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Emory Bernard  🔑Goal Digger 🔋25 💪🏾Ultimate Trainer 📍Atlanta.. Well sometimes 😏 👻 Snapchat: emorybernard 🇧🇿Belizean

They might eat you if you test your luck 😈 Just kidding they don’t bite 😉 Ghost x Patron

I didn't fall in love with proving. I fell in love with the progress, but if you don't respect my hustle... You will, TheHumblWay🔋GoalDigger

When you want different you move different 🔋 GoalDigger

Feed your focus, distractions only cloud your vision 🔑 GoalDigger🔋

Don't be a center of attention just play your position 🔋GoalDigger

Never be afraid to do what you are capable of doing. All it takes is a strategy 🔑 GoalDigger

Come on Ghost it's Monday we got goals to catch fuck this stick lol New Week New Vibes 🔋 GoalDigger

Chasing Goals, Catching Dreams 🔑
-📸 @christopherballadarez

See a moment, seize it 🔑 GoalDigger

Going way up out my way to cut the traffic 🔋 #GoalDigger
-📸 @gurliephotography

The grind is the best part of the process 😝 Wish for it or work for it 🔋 #GoalDigger - 📸 @polizzy

Expect nothing, and work for everything 🔑 The Humble Way 🔋 #GoalDigger

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