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Amy Updike  Mom of 2(pregnant with #3)•Wifey to Audio Engineer•🐕 RN/BSN IFBB Bikini Pro Breast Explanter NLAforHer YT🎥Amy Updike @fitamybeautywellness

On the @nlaforher IG stories today sharing my tips for easing back into working out, working out during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, etc. Come join me! 🤰🏼✨🙌🏼 #nlaforher #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #3rdtrimester #28weekspregnant

To the daddy who keeps making me a mama. I love you @killerky1e!!! You mean the world to us and we miss you so much when you are gone traveling for work!!! Please be safe and come home to us!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, papas, fathers, and anyone who plays the father role. You’ll never know how much your relationship with others can affect them forever. My dad always treated me like his princess 👸🏼 and told me I could do ANYTHING, be anything, that I would always be loved no matter what, and stood by me even through some rough decisions. He spent 3 weeks in the mountains in Colorado with me and my kids so I wouldn’t have to be alone with them and pregnant while Kyle was traveling for work. I got pretty darn lucky. I hope my daddy always knows how much I love him. 😍💙🙏🏼

I am finding this pregnancy to be quite a bit different than my last in some big ways. Physically, I feel about the same. But mentally, I find that I care less about how I look on social media. I feel like I have so much less to prove this time. I’m listening to my body and allowing myself more grace. I’m expecting less of myself this time. Maybe it’s that I’ve been SO much busier now with 2 kids and an out of state move, but I’m not expecting daily workouts of myself, I’m not dieting, and I don’t really care much about how other people view my pregnant body. I know I’m not the leanest/fittest pregnant woman out there, and I don’t really care to be. It’s true when they say that “Comparison is the thief of joy”. How can any woman truly enjoy her pregnancy if she is so worried about looking a certain way? Am I saying to be unhealthy and not care about being active/eating healthy during pregnancy? Absolutely not!! I’m just saying it’s OK to not fit a certain idea in your head of how you think a pregnant woman should look.
Being that this is my third pregnancy, I have come SO much more to terms with the changing of my body, the extra fat, the giving up of controlling everything (because it’s just not possible), and understanding that all of this is a beautiful and TEMPORARY time of my life. I won’t get this back later on. I will miss the power of growing little babes in my body. I will miss feeling the kicks. I will miss the excitement and waiting of a new baby to come; thinking/imagining what my baby will look and be like. This is simply TOO special of a time to be obsessed with how my body looks. 💕💙🙏🏼 #pregnancy #motherhood #27weekspregnant #grace #selflove

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Hello 3rd trimester 😍 #pregnancy #27weekspregnant

#27weekspregnant and moving into our house has made me some of the most exhausted I have been, ever... But we’re making it. Baby has still been SO active, and I notice myself noticing her/his routines, and feeling more and more connected with the baby. Being able to pick out all of our baby things we had in storage and putting them all in one place where the baby’s room will be has also helped to make this feel more real. You guys, I have only bought ONE new thing for this baby. One. Crazy, right? So grateful that we basically have everything else we would need from already having 2 kids.
I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in about a month. Life just hasn’t really allowed. Or I guess it hasn’t been my priority. Moving has been. But I’m grateful for the seasons of life.
Hard to imagine I will be holding a newborn in less than 3 months 😱. That thought actually makes all of this so worth it. The aches, the pains, the bit of waddling that is starting to happen. I can’t wait to meet this baby. 💙💕 #pregnancy #pregnant

Feeling SO pregnant. I keep forgetting how far along I am. That’s how insane things have been. I think I will be 27 weeks this week. 😅 Our basement project has started! Hearing hammering and sawing all day today 🤗

We are back in Utah!!! We are trying to move back in to our house here (that we own). Mid move is a hard time! Especially while being pregnant! And even more without a Hubby here! He is off doing show after show after show this summer. But it feels SO good to be back in our home. Sorry I have been so MIA! I will do better about being more present here. 🙏🏼
Right now (through the WHOLE month of June), you get a FREE Blueberry Muffin Her Whey 2lb tub of protein when you spend $20 at Save 20% off your purchase with code FITAMY20! Another awesome sale will be announced tomorrow! Stay tuned! @nlaforher #nlaforher #moving #utah

There has been nothing like sharing my favorite place on earth with my kids the past couple of weeks. I grew up coming here every summer and Christmas. And to be able to now share this with my kids is priceless. We made so many fun memories. So grateful!!!! Our adventure of heading back to Utah and moving back into our home starts tomorrow! Mixed feelings of course. But it will be nice to settle back into our own home and spend the summer preparing for this new babe! @ergobaby #ergobaby #hiking #colorado #momof3 (I LOVE the @ergobaby carrier because it can hold my kiddos up until they weigh 45 lbs! Such a life saver for hikes where a 2-3 year old just couldn’t make it the whole way!! And it’s comfortable for me!! Even while pregnant 🤰🏼!)

My amazing friend @alonaungerer after the Fall #FASchallenge, all in 6 weeks! Today is the LAST day to sign up for the Summer 6 Week challenge! And there are still some spots available! Hurry and submit your entry to before tonight! Cost is $100. Top 3 winners win cash and lots of prizes from our sponsors: @nlaforher @versagripps @isolatorfitness ✨ Let’s get you going on making progress before the end of summer! It’s not too late!
The challenge is NOT the same as my personalized one on one coaching. If you need a personalized, customized plan with weekly check ins, please email instead.

Can I be that annoying dog mom for a second?? I love taking him for hikes in the mountains. He has been the BEST dog 😍 🐕 #GSD #gsdofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #colorado #sanjuanmountains #vallecitoriver

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