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Eric Fisher  Mindful improviser, storyteller & social designer. Certainty exists but only with great perspective.

Early Fall in Connecticut with Niko 🐱 (other furry family members not pictured)

I think being back in the hustle and bustle has only reinforced my decision to move to the mountains, though it has been nice to catch up with friends here

Philadelphia weekend

Out on the prairie

Some photos from a lovely afternoon in Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park - how cool that this is just 45 min away! #rmnp #mountains #nature

I love the mountains!

Late Spring in Boulder, from my land at 6,400 ft above sea level

Relic from a lovely weekend lounging in the mountains

Back to a very lush Colorado Spring!

Despite all the new construction in SF and the fact that all the tech companies rule the world now, the old neighborhood feels exactly the same, which is weird but nice.

Reflecting on my time in San Diego while walking an incredibly flowery path along the ocean near San Francisco

Like walking in a movie

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