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Karlee J Garland  ▪️IFBB BIKINI PRO▪️ Fitness | Nutrition 🌱| MindFULL Lifestyle ✨Change Starts Within✨ 🔹Team Hexx Coach🔹 Total Mind & Body Transformations ⤵️


YOU are and will ever be the answer, the love, the light, & the Home you are looking for.
You always have you. The you that knows of your magnificent. The you that holds your light, your joy, your love, your center.
The you that brings you steps closer to your home within, your wholeness, your own light, your great bliss, & your greatness.
I wish someone would have told me that all I was longing for was something I already possessed.. something now, I can glow and grow with♥️✨
📸 @clickpicvic

#booty🍑 & strong leg builders💪🏼🔥
Last week I posted some of my favorite accessory work. These are my some of my go-to compound movements👇🏼
1️⃣Glute & Ham focused RDLs- slightly bend knees, weight in your heels, then SQUEEZE your way up #uglybutt is the goal at the top of this movement
2️⃣ Wide Stance Barbell Squats-wide stance with toes slight pointed outward shifts (at least for me) emphasis to the #glutes 💪🏼Try these movements with the #accessorywork I posted last week for a 🔥 #legday

SNOW DAY ❄️ The sun rose today, and will again tomorrow giving each of us NEW opportunities to make the best of the hours we have in front of us. -
I rode the #strugglebus HARD yesterday during most of the day and with my workout, BUT I ended the day with my list of #graditude and intentions for the new day to come. These NEW 24hrs have already been off to an amazing start, and I’m determined to win this snowy #tuesday ❄️
Track Suit: @prettylittlething

Anyone else riding the struggle bus 🚌 on this #monday 🙋🏽‍♀️
My body is not feeling the best, I’m extremely tired, and honestly I was just not “feeling it” today. BUT I have an able body so I got in the gym and did today’s best!
Was is my best #workout ? NOPE, but it was today’s best and that’s all that matters. It’s all about those small efforts each day that will add up over time🙌🏼 Whether you crushed your session today, or just got by..I hope your proud of today’s best and looking forward to making tomorrow better👊🏼🔥🤚#mondaymotivation

My #morning Smoothie Bowl ☀️🌱🍓before diving into emails and homework 🤓💻
I typically start my morning off with a giant smoothie bowl to start the day with loads of micronutrients and healthy fats👉🏼increasing your intake of essential fatty acids can contribute to better brain function 🧠 This mornings smoothie contains👇🏼
🌱Handful of spinach (micronutrients)
🍓Frozen Berries (antioxidants)
🥛 Cashewgurt (calcium)
Topped with:
🎃 Pumpkin Seeds (healthy fat)
🥜Raw Almond Butter (healthy fat) 🌿 @curednutrition Cinnamon & Honey Spice (anti inflammatory👉🏼check out my story for more CDB info)

Happy #sunday friends ☀️ I hope your #sundayfunday is filled with ease, love, & light ✨♥️
You are a sea of light. Open your eyes, & see yourself.
I hope you each create a willingness to see the beautiful light that you are.

This weekend started off with a 🔥 #bumday 🍑 after a little too much indulgence in almond butter last night😅 YES, from time to time I will slip up on my #macros 🤷🏽‍♀️ no one is perfect, I’m striving for #balance while making effort towards my plan. There will not be any restricting today, I have my food planned 🌱🥑🍌(current #fdoe is posted on my story) got a good workout in, & will continue to push towards my goals. I’ll be posting a full physique check in Monday morning along with my #asf2018 expo “prep” update🙌🏼
These are some of my current favorite accessory movements to add in after my compound/strength exercises. 👇🏼
1️⃣Cable Deep Front Squats
2️⃣Leg Extensions👉🏼on the mission to become #quadzilla 😅😂
3️⃣Bench Step Ups (Side Step ups into Curtsy Step Up *same leg, then change) -
Sets will range from 3-5 & Reps will range from 12-15.

Happy Friday☀️🎉
I have two days left in my week of #wellness
Sometimes the act of self-care can feel less like an indulgence and more like a chore. And when that happens, all you need is a change in perspective to make taking care of yourself something you actually look forward to doing.
This week has taught me that although these acts are simple and small, they can truly shift how i feel and perform. Whether it be sleeping in longer than usual, getting a massage, going for a walk, changing up my exercise routine, or taking a bath.. It’s the little changes and routines that will ultimately make us feel better.
Healthy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Make sure you’re taking some time out every day to do something small that makes you feel good. If you don’t respect yourself enough to take time to make sure you feel good, who will? #selfcare

Striving for #goals can be so intimidating no matter how big or small the goal is. A tool that has been extremely helpful during my journey towards my goals is celebrating micro-wins!
The concept of “celebrating wins” isn’t new, but if you’re not celebrating every micro-win, you’re missing out! This is a tool I use for myself, as well as my clients as we strive for a #fitness or #life goal. -

There are so many benefits from celebrating micro wins👇🏼
Celebrating “micro” or “mini wins” gives you a reason to smile while you’re awaiting and working towards your bigger goals. Celebrating every micro-win keeps you motivated and helps you stay consistent with your actions towards your bigger goal. Celebrating micro-wins will help you recognize and acknowledge any amount of progress, which helps you continue onward and upward. Celebrating the small accomplishments helps you build stamina and power to carry you through the speed bumps.
My favorite micro or mini wins to celebrate:
✅Hitting my water intake goal 💦 ✅Getting my step goal met 👟✅including one self care act a day

Take time to consciously celebrate every micro-win and watch what happens👉🏼Your progress and mindset will gain so much positive traction! #evolve

Happy Valentines Day 🥀
May this day be a continued celebration of love, light, and compassion you have within. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection♥️
I hope you find some sweet love for your beautiful mind and body today and everyday, you deserve it! #valentinesday

Shoulders | Triceps | Abs 🔥👊🏼💪🏼👇🏼
When i first began my first journey it was so easy to skip out on upper body because it was one of my weak points. Then during my preps it became a strong point because I had a coach pushing me through killer sessions each time. NOW I’m the one accountable to continue that intensity in the new way that’ll improve the desired “look” I’m working towards. Moral of the story.. YOU are the one who is accountable for your progress. YOUR actions, YOUR consistency, & YOUR dedication will result in YOUR progress 💪🏼🔥 -
Full workout on my story #workoutvideo

Happy #monday ☀️
Today is day two of my week of #wellness that I joined in with @lauren_fit @lauren_mindbodysoul : I’ve found through the chaos that life may bring, there is only one thing that heals every problem👉🏼to know how to love and take care yourSelf.
How often do you think about your own needs? Do you make sure you treat your body and mind with kindness and show yourself love whenever you can? A lot of us go through life focusing and giving to others, which often times results in lacking the energy at the end of the day to give back to ourselves.
We simply cannot provide our best Self to others if we aren’t taking care of ourSelves to be the best versions for those around us. -
I ask you this, “what can you do that will tell yourself that you are completely accepted, loved, and appreciated today?” I challenge you all reading this to join me on these next 6 days of wellness by committing to 6 simple #selfcare acts. Check out my story for examples and gain inspiration going into these next 6 powerful healing days ✨
My wellness action today:
I WILL go on a walk outside. A big or small glimpse of solitude is sometimes all the mind needs to sort through the on going overload of thoughts that are shifting around in our minds. Whether it may be 5-60 mins outside in fresh clean air, our minds and bodies can benefit from the exposure of nature around us. BREATHE, clear your mind, take in the light around you, recharge your energy, calm your emotions by grounding yourself in the present of NOW.
Wellness is my #mondaymotivation What’s yours?

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