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Red Sand Beach was cool to look at, but a bit too cool to hang out at without a jacket 😬🌬Super windy day out, so all of the hiking did a good job warming us up. Afterwards we hit up the Archaeological Museum which was super fascinating, even though it put Chiara to sleep 😴

To say that my calves, glutes and legs will be sore from all of the Santorini stair climbing would be an understatement. Leg training commences for still another two days straight! 😅💪🏼 #worthit #thisview

National Gardens 🌳🍊🌷🐐🐢🐇🌴🌸 __________
Another beautiful, full day of exploring that breezed by in the blink of an eye ☀️💕

Exploring the Acropolis through both the wonder of its ancient story and the eyes of a toddler. She wanted to show me every dusty rock, all of the ways she could walk over the uneven stony surfaces, and how strong she was climbing over anything that was climbing worthy. Chiara did amazing today. We were out all day long and she never complained about it unless we were ending the climbing fun before she was ready. My husband carried her in the Ergobaby carrier (love that she’s on the small size and still fits beautifully!) which she was able to take little cat naps in - speaking of cats, they’re everywhere! Chiara loves this 😺
We opted not to bring a stroller, which I had read not to bother with. I’m glad we didn’t as the Acropolis is not a stroller friendly place. Around town we could have gotten away with our umbrella sized one. So we didn’t have to lug our stroller around the world, our back up plan was to rent one if we really felt we needed it - which we have not. The streets are very narrow, cobblestone and anywhere with traffic is a bit scary with how close cars and motorcycles will drive next to you - because there’s no where else for them to go! Still though, there have been plenty of places for her to walk and wander freely and safely. Once again, she was the Belle of the Land everywhere we went. Locals are enamored by her, though I can’t say I blame them 😍😉 We’ve been treated so well everywhere we go with her ❤️

We made it! Absolutely loving this view of the Acropolis from our apartment balcony. It’s even closer than it appears in the photo. The weather is incredibly beautiful and perfect too - hallelujah! We’re all battling through some jet lag but still managing to explore the streets, enjoy fabulous food and what honestly seems like the friendliest people in Europe. It’s only been a few hours, but everywhere we turn locals are smiling and doting on Chiara. As in very affectionate. It’s super sweet to be in a culture that clearly embraces children with open arms - how about the flight, you might be wondering? 😁 11 hours of flight time and Chiara slept maybe 2-3 hours. This is a child who sleeps for 11-12 hours a night on average. I thought for sure she’d pass out asleep, but no such luck! Too much stimulation and any time she’d try to lie down in the seat between us, it clearly felt awkward to her. She rallied until about 7pm tonight but her eyes were so pink rimmed from exhaustion. I think I got maybe 1.5-2 hours of sleep last night. She was a great traveler otherwise, just wanting to be busy climbing on the seat, playing with cups, reading books, laughing and clapping deliriously from being overtired, and constantly eating snacks. She’s obsessed with the moving walkways at the airports. For as much sitting as I’ve done on the airplane, I’ve also done a ton of walking in the past 24 hours. Oh what we’ll do as parents to keep them entertained while traveling! Tomorrow will be another day of high activity. Excited to get out and continue exploring!

New week ... prioritize and focus ✌🏼

One more sleep, My Heart, and it’s time for us to travel to a far away land ✈️ 🇬🇷! ....aaaaand you’ll ride on Mommy and Daddy’s lap just like this the entire time with either that big sweet smile or fast asleep, right?! 😄

Sprinting to new oceans very soon! Thank goodness as this weekend’s weather has been cold and stormy 🌬🌨❄️ Time to go find spring elsewhere ☀️🏖👙🌸🇬🇷 ______________
It has been full on travel prep mode around here. We literally didn’t even have flights or accommodations figured out or booked until this afternoon - and we leave Monday on an overseas trip for the first time with a toddler 😅 That’s just how we like to roll. It’s good to keep the spontaneity alive! #flyingbytheseatofourpants
I’m so excited to go explore and unplug with my family. This is our first big vacation together! A little nervous for the flight over with a 15.5 month old but I have my bag of tricks to hopefully get us through. Chiara has proven to be a great traveler thus far. Praying she can hold out on this 10.5 hour flight to Greece 😬🙏🏼 Any tips for long flights with a toddler or traveling with a toddler overseas tips you might have, please share!

Baby Pull-overs 😊 I can always count on Chiara for some weighted assistance!
Today’s WOD:
15 Decline push-ups (feet on couch)
8-10 Baby/Toddler Pull-overs
10 Regular push ups with a kiss! (Child underneath, give a kiss at lowest point)
40 Mountain climbers
8-10 Baby Push Presses
20 seconds each side, side planks
Repeat 3-4 times 💜

#transformationtuesday ... 39 Weeks pregnant and 15 months postpartum. How my life has forever changed with the blessings of new adventures, empowering challenges, and seeing the world from an entirely new perspective ❤️ This includes my health and fitness. I never knew less could be so much more. Exercise volume and intensity is constantly adapting to my very active lifestyle with a toddler! My workouts can be quicker and more efficient because I make my nutrition a priority. It has to be! I never knew how much a toddler could watch everything I do. What I eat being one of those things. Exercise is no longer a date with the gym, it’s a time to role model that it is fun to move and stretch. Exercise can be done anywhere. Proper nutrition can be executed anywhere. She learns by what she sees and experiences. We stay active whether we’re at home or when we’re traveling. There is so much more I can’t wait to show her. So many more oceans to dip her toes into. I love influencing her “normal”. I love the influence she’s having on my “normal” 💕

Time to motivate! We’re back home after an incredible extended weekend with family. It was very much needed! I indulged more than I typically would, rested more and even enjoyed a couple cocktails which are very few and far between for me 🍸 - that was the spa day 💆🏻‍♀️😁 It’s called balance and it doesn’t freak me out to return home up a couple pounds. Today I’m back to my normal nutrition routine, focused and excited to put some of the weekend “extras” to good use in my training 💪🏼

This means everything - body, mind and spirit. All 3 can never be perfectly balanced, in my opinion. The important thing is to keep any one of these from trailing too far off the grid. I’ve been working on nourishing a combination of all three this weekend 😁

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