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💪😁🍑 Another LEG DAY done!! Everyday is an opportunity to push yourself to reach your goals. You will have some awesome workouts and not some awesome workouts. What matters most is that I made the effort to go to the gym and stay active😘

Becoming a healthier, stronger, motivated version of your best self.


It's a new day to start fresh, crush new goals and be amazing! 💋


It's been a busy day of getting things done in the house. 🌹It's been tough with working all week and then spending all weekend getting things all set up 🏡 AND I think the people at Lowe's wo see a why where there like every day ha.
I still make the time to meal prep and prepare for the week. YOU decide what is a priority and what you make time for. We all have the same 24 hours in a day it's what you decide to focused it on💜💪🍳😁 Let's CHOOSE YOU! Let me help you stay focused. Ask me how 👋💋


Had an awesome workout this am 😁 and then spent half the day painting 🏡

I am def becoming an expert painter hahaha 🦄

It's a great feeling when your home is starting to feel cozy and Brenden and I are so excited!!! P.s That bun right there , I slept in it and it didn't evven move hahaha got to love the bun 😉


Finding personal meaning and contentment in life.

🥒🥕Veggies🥕🥒 Had another fresh zucchini so that means ...... ZOODLE time 🍽😁 Just love zoodles, the crunch and spaghetti like look that makes my meals fun and delicious 💪🏡 Had a little hiccup yesterday so that means I'm giving 110% today !! Decreased carbs and increased cardio!! I got this 😄 Let's use those calories and utilize the extra burst of energy 🔥

Let me teach you and help you stay focused!! I offer personalized plans with accountability, motivation, meal plans and workout ideas. Let's get focused and making YOU a priority💜



Had an awesome jog this am. I had my heart rate around 150-165 the whole time 💜
Such a benefit to keep your heart rate up to burn the maximum calories.

💜 Making someone else happy is one of the best feelings!! Let's spread good, happiness, and compassion🌹
There is too much negativity out there and if everyone took a moment to put a smile on someone's you are doing something great. 😁

🍽Cheat Meal🍽

Omg cheat meal amazingness!! 🍣

Don't forget when you work so hard you deserve a great treat and sushi is one if my favourites😁

🍑Leg Day Done🍑

Another successful leg day 💪

Leg day is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE!! I love working on legs and getting stronger every day.
Every day I'm working on me! 💜

Had an amazing workout with some amazing tasting pre workout. @ctdsports noxipro is amazing !! (Discount code: ctdchristine30)


Is better then we'll said.

Remember it's about you trying the best you can do then dreaming it. Make your dreams happen 😁

🍽Dinner is Served🍽

Had a few long days, and happy to get back into my normal routine in our new home 🏡. Still feels unreal !! Still lots of unpacking and touch up painting but LOVE 💜 OUR HOME .
I've been staying focused and eating right and feeling awesome 😙

Believe me it's easy to want to get takeout or get food out when your moving and out and about but I made the extra effort to pre make my meals 🥒🍋🍗🍳. It's about how bad you want it 😄

Let me help you stay focused :

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