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Fitness Program Specialist  Functional training experts & creators of the #FitazFK Method💥 Achieve your dream bod with our 28 min sessions 💦 Start one of our challenges today👇🏼

May our booty’s get bigger & stomachs get flatter 🍑💦Try this BOOTY workout from our @fitazfk 8 week guide 👇🏽⚡️
1. Air Squats. (Make sure you’re tensing your abs, booty & quads while keeping your feet firmly to the ground!) 🙌🏽
2. One legged toe touches. (Be sure to push through your heels to really engage your glutes) 💦
3. Forward lunges. (Make sure you push through your heels again!) 👟
4. Elevated pelvic lifts. (Really squeeze your bum as you lift off the ground) 😅
5. Side lunges. (Stand tall & keep your chest up to avoid a rounded back) 🙏🏽
6. Mountain climbers. (Keep your hips parallel to the ground, not too high & not sagging down). This is the finisher!! 💥
COMPLETE each exercise x14 times, every minute, on the minute & repeat x3! 👏🏽 @elisabeth.rioux 👙

Snack attack! 👅💥 Anyone else feel they struggle in the snack department? These #ANZAC Biscuits are too fking good not to try & they take less than 15 mins to make! Want the recipe? COMMENT below & we will post in caption 👇🏽🍪

When the gang’s all back together 💦🌴 Who’s heading to Euro Summer 18 for an epic girls trip?! 🙋🏽‍♀️✈️👙 Get bikini body ready with our RESULTS BUNDLE - guaranteed results in just 7 days!! 💦

Want to lose 5CM off your waist? Read more 👇🏽We’re using our Sunday’s to PLAN, set some goals & get fking organized 💥 @elmamiii set a plan in place to change her eating habits (from chips & soft drinks every day with zero exercise) to a @fitazfk, healthy & attainable lifestyle 💦🥑 By following our 8Week challenge, she dropped 3.6KGs & 5CM off her waist 👙🔥 It’s that easy to follow, you’re guaranteed to succeed (with 18 min workouts too) 😅⚡️Get started on your journey now:

#Coachella weekend 2... coming in HOT! 🔥🌴 Shred body fat & detox for your vacay or next festival in just 7 DAYS 👙 That’s why our unique method works... because you’re guaranteed fking results 💥 Start now: @popstantot @mathildtantot

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you 🥊⚡️ Fk lazy weekends - try something different to shake things up!! It’s easy for our brain & bodies to be habitual - keep it guessing to constantly see results 👊🏽 Happy weekend #FitazFKArmy @natysechan 🖤

All of the feels 👅🍫 Tag your foodie bae below 👇🏽

When bae says she wants to get on top...!! 😅💥😉 How are you staying @fitazfk this weekend ?! @elyseknowlzy @niccyboy

Coming in RED HOT 🔥 Staying active isn’t all squats & push ups 🙅🏽‍♀️ Get fking moving this weekend with a bike ride, Yoga class or a long walk 🚲 Try & find something that doesn’t feel like you’re working out! This “incidental exercise” combined with moderate to vigorous activity per week is proven to help you maintain your body weight & boost fitness levels! 💥💦 Count us in!! @charlyjordan

Our girl @staceytonkes knows what’s up!! 💦💥 You’ve just gotta fking do it 👊🏽

Ball in... or nothing 👊🏽⚡️🏀 How fking sick is this ?!

Ever wanted to do a box jump but too scared? 🙋🏽‍♀️⚡️ We’ve got 3 tips to overcome your fear & help you to progress to a box jump:
1. Start off with step ups. Find a 20cm step or ledge. Master 3 sets of 10 alternating step ups. 🙌🏽
2. Progress to stepping up & jumping off (make sure you’re alternating your legs that you are stepping up with & have your full foot on the bench to create balance) 👟
3. Once you’ve nailed the above, you’re ready to fking jump! 💥HOT TIP: always aim higher than the object & use your whole body to gain momentum (Ie. Swing with your arms) Who’s ready?! @natysechan

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