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Amy Updike  Mom of 2•Wife•PedsRN/BSN IFBB Bikini Pro FitnessModel, Breast Explanter #BecauseGlutes NLAforHer TeamHeugly Snap👻 fitamysuzanne YouTube🎥: Amy Updike


When people ask me how to build the glutes. I do reps on reps on reps of squats on leg day, 2 days a week. If you think you are pushing yourself, try pushing yourself to the next level. You can always go harder than you are. Don’t get complacent in your lifts. Keep pushing. I do front squats, back squats, goblet squats, you name it. #BecauseGlutes #TeamHeugly #IFBBPro #IFBBBikini #NLAforHer

While you’re getting ready this morning, remember that you are beautiful and that you are a complete badass. Now go get this #humpday! 💙😏🙃 #BecauseGlutes

I am SO excited to be going to the LA @thefitexpo again in 2018!!! This is one of my favorite expos to attend! I will be at the @nlaforher booth both days of the expo as well as speaking with the other @nlaforher athletes on the Competition Stage on Saturday. Use my code to purchase your ticket at https://www.thefitexpo.com/la.shtml and save $10 off of your admission ticket. This code is only good for online ticket purchase and expires on January 5th!
Can’t wait to see you all in Southern California at the beginning of 2018!!! @thefitexpo #thefitexpo #LAFitExpo2018 #nlaforher #teamNLA 📷 credit @lymanwinn

Some Monday workout motivation for you today 🤗 It’s not about how much weight I can lift, but how adequately I can utilize my mind-muscle connection, how hard I can push myself, and when I think I’m done, I do another 3-5 more reps. Push yourself harder today. Mentally take it to the next level. You will be surprised what you can do. 👊🏼💪🏼 The first exercise is my trick for doing assisted pull-ups without a machine using a @bforcebands_ strength band! Always using my @versagripps for every pulling motion to take the work off of my hands, and into my muscle. #nlaforher #workout #gymmotivation #fitness #ifbbpro

@disneyonice with my little crew. #disneyonice

Current status. Trying to decide how honest to be in this post.... I haven’t been tracking anything I eat. My workouts have been moderate; definitely not as hard or as intense as they used to be. Cardio happens maybe 1-2x a week. The truth is, our move to Denver 6 months ago really made me lose my groove. I had such a great rhythm and routine to my life and fitness before we moved. And now, I am just struggling. I kept waiting and hoping I would find it... but I haven’t. And I noticed my depression coming back on hard the past 4 months or so. It’s been a battle. Depression is real and scary 😕 I guess I have no great insight or answers in this post. Just wanted to share my current truth. I think it feels much better to be honest about life vs pretending like everything is fantastic.
So, love and light to all of my amazing people out there working daily to find their rhythm and routine. 💙💙🕉 #truth #mentalhealth

When you find 4.5 year old pics of yourself still being passed around IG 😬🤗 #throwbackthursday I was using @nlaforher products even back then. That Shred Her had me at hello.... This is at a time when @shaneheugly and I had plans to take over the fitness world 😬. When he told me I could turn pro but I wasn’t sure I believed him yet. 😏 #TeamHeugly #ifbbpro #believe #dream #abs #fitness #NLAforHer

It’s always a good time for Pumpkin protein oats 🤗 1/2 cup Old Fashioned Oats, 1/3 cup liquid egg whites, 2 T water. Microwave for 60-80 secs. Stir in 1 scoop of Pumpkin Pie @nlaforher Her Whey, a splash of Almond Milk, and top with a sprinkle of Pumpkin Pie spice or cinnamon.
Try it out tomorrow 🤗 #proteinoats #nlaforher 20% off at nlaforher.com with code FITAMY20

You know the feeling when you can’t wait for the kids bedtime to come? It can’t come soon enough. And then once they are asleep you just miss them.... 🙄💙 My crazy little man. #momlife

Another #flashbackfriday.... guess I’m feeling nostalgic today. I never shared this video. I took it to send to @shaneheugly before I went backstage at my last show. I was having issues with water retention right before my show which I couldn’t figure out and it turned out to be due to my monthly cycle. When I look at this video, I see all of my flaws. I guess we are best at picking ourselves apart. All I do know is how hard I worked to get here. Competing is a total mind game. And at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is how you view yourself. Your confidence is literally the most important thing when you are on and off stage. #ifbbpro #ifbbprobikini My amazing suit was made by @platinumbonnie 💙. Coaching by #TeamHeugly. #nlaforher

#flashbackfriday to doing my makeup in a high rise in Manhattan before the #NYPro #IFBB competition in 2014. That spray tan tho... 😬🗽🏙 #newyork #manhattan #ifbbpro #TeamHeugly #nlaforher

My little secrets to staying relatively lean year round? 1) flexible dieting and watching my portions. I never deny myself of eating certain foods anymore. I just watch how often and how much I eat of these foods. (Hint, I still eat pizza about 3x a week). 2) I workout consistently every single week. I hit the gym about 4-5x a week without fail. I love lifting. It makes me feel strong, healthy, and confident. Cardio happens occasionally, but I always choose lifting over cardio if I only have time for one. 3) I workout hard even if it’s only for 30-45 mins. Pushing myself is key. 4) I cycle on and off of Shred Her (all natural thermogenic fat burner designed for women) from @nlaforher all year round. I take the Her Carnitine and Her CLA everyday (they don’t need to be cycled), and I take the Her Garcinia before cheat meals. This is the Advanced Fat Burning Stack from @nlaforher and I have been using it and swearing by it for over FOUR years. 20% off everything at nlaforher.com with my code FITAMY20.
5) Consistency is key to getting and keeping results. Losing will require me to be more strict. Maintaining or building allows me to live life very fully 😊🤗. #secretstostayingleanyearround #nlaforher #fitmom #fitlife #healthy #yearround

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