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40 Weeks // 4 Months post. I’m super proud looking at these photos. Not just for the appearance of what my body looks like & all the hard work I’ve put in but for everything this little body has given me. Tonight I tucked my two beautiful children in bed & kissed them goodnight, extremely thankful for my body for giving me the most wonderful gift. We can often get caught up in life or scrolling through social media getting upset at our body for not looking a certain way but for a second let’s remember how important a bit of self love & care is. Our bodies no matter what they look like, are INCREDIBLE ✨✨ #Fitmom @victoriamacera
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kncfitNeedless to say it’s been quite the year πŸ˜…
But also the happiest year of my life :)
From being so critical about my body daily, to loving and appreciating my body in ways I didn’t even know was possible :)
I have so much admiration for every mama out there and what our bodies go through! Every pregnancy is completely different and we all experience it differently.
Some women can workout and have abs all 10 months. I am not one of those women but damn I respect the hell out of them. Some women barely have a belly, while I look like I’m carrying triplets lol. Some women get sick. And some women get marks. But no mama is 100% the same
I went into pregnancy with all these expectations for myself, that sadly were just not attainable. I assumed I’d workout everyday, but complications set that back.
I’ve gained 25lbs, have lost a ton of muscle, my boobs are the size of Pluto, and I have back rolls, cellulite, and marks that I’ve never seen before.
And you know what? I find so much beauty in all of that :)
I thought I appreciated my body before for it’s physical strength, but now I appreciate it so much more for its internal strength.
I’ve grown so much physically (lol literally) and mentally throughout this journey.
The female body is absolutely amazing, and pregnancy is such a beautiful thing.
As mamas we all experience this time differently, but that never means we should ever compare pregnancies. Every journey is so different and beautiful. Every mama is so strong and powerful. And every body has such an incredible strength and story :) #Fitmom @kncfit
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No one can take my joy away from me❀️.... baby back to the dancingπŸ’ƒπŸΎ #Fitmom @takkies7 __________________________________________
🎡: @runtown #Energy
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Quick full body blast! 19 reps per move 4 rounds through,
#Fitmom @sweatseeker
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Jump Rope! πŸ”₯
#Fitmom @janine_delaney
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"When you're 2 days past the due date - twerking baby out" πŸ”₯πŸ™Œ #Fitmom @olya_newyork
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32 weeks 🀰🏼
#Fitmom @annahuldaolafs πŸ’œ
@fit.moms.of.ig *Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

Ball workout πŸ€ πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ
#Fitmom @gizemozdem1
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Everyday discovering something brand new πŸ”₯ 21lb weight vest custom made 😜πŸ”₯ #Fitmom @massy.arias
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