lean™️ (@becomenutrition)
➕ My bomb ass playlist (if you don’t make your workouts fun it will feel like a chore)
➕ Training like every single workout matters (because it does)
With the @bodybymemethod
Hit the link in my bio if you want to train with me or start my method of training and eating 💪🏼

A great way to switch up the way resistance is applied to a movement is to band it! Adding a resistance band on hinges (like these), squats or even push-ups can completely change the movement and keep your body progressing! (This was 1/5 movements in today’s circuit and I hit 35 reps a set for 4 rounds)
Learn more by heading to @bodybymemethod and starting the Program! Hit my DM with any questions -

Sometimes it’s as simple as just learning how to silence the noise to hear what you really need to be listening to 🔊 (and that’s when you’ll learn all those things you need to listen to are coming from within you, you’ve just never heard them over all the bullshit). Tune out and tune in. #BodyByMe
👆🏼Link in bio will take you to:
👉🏼 All programs as part of the @bodybymemethod
👉🏼 @theundietsystem For all nutritional help!

//what does it mean//

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