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Do you have back problems but still would love to work your legs and booty?!🍑 This exercise will "disconnect" your back and solely work on your leg and butt! Your quads will be on 🔥

People have asked me if I buy most of my produce organic. The answer is, when on the dirty dozen list, I try to buy organic, if i can afford it. One thing I always buy organic are berries!
Strawberries topped this year's list of fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides. According to the Environmental Working Group there are 300 pounds of pesticides applied to each acre of conventional strawberries.
Some other things on the “dirty dozen’ are apples, nectarines, peaches, celery, corn,grapes, cherries, spinach, tomatoes, sweet peppers,cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.
These are some of the things I try to buy organic.
They always have great deals on frozen berries at @ralphsgrocery!
Also, @ralphsgrovery has the cheapest price on free range organic chicken! It's normally $6.99lbs. But they always have it on sale for $5.99lbs!
Plus you will find over $100 in saving on organic items throughout the store on the app! So if you like saving money as much as I do, make sure you download the app, and link it to your bonus savings card! #lovemyralphs #sponsored

#tbt to 3 years ago when Ben met my family for the first time❤️ Every summer I go back home to spend a week with my family who still live in the same house I grew up in around the Detroit area. Saturday, we head back to my home town. I must admit, have been VERY anxious in the past when it was time for these trips, because of the circumstances of my mom not talking to me(you can read my life story on my blog). After some deep soul cleaning this week, I feel liberated, and free, and although I have FAR more bad memories in that house then good, by focusing on my life now, today, how far I have come, and the women I have grown up to be, I must say, I feel very fortunate and I am now looking forward to this trip!
As Steve Jobs said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”.
I feel so at peace with my life right now in a way I have never been before🍄✨

THANK YOU for allowing me to share all aspects of my life so transparently! I tell people my Instagram has been my diary to the world! My life has changed SO drastically since April, 2012 when I first started my page! You have followed, encouraged, and supported me all these years! You guys feel like family! I have been able to share all parts of me...from my passion to cook, and teaching people how to cook, through my project where I lived with families, fitness and moving across the country. You saw me fall in love & get married ❤️
You have provided me a place to feel safe to talk about the very private and scary parts of me, and how plant medicines have changed my life!
THANK YOU for support, compassion, and friendship over the years!
But most of all THANK YOU for liking me for me!
I know my page is not professional looking at all, but its me, and I am more then ok with that!

Loving this new organic superfood chocolate plant based protein from!
It not only tastes great, but does not contain soy, or any disgusting fillers!
I mean…check out the ingredients!
I have also tried the vanilla and vanilla chai protein powders over the year and they are delicious!
This is one of the only clean vegan protein powders I have ever tried thats not grainy or tastes like dirt!
For 10% off use the code:
#sponsored #plantbased #organic #proteinpowder #cleanliving #oraorganic

Peanut butter chocolate chip squares🍪
These are grain-free, vegan and SUPER delicious!
2 cans 15oz. chick peas, drained and rinsed
2 flax eggs, can be replaced with 2 regular eggs
1 cup natural peanut butter
2/3 cup coconut sugar, I used @nowfoodsofficial
1 tsp. each baking soda and baking powder
Blend everything in a food processor until very smooth. You might need to do this in batches. Make sure you all the chick peas are well blended.
Stir in chocolate chips🍫
Bake in a square baking dish lined with parchment paper.
Bake in a 350f oven for 25 minutes.
Let cool completely before cutting.

Just uploaded my latest YouTube video all about psilocybin🍄✨
Just click on the link to my BIO to watch the video!
This plant medicine has been known to cure things like PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, bipolar and post pardon depression just to name a few!
Psilocybin has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in the last year!
If you have any further questions regarding this plant medicine, also known as magic mushrooms, send me a DM. #psychedelic #psilocybin #mentalhealth #mentalawareness #healing #peaceofmind

Yesterday Ben and I FaceTimed with our client from Qatar, which is in the middle east. We always have these initial FaceTime calls where we get to know our clients from the inside out . Our discussions can last over an hour! We want to know what is not working for them, and what they want to change in all aspects of their lives.
Yesterdays conversation hit a very special place in my heart as our client opened up and told us at a very early age she developed an eating disorder. She then opened up even more and told us how she’s currently suffering from severe anxiety. After digging deeper on this topic, she told us that her mom controls a lot of things in her life. At this point both her and i were crying. I told her I know the feeling all to well! I told her… we can try to do everything that our moms want us to do, but it will never be enough! They will still point out things in our lives that they want us to change, which puts continuos stress and anxiety on us, because who doesn’t want to make their mom happy?! The truth of the matter is, your mom is not you, and will never be you. Yes, its important to respect her, but the reality is, if all she does is tell you everything you need to change about yourself, before she says one positive thing to you, you need to keep her at a distance!
I lived for my mom until i was 34! When I moved to California, I said...I want to finally live for myself! It became extremely liberating!
At the end of the day all our parents want us to be is happy and safe.
As long as you are not harming yourself, or anyone else, you need to take control of your life or you will forever be trying to live for someone else.
Its like holding a bird in your hand and never letting go. 🐥
You are meant to be free! ❤️✨

Guys! I wanted to share something that has helped my gut health and has helped me have regular bowl movements!! I had NO idea so many people suffered from not being able to poop on a regular basis! 💩💃🏽
The gut is a huge part of the immune system and is connected to the brain. For may different reasons, we have created a barrier between our bodies and the incredibly of important microbiome in the environment. This has created a huge imbalance in many people and they often suffer due to not having enough of the right bacteria in their bodies. “Bad bacteria” crave and feed off sugar which can make getting off sugar quite difficult for people. They often see tremendous results once they have re-balanced their microflora.
The right probiotics can help with things like weight lose, depression, and ADHD.
Probiotics can help tremendously, but a lot of them do not work.
Only certain strains are clinically proven to be survive the gastric acids and survive all the way down to the large intestines where they can colonize. They are also DNA certified, that means, they actually contain what the labels says they contain.
@silverfernbrand has the strains that pass the survivability test! In my my opinion they are the best probiotics for the price! These probiotics also had great testimonials on Amazon and on other websites!
Clink on the link in my BIO under “my favorites" to check out these probiotics from @silverfernbrand
#sponsered #probiotics

Who are you when no one is watching? Who are you when no one is judging you? Who would you be if you only listened to yourself and no one else?
In order to find ourselves, we have to loose ourselves… shut out all the voices in our heads telling us we can’t, we are not good enough…letting go of fear, becoming vulnerable to our true self. Does that scare you? Once you find your true self...your real voice, under all those layers of self doubt, self sabotaging, and are able to let go of our past, our pain, all our worries...worrying about the future, all the ‘what ifs’…and finally can live for the present moment, embracing all that we are…our imperfections…learning how to surrender to yourself… that is when the real magic happens!🍄✨ #lifecoach #beautifullyvulnerable

Cauliflower Mexican "rice"🍚
Had a private cooking lesson today and made this along with a couple of other dishes. I love teaching people how to make healthy dishes their whole families can enjoy!! If you live in the LA area and want to learn some fun new recipes for your family, or are just clueless in the kitchen, send me a DM! I would love to work with you 🍴❤️

Carrot cupcake with coconut whip cream frosting🥕
Made these for a dinner party last night! They were a HUGE hit!
Both vegan and gluten-free💚
This recipe can be found in my vegan Ebook.

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