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As we enter a new week, let’s remember: “No matter how many mistakes you make, or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” Right on @tonyrobbins !
Keeping the right perspective always gets me out of my own head and back on track to chipping away at my goals. A little progress each week soon adds up to a lot!

Where your mind goes, your body will follow ...
This is a recurring conversation I've been having with my friends and clients. If your mind is not in a good place, your body will follow suit. Think back to a time when you were dealing with a lot of stress and negativity. Was your outlook positive, or were you overcome with stress and negative thoughts? Now think about what your physical body was doing in the midst of this. I would venture to say that if you felt stressed and were dwelling on all of the things wrong with your current situation, your body was probably holding onto water and extra fat. If you were in the midst of working on a fitness goal, you were probably feeling discouraged and like your efforts were working against you. It's not our circumstances that define our stress levels and thought processes, it's what we CHOOSE our thoughts to be towards our circumstances that influences our bodies physical response to our fitness goals. I've had some stressful moments the past 1.5 weeks and let myself get pretty disheartened for a few days...broke my iPhone and lost some data that was important from a business perspective. I'm sure some of you out there can relate and believe me, I've appreciated any empathy I've received! And now I'm in this waiting game for my new phone to arrive, meanwhile, being greatly limited at what I can do - especially when it comes to social media. So while I'm in phone purgatory, I made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on the fact I don't have a good phone at the moment. Instead, I decided to work extra hard on the aspects of my business that didn't require my phone. I also made a point to spend more time with the people in my life who are pros at focusing on the positive, giving words of encouragement and busting through obstacles. This one was huge!! I'm so grateful for good people in my life. I also made myself sit on the couch and watch my favorite Netflix series for 45 minutes every night after Chiara went to bed. Sounds funny to build this sort of thing in, but it's helped me chill out. Self care is everything and it's easily unintentionally put on the back burner. I've also spent ⬇️⬇️

Over here just feeling so blessed and grateful. Visiting Grandma today and giving her all of the birthday love from the best day brightener there is 💕

I've involuntarily gone off the grid for just over 24 hours, yet it feels more like a week. That's what happens when you drop your phone in the toilet. What's worse? My phone wasn't backing up for the past few weeks because I'm ALWAYS running out of storage. I don't like deleting any of my videos or pictures, so it feels like I'm always upgrading it...until I forget. It's a time issue with me. Whatever time I get to post or work or write, it's precious time so some things accidentally get put on the back burner. This experience has really made me think about how easy it is to take things for get lazy, complacent or " too busy." It's all good and we can take care of it later. Nothing bad will happen...I lost sleep over this last night and I'm normally a sound sleeper. So what do you do to move forward when you've made a big mistake? For me, I counted my blessings - and prayed, still praying I can recover some of that data! - and then went and taught a Yoga Barre class. This was great because it forced me to be present in the moment, plus I got a good endorphin release. Secondly, I made myself focus on the bright side. I can create again, maybe this time better. I felt totally defeated last night, but with some perspective and clarity, I know that's not the reality of my situation. Time to smile, be grateful and move forward!

Our morning routine normally consists of park time adventures. That is, unless it’s a Little Gym, Story Time, Music or Trampoline morning 😅 Today we went to the lakeside park to check out just how high the water levels have become from all of this rain. I got to thinking today, what would I be doing if I wasn’t going to the park all of the time?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Missing out on some serious swing and monkey bar time! I was just talking with some friends this weekend about how much more active and outdoorsy I am now that I have a child. I’m so grateful for that. It also adds in such an ever moving variable when trying to balance nutrition and workouts. Being active out of the house definitely prevents boredom eating and makes the days go by faster. However, it can be easy to think, “oh, I was just climbing all over the park equipment and chasing my toddler - I got my workout in!” Correction: I got my cardio in 😄 I got SOME workout in. For me, I have to workout at her nap time or else it won’t happen. This is why I structure my day as I do: kid activities in the morning, workout mid day, the rest varies but at least we’ve accomplished a lot by 2pm and before my energy has a chance to 👎🏼 Routine is everything for me in order to accomplish my goals in a happy, stress-free manner. Yes, motherhood requires a lot of flexibility, but I believe solid routine sets the foundation for whatever is to come during the day! I would love to hear how any other fit moms out there structure their day 👇🏼

“How did you get in shape so quickly post-pregnancy?” The secret is in how I took care of myself during pregnancy. It still took some time postnatal to get my fitness levels back up to par, but I’m certain it was a much smoother journey because I made my fitness a priority while I was pregnant. There is so much physical and emotional transformation that comes with motherhood, I wanted to be strong and healthy going into those first several weeks of “baby boot camp” 😅 Not having to stress about losing a bunch of baby weight or feeling extra wiped out post-delivery - talk about the workout of my life!! - made the commitment I made to my health and fitness during pregnancy so worth it.
In my ebook I wrote with @mishkadawn, we both share how we kept fit and will guide you through your own Fit Pregnancy journey.
Extended until 2am PDT tonight we are offering 20% off our Sustainably Fit Pregnancy Ebook. Use code: LABOR20 at checkout. Link in bio!

