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So it dawned on me . When I posted about eggs and cinnamon the other day my friend mentioned she would put stevia in her eggs 🍳 . Then I thought about it and was like ... WAIT ! Why not add my favorite protein powder (Coco Cereal) on top and mix it . BEST INVENTION EVER 🤗 I can't stop sprinkling it on top now.
Got to love a healthy new obsession hehe 😘

👋🏻 Hello to my dark hair 👋🏻 I'M BACK hehehe 💋😁

💥Self Doubt💥
Don't let it be your worst enemy !!

🍴💥Grocery Shopping💥🍴 It's funny. Brenden and I love going food shopping together . And we ALWAYS get the same stuff haha . Fit couple for life 💪🏻

🍴Sunday Meal Prep 🍴 🐟
I'm totally surprised by the quality of this frozen white fish from Shaws ! So good and tasty.
Sunday prep for me is so important to help me stay on track. Fuel your body with nutritional value.

💥💥WARNING💥💥 Exercise has been known to cause happy thoughts 😬

🌷Fitness Goals Getting Crushed🌷

So excited ! Show us around the corner. Focused , nutrition is on point , down in weight/fat , increased muscle. Fellow fitness enthusiasts understand the hard work and dedication it takes .
I absolutely love all the support I get at my gym , LA Fitness and the support my family and friends have given me and know the hard work I have put in . So THANK YOU ! You all know who you are 💋 (Also @ctdsports helps me crush my fitness goals. Awesome whey (omg Coco cereal 😋) and amazing tasting pre workout)

🍴New Obsession🍴

Egg 🍳 whites with sea salt (dash) and cinnamon. Sounds weird yes, but it's soooooooo yummy 😋

TGIF !! 💜💜Do all your work through your heart and you will succeed in life💜💜

❤️Focused❤️ Gosh it's been a long journey ! I'm getting a little tired now and loosing some energy but I see the light/stage at the end of the tunnel .
It's crazy how your body can change and what the work you put in does. Hard work pays off 💋💪🏻


Back to my blonde days !! Hehehe not that it was too long ago.

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💜💜You are ENOUGH💜💜

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