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My first thought when I Saw this picture? "My waist is too bulky". I know. Rationally and logically I know that Its crazy... But hear me out.
I remember when I first started on My fitness journey 4.5 years ago. I was so so stoked about the tiniest goals I achieved. Like running 200 feet more than the Day before. But somewhere along the Road, in between competing in fitness and comparing My Self to women on Instagram I back then aspired to look like, I Got lost. I Got lost and Never felt satisfied. Even when I looked My fittest - I felt My Worst. Till this Day I keep reminding myself not to compare myself to What I see out there. It is messed up, isen't it?! I used to be Happy with the smallest achievements - But now that it feels like I have been through Them all I turn out to be My own worst critic? I guess We all are, We all compare. Some more. Some less. But How could We not when We are Bombarded with 100000 images Of body ideals all Instagram every single Day! Its No wonder that so many women have distorted body images. Even the ones you Never imagine would - do! Including myself. Which all just goes to show that We NEED more transparency about these issues. We need to lay Them out like the are - be open and honest about Them. Cause only then are We able to process it in a Way Where We work through Them. By the end Of the Day - We are so alike on so many levels and across body sizes❤️

When you realize you live Where people vacation 😍🌴☀️ #luckywelivehawaii #soSoGrateful

Happy Aloha Friday 🙋🏽😎 #alohafriday

I wanted to marry My dreams. So I cheated on fear and broke up with My doubt. #hawaiiliving #happyAlohaFriday

The Hack squat is a great alternative for squating when all the squat racks are taken💁🏽. Like They Usually are at My Gym at rush hour in the afternoon. Also, Its a good alternative for those with back issues as it provides good support for the back👌🏾 #squat

3 Favorite bosu-Ball Ab exercises 🤗🙋🏽 #abs #fitness

"What if I Fall?"... Ohh, But My darling, What if you fly🤗

Beach Days👙🤗🌴☀️ #hawaii

Squats are one of the most foundational functional movements in our lives.
We’ve been squatting since we were babies – it’s probably the most natural position we can pick; as we get older and sit in unnatural positions all day – our squat form goes from perfect, to us not knowing how to squat correctly at all.

In some countries, not only do they continue to sit in a full squat (sometimes called a “third world squat”), but instead of sitting on a toilet, they squat over it.

Before modern day furniture and technology you didn’t stop sitting in a full squat once you got older like we do today…you continued squatting your entire life.

Squats are a compound movement – which means it’s a movement that uses more than one joint (your hip and knee joints) to complete.

A simple bodyweight squat uses almost every muscle group in the body – and if you add a dumbbell or barbell into the equation, I would even argue that they use every single major muscle group to complete. Just think about it – in addition to your “legs,” you need your hips, your back and core, your shoulders and arms. Nothing is left out with this monster movement.

Squats will help strengthen your entire body, both your bones and your muscles (and your knees!), and increase flexibility.

Because of the utilization of a large amount of muscle groups, they cause your body to increase our anabolic hormone production (in turn, helping us lose fat and gain muscle). Increasing the strength in your knees and hips (and entire body) reduces your chance of injury while doing both athletic movements and everyday life things (such as shoveling the driveway or standing up and sitting down). In short, squats are amazing.

They are one of the biggest bangs for your buck in terms of time, which is why most good strength programs include squats. #squats

Happy Aloha Friday Ya'all🤙🏽 ☀️🌴❤️🙋🏽

Upper image: Me Not photoshopped.
Lower image: Me Photoshopped. Waist smaller, Butt bigger, arms slimmer. Looks familiar, right?! Probably because you seen 1000 Of re-touched images all over Instagram 💁🏽 A lot Of the fitness related content on Instagram is sadly retouched and reshaped. Pathetic! Just sayin'. #StopTheMadness #NoRetouch

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