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Nikita Bedwell-Derhy  Soul Mentor & Life Design ▫️romance rituals ▫️self care rituals ▫️soul state & soul fitness ▫️workshops & 1:1 session 💕Other half of @justbespace

My beautiful angel man, Tal, and myself have put together a special little program called SUMMER LOVE WELLNESS WEEKENDS.
Soothe the soul and uplift the spirit with :

Summer Love offers a single event or full weekend experience. Make this year all about self love, self care & the love of being with others.
I will be leading the be.botanical flower offering workshop. While Tal will be teaching all the unique yoga events.
Taking place on the last day of the wellness weekend, be.heart is our little gig night for local artists to share their songs and story. Starting at 4pm and only $15 entry fee, it's a perfect way to unwind with friends and listen to some heartfelt music. February's be.heart will be featuring @jontrivettmusic & @snowpeasophiesprout

Book an entire weekend pass for only $90!
Or purchase a single ticket for the event of your choice ✨

Welcome to JustBe.Space
Retreat from the daily grind at Brisbane's newest holistic event space. JustBe offers weekly yoga & meditation classes, as well as unique events, live music and good vibes.

1st edition : Morning meditation for setting quiet confidence in all circumstances.
*start with your breath, and begin journeying with these words. Read slowly with intention*
Take it all in and take your time.
It is well, it is at peace.
You are safe and you are in good hands.
The hands of yourself and the great beyond.
Your living being is full proof.
Close your eyes and see the internal rays of your own setting sun.
Come into tranquility; that evening tide state of blue hues and purple glow.
Let your shallow short breathe lengthen and deepens.
Tell your heart to make a ballad out of a slow beat and a gentle pulse.
That tightness in your chest, press your palm against it. Pushing hard, massaging it until the knots come out.
In the chaotic wind that blows every which way, there is still a direction.
In the crashing waves that come in and out, there is still a constant.
In an overcast cloud filled day, there is still clarity upon the other side.
Come into your body and feel it lengthen.
Your shoulders drop, your fingers stretch.
Be balanced.
Ground in your sit bones and push into the earth in your feet.
But be lifted from the crown and sit tall in grace.
Take it all in and take your time.
It is well, it is at peace.

What is the state of your soul?
In life, in yourself, in love, in work, in general, in this very moment?
Tuning into your soul is not only tuning into your abundant self but also into your abundant life & purpose.
We seem to nourish every other part of us; we seem to listen to every other part of us. Yet not the soul. Is it because we don't know how it access it? Because we don't know what it is? Because we simply don't want to know it? When we listen to our soul we are pushed into our desires, we are challenged and inspired, we are made to feel abundant and purposeful. A very different narrative we are use to in comparison to the story our mind tells us, the feelings our heart gives us, the physical limits our body shows us, the idea our society tells us.
Your soul is almost like the child-like essence of you. Playful, big grand thinking, astonishing plans & visions, unbreakable and fearless, ready to conquer all, explore all, know all.
Sit still and trust that you know yourself. It doesn't take too much to tap into your soul state. it certainly takes surrendering to the divine magic and an intuitive listening ear. A willingness to be guided by your own natural intuition.
I'm starting a new series called "SOUL STATE", where every couple of days I share honestly & personally the state of my soul. Sometimes the easiest way to learn is through demonstration. So rather explaining too much, let me just show you. And from there you can figure out what it is I'm actually tapping into & how you can do the same.
I would like to introduce four new series you can experience on my Instagram : 🌿Soul State
🌿Soul Fitness
🌿Self Care Rituals + eBook
🌿Romance Rituals
✨Watch this exciting interactive space of abundant joy, pastel tones, soulfulness + guidance. I hope my sharing of my life, my rituals + my ideas help contribute to your own journey ✨

