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Vevian Vozmediano  👩🏻‍⚕️Nutrition+life coach 💪🏽Online coaching 🌏Los Angeles, Ca 📝 📒12 healthy e-cookbooks:

Join me this evening at 6pm as i host my second women’s session:
Beautifully vulnerably.
As we talk about real life, and how to heal through vulnerability.
How would your life be different if you were emotionally and mentally.
I have recently been introduced to the world of cannabis. I find that it connects our heart and mind, and allows you to think deeper without the fuzzy noise the world feeds us.
I recently attended a beautiful event that educated me on so many benefits of this amazing plant!
I have been digging deep in my soul for what my purpose is. I have been so honored that i have connected with so many people on this platform just by sharing my life. Its time to take this to the real world!
Although i have doubted many things, i have not for a second doubted my ability to bring out the best in people.
I truly hope I can have these ceremonies once a week.
My first session was BEYOND incredible with the ladies!
There is no fee, but you can donate if you choose.
It will be in a secret location, for a small group of 5 max.
I am hoping to create a space where people feel safe, and can open so i can help, and for them to know they are not alone.
Connection. Healing. Love. This is why want to do this.

GUYS! I'm coming out with a new e-book! I have been getting a lot of questions about the salads and dressings I make, and someone suggested I make a ebook😬So here it goes!
Salads have always been my favorite thing to make and bring to gathers, and dinner parties!
This Ebook will contain over 30-35 fun, unique, and delicious recipes for different types of salads! I also will include 10-15 salad dressings!
I hope to launch it by the end of June!
Do you guys like this idea?!

Our last day with @wise_lion888 was rewarding both physically and mentally. She was only able to spend 2 days with us this time around, but Ben and I made sure to make every minute count! We started our day with some brain fueled coffee, positive conversations, and a action packed workout. I made her some delicious meals and we went on some fun adventures. She was also able to let go of certain things emotionally as she became beautifully vulnerable to herself and allowed Ben and I to help guide her on her path to becoming the most incredible version of herself!

Natalie is our first live in client in over a year! She reached out to us again and said she needed our guidance again. This time, Ben and I were able to help her on a deeper scale, since we have grown as humans and have become more confident in our work. 🙌🏽 If you are interested in living or working with us. Send me a DM or email me at:

Post workout meal I made for my client @wise.lion888
Hand rolls filled with medium rare salmon, peppers, carrots, avocado, cucumber, kale and some fresh herbs and wrapped up with a nori sheet. For dipping I made a sauce using cashew butter, fresh ginger, rice vinegar, and liquid amions.

📢🔼This morning Ben set up a fun circuit workout for our live-in client @wise.lion888 & I and each circuit ended with 2 rounds of these resistance band partner runs. They are deadly 😬🏃🏽‍♀️💨

😃🙌🏽 GUYS!! One of my recipes made it in @primalkitchenfoods new cookbook!! This is the first time one of my recipes has EVER been published!! I feel SO proud of myself and my journey through food, cooking, connecting, love, empowering, and believing❤️ They even included a statement I tell all of my clients! Thank you SO much @primalkitchenfoods & @marksissonprimal for allowing me to share my passion with you and for making me feel important!

Please double tap if you want to see more recipe videos like this❤️
You guys spoke up and told me what you want to see more of on my page! I used to do a series of post that I called #happywalletwednesday where i shared a cheap recipe. You asked for me to bring it back! So here we go! This is the first of many #happywalletwednesday ecipe post!
Today i made chocolate cupcakes with some left over cooked sweet potato i had! My recipe is vegan, and gluten free, but feel free to replace the maple syrup for honey, and the flax egg for 1 regular egg! These are perfect for a after school snack!
1 cup cooked sweet potato
1 flax egg (1tb. flax meal+3 tbs..water)
1/3 cup maple syrup, i used @nowfoodsofficial
3 tbs. coconut oil, i used @nowfoodsofficial
1/4 cup cacao or cocoa powder, i used @nowfoodsofficial
1/2 cup oat flour, you can make your own by grinding old fashioned oats
1/2 tsp. each baking soda and baking powder
Blend everything together until smooth. If you don’t have a food processor, feel free to mix by hand in a bowl. Just try to get all the lumps out.
Bake for 20 minutes in a 350f oven.
For the frosting i blended:
1 small avocado
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbs. almond butter, i used @crazyrichardspb
Makes 7 cupcakes
P.S. I got my food processor on Craigslist 3 years ago for $15. It doesn't cost much to be creative!

