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Courtney  On a mission to healthy and happy! My journey started 2/12/2018.

Late night thoughts 🤪😂

Sorry, not sorry!!!

Because someone, somewhere, needs to hear this.

Basic bitch even when I’m treating myself! But boy are these good!

I’m starting this challenge today if anyone would like to join me!! It’s simple, easy, and not time consuming. I’m going to be adding this on top of my normal work out. I know it’s not a lot but I never stick to these things, so I’m hoping I can stick with this one! #bunsgunsabs #30daychallenge

New week, new opportunities!

Happy Sunday Funday! I’m avoiding the Sunday scaries by watching my brothers’ soccer games, carving pumpkins, and playing board games! What are you doing to avoid the #sundayscaries??

Does hauling around a pumpkin across the field count as my Saturday work out?


It has been way too long since I’ve used this account!! I need to get back to using it everyday, it definitely holds me accountable. Not much to update on me; I have been staying on track and reaching my goals slowly but surely. I hope everyone is doing well and staying motivated!

I haven’t been doing great keeping up with my fit girl insta; however, I have been staying on track with food and exercise! Even though I’ve been so busy I’ve managed to find a happy balance. I’ve been feeling so happy lately and finally starting to feel proud of myself, so here’s a pic of me feeling just that! I hope everyone is doing well!! And if anyone wants to start holding me accountable and reminding me to post on here feel free 😂

Oops 🤷🏻‍♀️

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