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Joe Pham  EQUINOX / Ragnar 2018 / Aidslifecycle 2018 / help me raise $5,000 to end AIDS. Lululemon and Team EQ Event details ⬇️ ❤️😍😘

“The nature of a scorpion is to sting and mine is to help. My nature will not change in helping the scorpion. “ thank you to @lululemon @tavacakes and Katie for leading this powerful group thru an amazing Yoga practice yesterday benefiting @aidslifecycle in the middle of @fashionisland . Namaste ✌🏼

Major #coachella withdrawals today. The music is great. The art is cool. The vibe is chill. But the amazing friends and family make it memorable. ❤️ Thanks for making @coachella 2018 so awesome. #joeputashirton #sogood

Words of wisdom from this most amazing weekend. 🔹 Alcohol is not water. 🔹 Drugs are not food. 🔹 Sex is not sleep. 🤟🏼 Peace out from @coachella. 📸 @danielmaynez #sogood

Extra. Basic. B####. That’s a wrap day ✌🏼 it’s been an extremely blessed day. Beer, boys and Beyoncé. 🙏🏼 #sogood

Heading to the #luckyxmusic party @arrivepalmsprings like no big.... #sogood @coachella @luckybrand

Here to Coachella weekend one. It’s going to be an f-big blur. Who out here??? Dm me. 😁#sogood

Living my best life right now. Loving @avalonhotels and the perfect weather for an outdoor workout! Who’s ready for #coachella2018? See you in camping in about 6 hours! 📸 @danielmaynez

Wow. I cringe at the thought of running a bunch of miles and staying up all night and throwing off my meal schedule, but when I am laughing, cheering and making lifelong memories with this crazy bunch, I am in my happy place. So blessed to lead such an awesome team of brave, confident, enthusiastic, athletic, and rambunctious individuals. Thank you to each person for making this experience amazing!!! #sogood #ragnarsocal2018

Oh hey Ragnar! We here! Finally did my first run of 5 miles and resting up before running again at 3:30 am. Love the team and energy of this event!! See you put on the roads San Diego! #ragnarsocal #findyourinnerwild #sogood

“We’re always trying to make things complex, because we assume something must be complex for it to be of good quality, when in reality to make something simple and beautiful and have it connect - that’s actually the most difficult thing. We keep building higher buildings and fancier gadgets, trying to find joy and happiness and fill our souls, when what we need is actually already there and really simple” - Keiynan Lonsdale as told to Jason Lamphier from OUT Magazine
How are you keeping hinges simple and focused on quality? #sogood

“Starting with WHY has a profound and long-lasting impact on the result. Starting with WHY is what inspired people to act. “ - Simon Sinek from “Start with Why” .
Why did you wake up today? Why are you going to work for? What are you working towards? Who are you working for? When I have the chance, I like to take a walk to think about these things. This day, my car was being serviced so I walked down the street to Starbucks rather than just waiting in the well appointed lobby. I had ten-minutes to enjoy the sunshine and think about these questions. How can a short walk reset the direction of your day/life? #sogood

How lucky are we to live in a place that looks like this 90% if the year! Enjoying the fresh air to clear my mind and refocus for the coming week. #ragnarsocal coming for ya in 12 days! Who’s running? 🏃🏻‍♂️ #sogood

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