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| SUNDAY THOUGHTS | Our greatest mistake is we give ourselves the option to not succeed. We give ourselves the opportunity for excuses to justify the reasons things did not occur. “I didn’t get results because my work schedule is too busy”. “I can’t lose weight because I’ve always looked this way.” “I have to go to work dinners so I can’t eat clean.” Ask yourself. If you removed all the reasons you let yourself fail, what would you be left with but the only option being to succeed?

| CORE CIRCUIT | set the timer for 5 min and go non-stop. I work my core every morning after I do my intervals. Make sure to hit the save tab so you can do it every morning!
Comment below what workout you want to see next 👇🏼 #BodyByMe

| FALL | I ain’t scared of the fall, I’ve felt the ground before. | #BodyByMe

Note to self, Stay true to self. | #BodyByMe

| CONTROL | Don’t let the weights control you. You control the weights.
Simply “getting the weight up” isn’t enough. Ego lifting quickly leads to injury and zero progress because there is so much more to it than lifting the weight. Letting gravity pull it back down without control is what I refer to as lazy lifting. It’s like buying a new expensive watch but you can’t tell time. Flashy doesn’t equal results. In these three movements I’m working with light weight but practicing control during movements that are happening in multiple planes. Two the first and the last movement are a slow tempo focusing on the lengthening and the squeeze of the muscle and the second movement is a control under power, harnessing reaction time (which although occurs quickly, is still a method of control). Keep rep ranges between 15-20 and 4 Rounds.
Repeat after me.... BECOME BETTER EVERY DAY.

My focus is just different and it’s not for everyone to understand but when you get it, you get it. | #BodyByMe

| CORE WORK | Straight Set NO REST, all work. @bodybymetraining

Straight off the cam to the gram. | Bra: @diaathletics 💎

| NEW LEVEL | There is always another level. #BodyByMe

| INTENTIONAL MOVEMENT | Straight from the @bodybymetraining handbook (coming soon). I preach this concept to every single client. MOVE WITH INTENTION. This means don’t simply do it just to do it, intentionally create the movements in your workouts.... be methodical with each action. For example when you squat it shouldn’t be done simply to get back up. Every inch of the movement down should be controlled and not a result of gravity and the weight on your back pulling you down. The movement up out of the squat shouldn’t be just to get up so you can complete the next rep, it should be to create power and involve as many muscle fibers at the same time as possible. Every rep better than the last. A lot of people simply do because they think they are suppose to and are missing intention. This principle can be applied to many aspects outside of the gym. Move with intention.
10 Dip Knee Drive L Sits
10 Band Lateral Walks
20 Band Squat Jumps
10 Band Lateral Walks back
20 Band Squat Jumps
20 Band Resisted Dumbbell Deadlifts
5 Continuous Rounds

Thigh overspill like... ya I built that | #BodyByMe

Bra: @diaathletics

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