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you are enough.
you do enough.
you have enough.
at the end of a busy week, letting myself feel & really believe these words. trying to tune into that feeling of abundance, fullness, ENOUGHness (it’s not a word, but you get it).
the glorification of B U S Y is so overrated. how can you redefine success and avoid burnout? some of my top tips for truly THRIVING:
1. nurture: in the form of exercise and yoga
2. sleep: at least 8 hours a night
3. digital detox: don’t bring your phone to dinner this weekend — just see what happens
4. never stop learning & listening
5. fuel yourself properly — lots of veggie-packed smoothies, maybe with a little @vitalproteins tossed into the mix for a healthy dose of #collagen and a bold, delicious taste.
if you need smoothie recipe ideas, shoot us a DM! 💓 #happyfriday fam

✌🏻hey you ✌🏻wanna #SoulTogether?
@soulcycle is challenging us to ride 10, 20 or 30 (ha) times this month to earn prizes and give back.
Your rides will trigger donations to the @bornthiswayfoundation, in support of mental health resources & kindness for kiddos across the US 💓
I’m nowhere near that 30x, but think it’s pretty damn cool that they’re giving us this opportunity to ride and give back. You in? #soulgifted

YOGA SQUAD 🧘🏼‍♀️💓 — last night’s class led by @maggieumberger was powerful 🙌🏼 planning on incorporating more mat time into my schedule as the seasons are changing 🍂 and I need to be grounded 🌳 have you taken class at @yogasquadgoldcoast yet? DM us for your first class free❣️

I just read (from @autumnelle_nutrition): you’re 78% more likely to achieve your wellness goal if you have a social group that supports you ❣️❣️
With that in mind, @ovlosangeles and @lululemonla are hosting a ton of FREE events this month - who wants to roll with?!

your h o m e is your s a n c t u a r y.
It’s where you begin each day and where you celebrate what you’ve accomplished at the end of it.
We all know the importance of keeping our homes clean—but are you aware that most of those cleaning products we grew up with are doing more harm than good? Toxic ingredients and impurities frequently found in cleaning products have been linked to cancer, asthma, and reproductive issues. 😬
If we’ve already freaked you out and you’re tearing through the cabinet under the sink to chuck products into the garbage, take a breath. We know it is majorly overwhelming to do a complete overhaul of all those toxic products, so we wanted to bring you our shortlist of brands that you should know. These companies are all about making healthier, happier homes—for the safety and well-being of you and your family.
See the full list via #LinkInBio 💓

TGIF 👏🏼 anddddd TG that @_stephdietz agreed to sign up for Friday morning @soulcycle with me — ‘tis the season of dark & cold mornings and needing a little extra #fitcityfam motivation 💪🏼💓 happy Friday to all❣️ #soulgifted

Cracking myself up as I imagine a class-full of the millions of sweatlana machines in the mirror 😂
#FitCityFam, think we could fill a class that size??? This @solidcore crew in Chicago is insane these days, I wouldn’t put it past ‘em. Can barely even get in off the waitlist these days!
If you haven’t been yet, let us know - we want to bring you 💪🏻 your abs will thank us. #solidcore

@purebarrechidowntown has quickly become one of our favorite spots in the city & we are so thankful for everyone who came out tonight to take the new #reform class with us 💓 nothing is more inspiring than working out with members of our #fitcityfam and we are so thankful for all of you❣️#fullhearts

Do you go bold or basic with your athleisure?
Before we started #workingwithfabletics, I was the all-black lulu, catch-me-dead-in-anything-else queen 👑🖤
Turns out patterns and florals are actually so cute, fun and draw soo many more compliments, which you know we love ✨👸🏼
To get this outfit, click the link in our bio. Wearing the Salar Printed PowerHold 7/8 Leggings in Medium for reference 💓 #KickButtLookCute #MyFabletics #ad

Thank you @lalalifebox for sending your Fall Box! Absolutely LOVE the Jade Facial Roller: lymphatic drainage + wrinkle reduction = YASSS. This ancient Chinese skincare staple is a must-have self-care tool made from the jade gemstone, which is known for its restorative and healing properties. Roll using outward and upward motions, and for an extra chilly pop of puff-fighting, place in the freezer before use! ❄️🌬
For 15% off La La Life's Fall Box (perfect for yourself or a friend!), use code FRIENDS15 at checkout 💓

how are you recovering? sleep, protein, and a brisk walk are so important the day of/after your race, but if that muscle soreness and pain is starting to set in, we 10/10 recommend @thecryobar ❄️
🔹 relieves muscle aches / pains
🔹 reduces recovery time
🔹 decreases swelling & toxins
🔹 improves sleep
🔹 increases endorphins (as if you weren’t already on that runner’s high 😉)
ready to check it out? shoot us a DM, we have a code for $25 off your freeze!

LA Babes: here are some fun (FREE!) workouts happening in LA this month:
💓 Every Saturday in October: Santa Monica Sweat Series at @lululemonla
💓 Sunday, Oct. 7: Morning Yoga with @corepoweryoga at @ovlosangeles
💓 Every Wednesday morning at Mother’s Beach (Marina Del Ray): @unpluggedmornings with @nateforse + @_laurenschwab
💓 Saturday, October 13: THE Wellness Triathlon with @girlmeetsdoodle, @autumnelle_nutrition & @becksliveshealthy
If you want links or info for any of these events, shoot us a DM! And let me know if you want us to forward you events in the future 😊💓

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