I love being silly with you❤️
We may not have much money, but all the treasures in this world would not add up to how rich I feel mentally with you... and that's a lot!

My ❤️'s morning workout (loved it, so I had to share):
This is from my 1st workout this morning where I ran 🏃🏻 1 mile and then I did 4 rounds of:

🍟 10 Over the rock jumps
🌮 20 Step-ups with knee raise
🍕 10 Rock jumps
🍔 20 Elevated single leg squats

And I finished with another mile.🏃🏻 This is a pretty intense workout if you keep the rest periods short between the exercises. Just find your own little obstacle and start jump over it! 🐸💪🏽" @bchfit #losangeles #cityofdreams #bethechange #myhusband #sexymotherfucker

instagram is not what it once was. Its no longer a community. And after FB purchased it the analytics really messed with me for a bit. But i still LOVE my audience! I genuinely feel like you guys get me! Thats why i am still here! That being said, i would love to hear what you guys want to see on my page!
I promise to be more productive if you tell me what you want!
Also, if you think i should come out with some type of program, guide or anything like that!
Just through all your idea to me! I am all ears!
I just want to continue being authentic!

About last night…. As i mentioned in a earlier posts I will be holding small private womens group that I will call: Lets talk vulnerably once a week(possibly more) in a secret location. My vision is to help and create a connection, that will strengthen and give courage,though vulnerability. These groups are intended for us to come together and speak vulnerably about subjects that scare us. My mission is to pull strength from these women and empower them, and then they can empower each other.
Last night i held my first session. To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew i could help. The girls started coming in(4 total). They started by introducing themselves and what brought them to this circle. We all listened closely as each of these women talked about their lives.Their stories blew my mind! One women, mother of 6, who was sexually molested at 4, pregnant and married by 16 and raped at 19, who also had a child from that encounter. Another who at such a young age has already taken on the world, who has a alcoholic brother, going to school, and working 2 jobs, and feels like she needs to do more. What she failed to see she was doing more then she realized. She needed be told that she is giving as much as she could, and that she is enough. One of these beautiful ladies gets emotional, more often then she wants. She distances herself from her family and lost the love of her life 6 years ago...he was only person she felt like she could be herself around. And last but certainly not least, one said she had her son at 18, landed this career she is in now, that makes great money, but she is unhappy. By creating a safe place we talked openly about these private and intimate topics. We learn to heal by others words. They give us ideas, by not hiding these issues under a rug and bringing them to the surface. Learning not to forget about our issues, but how to deal by accepting what we cannot change.
We talked for 3 hours! I left these girls with one of the most empowering feelings I have ever felt! I truly feel like this is my purpose! I feel like I am just touching the surface to something huge!❤️ ps. Yes, that's a dogs head🐶 #losangeles

The last month i have been really disgusted by the world of social media. I recently asked myself, is perfect/photoshopped/fake the new normal?! I feel that people are trying to live their lives through these so called celebs and forgot they have their own real lives. I see opportunities missed by people being busy on their phones. I some times long for a time where social never existed…when we were more present in real life. Instagram is not the community it once was. Its more like a mix of TV and magazine. That person you admire with a huge following, is only showing you what they want you to see. Their real lives have almost nothing to do with their social media presence. Its like being an actor.
Sorry for my lack of posts…But i have been busy focusing on building real life relationships.

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