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Butternut squash chili.
So so spicy, so so good.

I can't believe how good this came out. I didn't think it would have came out the way I thought.
For the next 5 days I'll be eating butternut squash chili, which I'm ok with. Does anybody want to try some? It's SUPER healthy and I know you'll love it!

What is your favorite DISH? Let me down below.

It's a full moon tonight. Loving this momemt.

Who's ready for pumpkin spice☕? ME, ME, ME.

I'm enjoying this amazing hot pumpkin spice ☕. It's about that time to get comfy under the blankets, watch TV, and enjoy a hot beverage.
What is your favorite drink or smoothie during this time of year?

#pumpkin #hotbeverage #fallfulloflight #staywarm #healthydrink

Decided to make a change in my eating habits. Maybe this will help make a difference in how my body has been reacting to foods.
I love food but not all foods are good for me and so it's time for a change.

New me, new life. Good things are coming.

#goodliving #eathealthy #goodful #beinghealthyforlife #changestartswithin #liveyourlife #livewithinyourself

Chocolate peanut butter green smoothie with of course a little bit of whip cream to top it off. This is so yummy.

Come join the fun. This workout is so amazing. I can't get enough of this.

Another day at the airport. Doing my stretches and workouts as usual until my clients come. It's so fun being here. I feel free when I come to work and so much positivoty. It feels good like I have nothing to worry about.

I know it's been a while since I've posted a photo of myself well, here it is. Even though I've been feeling like crap since I've gained weight and my daughter saying how I look pregnant well, i have to say after doing 2 weeks of my exercise videos I look damn great. I've started LIIFT4 Monday and so excited to build muscle, tone and get even more motivated.

Happy wednesday everyone.

They are all tuckered out from their booty workout or maybe they rather prefer this than their own 🛏. So peaceful this fine morning, without having dogs jumping and licking you. Don't you just 💟 animals? I do. #bootylift #exercise #rifitness #doglover ##animalsforlife

Ava did her own workout routine💪. She inspires me to do so much.
I love the joy, and happiness she brings to life. Everyday all day she's smiling, happy, and has so much energy. I hope when she's my age or 100 years old she still has joy, happiness, that smile, and is so full of life because it's so important and who wouldn't want to be happy, I mean it's the best way to live life.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy this video and please give my baby a shout out. She did a great job. (No help from her momma).😀
#mommasbaby #growinguptoofast #fitness #kidfit #kidroutines #oaklandbeach

My daughters last day of school I decided to take a nice hike through the cliff walk.
I have always gone there but never have I walked the entire trail. I've always known there to be so much more to it but didn't think it be that much, so unexpected and took me an hour to walk thru.
It was amazing even though I almost twisted my ankle 3x's on the rocks. The tunnels were pretty neat. Don't know if you can see it but there is a tunnel across the water in the pic.

If your in rhode island or just visiting and love to hike this is the place to be.
#hikelife #hike #adventurous #livefree #fitworld #energetic #goodful #rhodeisland #newportbeach #newportri

Yum, fish tacos. Wasn't a big fan of the fried chips but my daughter absolutely loved them.
I have never eatened fish this much in my life and never have gone beyond fish and chips but eating different types of food with fish has changed how the way I want to eat. Mmm so amazing.
I got to try more different recipes or more food selections. Eating the same foods can be so boring, so don't be afraid to try something new it can change your world.
#foodies #goodloving #fishtacos #tacogoodness #eats #foodsmiles

Tuna wraps.
Yum these taste so good and fills you up fast. I've only had 2 of these and feel like I can't eat anymore, very surprising since I am a big foodie kind of girl.

What is your favorite food to eat?
#foodies #lunch #greenlife #healthyeating #muchkin

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