There's something about Labor Day Weekend I find especially exciting. To me it marks change. Saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall - I love fall! - and it marks the beginning of new routines in a lot of ways. There's a different sort of energy I feel unfolding as summer and it's "anti-routine" draws to a close.
I'm making some new goals for the fall. Some are fitness related, some business and some personal. This summer was such a whirlwind, I honestly didn't have the commitment factor to give any new goals. I know this is true for a lot of you, which is why I'm making this point. Do not be disheartened if you feel you took a couple steps back this summer to enjoy life. It's necessary! I have found this to be a part of the journey for giving myself refreshment and inspired creativity.
A lesson I've learned (multiple times!) is that the pathway to reaching my goals is rarely as I envision it. Sometimes the path is so unknown to me, I don't even know how to go about the journey! All I can do is put one foot in front of the other and try not to focus on the big picture. Little by little, a little becomes a lot! I'm learning not to get down or stressed when I feel like I should be moving faster than I am. There are days when I need to sit and rest, which is better than burning myself out. So much of reaching a goal takes faith and trust in the journey; appreciating the varying speeds and detours for what they are teaching. Why is it nothing ever seems to be on my timeline? Or even on my agenda for that matter? 🤔 Because I'm not fully in control! God's way is not my way, but it has never ceased to be far greater than my own.
I heard a great quote recently, "God will open all of the right doors for you if you only ask. Sometimes we just have to walk down long hallways before reaching them!" 😄 The blessings are in motion far before we ever receive them. Think, act and believe! It's all coming our way ❤️

#tbt When I was #34weekspregnant and still pumping some iron 😄 I remember feeling SO good when I was having these photos done. Sure I was more tired than normal and my achy hips were a daily battle, but I was working out regularly and keeping a lot of preggo symptoms at bay due to being strategic and committed to my health and fitness. I knew going into this shoot that I wanted to one day share everything that I did to make this a healthy and fit pregnancy; a pregnancy that my body could recover faster from. I wanted to show Mothers-to-be that you don’t have to lose your fitness during pregnancy. “Letting yourself go” doesn’t have to happen. There is no greater time to put extra care into your body! I made the decision to put my health and fitness during pregnancy on the forefront. Was it always easy? Definitely not. However, I committed and I kept a plan of action. The same is true for the process I went through in completing my fit pregnancy ebook with @mishkadawn . It was important for us to have two different perspectives. I conceived naturally at the old age of 36 😄😉 Amber conceived via IVF and faced a whole different set of challenges she is beautifully candid about. Both of us remained committed to our nutrition and exercise, remained fit and delivered healthy babies just 3 weeks apart. We want to share with you what we did and how you can have your own fit and healthy pregnancy. If you are in the process of trying to conceive (or even thinking about it!) this book is for you too!
In honor of Labor Day, we are offering 20% off our ebook through Monday at midnight with code: LABOR20 ... Link in bio! ☝🏼👶🏼🇺🇸

Some of my favorite exercises for the gut and butt because ... #humpday ! All of these I incorporated into my workouts spread out over the past week. The added bonus, all exercises you can do literally anywhere, so no excuses 👊🏼
Banded Squat Walks
Straight leg hip lifts
Standing knee to opposite elbow
Donkey kicks from downward facing dog
Bent over donkey kicks
Side lying leg raises on the ball
Side Planks (modified is shown)
Hamstring curls on the ball
Skater hops
Glute bridges on the ball (not shown)

Home workouts with minimal equipment and time. It is possible!! I used to think the only way I could stay fit was through a gym membership.Thank goodness this isn’t the case or else my fitness would be non-existent. Busy mom life allows about 45 minutes max for a workout - including travel time!! Less really is more. Consistency and dedication is all it takes!
Check out my IG Story for today’s quick and efficient workout #homeworkouts

In my quest to increase my flexibility to a point it’s never been - ie doing the splits on both sides when I’m not even close to that now - I suddenly felt overwhelmed. That goal seems so far away! Is it even possible for me? As these thoughts and questions go rolling through my head, I’m reminded of so many conversations about weight loss/fatloss goals with friends, family and clients. The concerns are exactly the same as I’m having now. The solutions are also the same: consistency and time. Let’s add patience as another key factor! I’ve been doing yoga and stretching nightly for the past 3 weeks, 20-30 minutes before bed, yet my progress seems barely measurable. It’s easy to feel discouraged, especially when I’m tired of feeling so tight in my hips and hamstrings. I get that it’s the same way for people who struggle to lose weight. Do our daily efforts not matter because we’re not waking up with the results we’re looking for? Of course not! Just as my extremely tight muscles did not onset overnight, neither will the flexibility that I’m looking for. Fatloss and/or muscle gain works in exactly the same manner. What we do today and in the coming weeks is 100% necessary for getting to the end goal. Some day my muscles will begin releasing at a seemingly faster rate, and someday your fitness goal will begin a snowball effect too. Everyone’s timeline is different. Regardless, the break-through will come! I’m confident it will happen for me and you! #mondaymotivation

Of all the projects I have going on, you are my biggest and most rewarding one ❤️

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