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Fit For Thought 🎙🎧💪  Where fitness, tech and entrepreneurship intersect. Created and hosted by Alexandra Newton. Listen and subscribe:


The hip hinge. What is it and why is it important? Generally speaking, the hip hinge is any flexion or extension originating at the hips that involves a posterior weight shift while maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis. It forms the basis of many exercises including the squat, deadlift, kettlebell swing, bent-over row and good morning. Real talk - if you haven’t mastered the hip hinge, then you’re likely not performing these exercises correctly. Set aside some time to master the hip hinge. You’ll reduce your risk of injury and build posterior chain strength. 💪🍑
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Calling all moms, moms to be, fitness professionals or anyone who’s interested in pelvic floor and abdominal health! Tonight in the Fit For Thought studio is @samcoretrainer - mother of two, certified pre and postnatal exercise specialist with over 15 years of experience and the co-founder of @belliesinc, an innovative system designed to help women prepare for and recover from pregnancy and birth. If you have any questions for Samantha leave a comment below!
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#tbt photoshoot and interview with @jodianne.beckford of @the.e.project. We talk about my fitness story, entrepreneurship and what it’s like to be podcasters in an ever evolving media space. Check out the interview on @itunes @soundcloud and @googleplaymusic. A link to the interview on @itunes is in my bio.
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A listener of the show recently messaged me and asked what are the best supplements to take while training. First, I want to say thanks for reaching out and asking what I think is an important question. In their simplest form supplements are single compounds which have been demonstrated to yield some type of benefit if taken. They play a vital role in supporting and enhancing your health and athletic performance. However, I’m going to take a lesson out of @tompurvisptrts playbook and ask for whom and what type of training are they doing? The right supplement will differ from person to person, and will depend on their individual needs, biochemical makeup and training goals. However, I’ll do my best to talk about the supplements I believe are effective tools for building muscle, restoring energy and recovering from a workout. Links to the podcast are in my bio.
Some of the things you'll learn on this episode: ⏺ Tips and tricks for buying quality supplements
⏺ What chelated minerals are and why it's important to look for minerals that are bound to amino acids vs. salts
⏺ How dehydration can negatively impact muscular growth, power output and recovery
⏺ What branch chain amino acids are and why they're important
⏺ What type of carbs you should eat post-workout
⏺ The relationship between magnesium, glutamine and recovery
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What happens when two podcasters/creatives unite? One inspiring conversation on @the.e.project about fitness, entrepreneurship and the art of podcasting!🌟
Much love to host @jodianne.beckford for having me on the show and creating a platform where people can share their story and passion.🎙
Listen and subscribe to the @the.e.project on @itunes, @soundcloud or @googleplaymusic. There’s a link to the epsiode in my bio or visit @the.e.project for more info. 🙌
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Strategic progression! I think a lot of us have been conditioned to think that shocking the body with super heavy weights or feeling so sore the next day that it hurts to move are signs of a good workout. However, delayed onset muscle soreness is often a sign of poor progression. I’m a big proponent of strategic progression. Think small yet challenging steps forward. Not only is it a key to long-term gains, but it’s also a key to reducing risk of injury.
Last week I posted a video of me doing 10x3 knee-banded barbell hip thrusts with 1 1/4 pulses. The bar + weights equaled 115lbs. This week I increased the volume to 12x3 at 135lbs. Not the heaviest weight I’ve moved, but I’m focusing on execution over intensity.
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On episode 2.13 of Fit For Thought, I sit down with therapist, trainer and owner of @linkhealth, Brad Cote. We cover a wide range of topics including applied kinesiology, joint dysfunction, muscle recruitment and exercise selection. Our goal is to share as much information as possible on how to trainer smarter and function optimally. Listen and subscribe via Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Stitcher. Links are in my bio.
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New episode of Fit For Thought is out! 2.13 Link Integrated Health with Brad Cote. Listen on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Stitcher. Links are in my bio.
We’ve covered a wide range of topics on the the podcast from fascial stretch therapy to body building. I often wonder how and whether these therapeutic and training modalities can be integrated to ensure that we're functioning optimally.
Enter @bcote88. Brad has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years working in clinical, commercial and private facilities with a variety of patients. What sets Brad apart is his integrated and individualized approach to therapy and training. This is evident not only by the number and range of qualifications Brad holds (including a post-grad in functional neurology and rehabilitation), but also by the vast network of practitioners he has built over the years.
Some of the things you'll learn on this epsiode
1️⃣ How therapy and training can be integrated
2️⃣What tools Brad uses to assess and treat his patients
3️⃣How you can optimize your training
4️⃣What Link Integrated Health is and how it's designed to enhance your performance

Looking to incorporate yoga and mindful movement into your life? My sister @terraetsilva is taking on new clients, focusing on private/online sessions via Skype.
@terraetsilva is a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor, and for the past 10 years has dedicated her personal practice to the traditional lineage of Ashtanga. She is also immersed in Mindful Movement - an awareness of the whole body while focusing on core elements of movement such as breathing, joint preparation & mobilization, balance, strength and flexibility.
DM me or @terraetsilva for more details. 🙏

Wednesday morning lower body session with @jessrehab. The finisher: knee-banded barbell hip thrusts with 1 1/4 pulses. Resistance band by @mbslingshot.
It’s crucial that you master body weight hip thrusts before adding resistance. Push through your heels as opposed to the balls of your feet. This will shift muscle activation away from the quads and onto the glutes and hamstrings. Below are some key points to keep in mind when hip thrusting. Credit goes to @bretcontreras1 for putting in the research and making this info available on his site.

1️⃣ Hinge on the bench from the lower scapulae region
2️⃣ Push through the heels (feet can remain flat or the ankles can be dorsiflexed)
3️⃣ Ensure vertical shins at the top of the movement
4️⃣ Keep the knees out
5️⃣ Achieve full hip extension
6️⃣ Slightly posterior tilt the pelvis
7️⃣ Keep the ribs down
8️⃣ Maintain forward eye gaze and keep the chin tucked
9️⃣ Breathe big and brace core before each lift
🔟 Pause at the top for a brief moment with a big glute squeeze

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