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I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in the gym after a long and hectic week at the office. Much of my time was spent sitting at my desk or in a boardroom. Needless to say I was craving a little glute action, and with less than 2 weeks until my delivery date, I wanted to do something that was effective yet safe for me and the baby. —————————————————————
#Glute focused #romainiandeadlifts are great for developing that 🍑. But do you ever feel your lower back working harder than your #glutes? Here are few ways to keep the focus on that 🍑 and avoid hurting your lower back. —————————————————————▪️Set-Up: stand tall, keep a neutral spine (tucking your chin can help), pull your #lats back and down, engage your #core and plant your feet firmly on the floor.
▪️Initiate the Movement: instead of moving the bar down, pinch your glutes in and extend your hips back.
▪️Find Your #Active #Range: stop extending your hips back when you feel your glutes fully lengthened. As you can see in the video, my #activerange is quiet small and that’s perfectly ok.
▪️Create Tension: instead of pulling the bar up and pushing your hips forward, pinch your glutes in, drive your feet down through the floor and pull your hips under. —————————————————————
I hope these tips help! Happy training! #fitforthought #fitpregnancy #mindpump #muscleintelligence #trainsmart #fitspo #rdl #fittips #9monthspregnant #anydaynow

Here are some tips for performing #quaddominant #pendulum #squats
▪️Position your feet lower on the platform to focus on the #quads and allow for greater #kneeflexion.
▪️Create tension by controlling the #eccentric (downward) movement.
▪️Maintain an #activerangeofmotion for the quads. Lowering too far down will result in both a loss of stability and engagement of the quads.
▪️Once you’ve reached the bottom of your range, pause with an #isometric (static) contraction. This will help to further engage the quads and initiate a stable #concentric (upward) movement.
▪️For the concentric movement, think about driving your feet upwards like you would during a #legextension.
▪️Drive your hips back into the pad and keep your contacts points (i.e., lower back, #glutes and hips) locked in for #stability. —————————————————————
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When you hit that #9monthspregnant mark! We got this Baby Newton 💙 Can’t wait to meet you!

Did I mention how much I’m loving the east end of Toronto?! In addition to a strong sense of community, there are so many great resources for families! Yesterday, I went to my first #prenatal #pelvicfloorphysio session at @torontoyogamamas. Now some of you may be wondering what in the world is pelvic floor physiotherapy? 🤔
It’s a specialized area of physiotherapy that deals with treating muscles of the pelvic floor. This involves assessment/treatment of the muscles with internal vaginal and/or rectal palpation. A pelvic floor physiotherapist can work with you to prepare the pelvic floor for #labour and #delivery, and help you to #rehabilitate those #muscles following #birth. They can also help you to prevent common issues during pregnancy like urinary #incontinence, #lowbackpain, increased pelvic pressure and more. —————————————————————Looking forward to my follow-up appointment where my physiotherapist and I will focus on optimal labour and delivery positions, hands on maneuvers to help alleviate discomfort during labour and also how to push when baby is ready to arrive.
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With the right execution, #hacksquats are great way to target the #quads in their lengthened position. Before attempting this exercise, here are a few things to keep in mind: 🤓
▪️Your hips and lower back should never lose contact with the pad. If they do, then you’ve exceeded your active range.
▪️The lower your feet are on the platform, the more you’ll target the quads. This type of foot placement will increase the degree of knee #flexion and #extension.
▪️It’s not about how low you can go. Your end range is when your quads are fully lengthened but still in their active range.
▪️On the way up, instead of simply pushing up, imagine you’re doing a #legextension and think about shoving the platform up and away.
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One of my favourite muscle groups to train are the #delts. Who doesn’t love well-defined #shoulders?! They’re also notoriously difficult to train. For instance, when shoulder pressing, do you ever feel your traps working more than your delts? If so, here are some tips on how to execute a seated #dumbbellshoulderpress:
▪️Pull the #scapula back and down. By doing so, you’ll stabilize the traps and get the best possible output from the delts.
▪️Think about squeezing your elbows together on the ascent instead of pushing the weight up your hands.
▪️Control the weight on the way down. If you don’t feel your delts working, you’ve gone beyond your active range of motion.
These and other #fittips are brought to you by #fitforthought 😉

First, second, third trimester #progress photos! One more week and I’ll be 8 months🤰🏻😬 I was recently asked how often I train and thought I would share some tips regarding #prenatalfitness and #exercisefrequency. Every woman entering #pregnancy is unique, has her own goals and faces her own set of challenges. How often a mom-to-be should train depends on a number of factors:
▪️Her current fitness level
▪️The type and duration of activity she was doing
▪️How her body is responding to pregnancy (i.e., is she experiencing discomfort, fatigue that doesn’t resolve with rest, increased heart rate, etc.)
▪️What are her goals
▪️How well is her body responding to exercise
If you’re a mom-to-be who wants to start exercising, consider these factors and have an open conversation with your doctor and trainer to determine what’s best for you and your little one. #fitpregnancy #trainsmart #fitforthought

#camberedbar #squats for intermediate to advanced trainees. The cambered bar is a great variation to a straight bar. Here are some of the key differences:
▪️The cambered bar weighs 85lbs, whereas a straight bar typically weighs 45lbs.
▪️The hand placement on a cambered bar is set much lower, which puts less pressure on the shoulders.
▪️Its unique shape forces you to stay tight in the bottom position of a squat more so than a straight bar, as the centre of gravity is shifted slightly forward and becomes unstable if you swing back or forward on the way up.
Seven months into my pregnancy and I feel extremely lucky that I continue to make progress on my lifts. I went up by 30lbs this week. 🙂🤰🏻🏋🏻‍♀️

If you want to emphasize #glutes and #hamstrings when #legpressing, use a high foot position. A high foot position increases the degree of #hipextension and #flexion. You should feel an increased stretch in your glutes and hamstrings. Remember these steps:
▪️Lock your hips into the seat to stabilize ▪️Keep your head against the pad at all times
▪️Place your feet high and wide; externally rotate your toes to about 45 degrees
▪️When initiating a rep, instead of pushing the weight up, think of digging through your heels and dragging them down the platform ▪️Control the weight on the way down down

Did you know that exercising while pregnant can reduce back and promote healthy weight gain?! It also reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and improves one’s ability to lose weight post-pregnancy. I’ve been lucky enough to train throughout my pregnancy, modifying my program as I go along. For instance, when it comes to deadlifting, I stick to pulling sumo. Why? The angle of one’s back is more vertical in comparison to a conventional deadlift and the stance is much wider. The former helps with lower back pain and the latter ensures there’s enough room for my growing belly. If you’ve been training for a while and become pregnant, I encourage you to keep training as long as you can. If you’re thinking of starting a family, I encourage you to start exercising beforehand so that you’re in the best possible health going into pregnancy.

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▪️Pin a suitable weight and adjust the seat height. The arc of your arms should be just below shoulder height.
▪️Keep your feet flat on the floor. Reach back for the machine handles, one arm at a time.
▪️Your arms should be outstretched with your palms facing down.
▪️With a slight bend at the elbows, squeeze your chest and bring your outstretched arms together, exhaling as you do.
▪️Maintain tension and reverse the movement by inhaling and slowly extending your arms out.

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