No.02 : compliment a stranger.
Break out of your self-pity funk or negative Nancy mind set, by recognising something beautiful in someone else. I approach this in two ways :
1. When my world might be feeling yuk & terrible, the last thing I want is for anybody else to experience how I maybe feeling. For example, I once went through a break up. I was shattered, literally felt like my heart had been crushed into a million pieces then set on fire. I thought to myself "this is awful & unbearable! No one should ever feel like this". So instead of wallowing in my own self-pity, I was more concerned by the idea that there might be people out in this world having just of a bad day as me, if not worse. This instantly shifted my mood from "poor me" to "take positive action". This lead me into the city, where I went up to random strangers & complimented something beautiful I noticed in them. I was a woman on a mission, and it certainly made me feel an extraordinary sense of happiness from it.
2. The 2nd way I approach this is through authentic recognition or affirming. Often we see people who have gone the extra mile, whether it's in their service, the outfit they chose to wear or their new hair cut.
Take the time to notice this subtle changes in your friends, clients, favourite shop keeper or they lady you always see at the grocery store.
Sending out love, in turn makes you feel loved inside. To see someone smile or to know you've made someone's day is a wonderful gift. This self care ritual nurtures gratitude, confidence, love for others & appreciation. Self Care doesn't have to be about pampering yourself but rather, doing something that builds your own confidence & the confidence of others. This is true self care.

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2nd edition • SOUL FIT
Be strong with yourself.
Test yourself. Trust in what your mind, heart and body can do. Know your entire being can do more than you thought was possible. See beyond the constraints of your own ideas & the ideas of other people.
Often we are told to be gentle with ourselves. But sometimes we think that means to play it safe.
The soul knows no boundaries and is not limited by any means. The soul moves beyond personality, physical condition, emotional state, mentality & definition. Tune into this limitless energy to make your life move in leaps and bounds.
I weigh 36 kilos; I have many gut health issues & food allergies; my body is scrawny; my back has a long term injury from being a dance; my lungs are weak from being premature; my heart has been through much; my mind has its restrictions. It is true that our human body has constraints. But the same does not go for our souls. It was the tuning into my soul power that enabled me to climb volcanoes in Bali & trek the Himalayas in Nepal, despite the constraints of my human form.
You see, the soul is much stronger than anything else you possess. Let it lead you and let yourself trust in its power. When you do this, your options in your life become endless and abundant. Your mind, heart & body begin to prove to you it can go further & and endure more.
Like any other aspect of our being, our soul needs to grow and be encourage to be more and more powerful.
Over the next few weeks I will be posting tips on "SOUL FITNESS". Looking at the state of your soul; how we can harness it & use it; how we can nurture it; how we can tune into it and make it consume us before anything else.

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1st edition • G R A C E
Set your vibration bright.
When you do this there is no room for negativity to arise/impose it self or even come close to you.
Turn up the saturation in your life and see only vibrant colours and feel only the burst of your own soul leaping out of your inner most sacred space of your being. Letting your soul take over, is like clothing yourself in a gown of glimmer, star shine and purposeful devotion. So how do I do this? How do I activate my soul & set my aura to full vibrancy?
Well, your soul is not constrained by the mind, body, heart, personality or even life circumstances. By awaken the presence of 'soul' you enter into the abundant state of GRACE. And here lies the answer.
Grace is used to refer to two aspects:
1.the blessings of the Universe, God, the Divine forces beyond us.
2.The potential power within us to elevate/inspire/bless others we come in contact with.
Grace requires emotional intelligence, self awareness, knowing who we are and having an ease when it comes to being ourselves. The more we embody and manifest Grace, the more authentic/comfortable & in tuned we become with ourselves and how we connect with others.
Grace cannot be taught but only felt. And when it is felt within yourself, then it is your job to help elevate or bless others with the power of Grace.

No.01 : Reminisce
Reminisce on when you first met. Tell each other's sides of the story, contrasting I'm sure they are.
Reminisce on the silly things you did to try and get each other's attention; on the butterflies you felt on your first date; on the feeling you felt when you first laid at night together. Remember what first caught your eye, and what you first thought of each other.
The story you have is too precious to forget. Your story is what will reignite the sparks and the flames. Whether it's only been 6 months, 5 years or 20 years of being together - never stop journeying back to day one, where it all began. Because your love story, is the greatest story told.
Tal and I often reminisce. And when we do, it's always like I'm looking at him again for the first time. Sometime we reminisce on the not so good times, but even then it only makes us understand each other more. It's a regular ritual of ours that I love.

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SELF•LOVE : 4th Affirmation
There is a girl who I love so.
Who shines like the stars,
and is known by the moon.
Who's smile makes rays
and who's story telling brings upon waves.
There is a girl who I love so,
who is in everyone like you, and in me too.
There is a girl who loves me.
She knows my strengths and knows my weaknesses. She knows me by name and knows me by heart.
And I'm astonished a girl with such a love, would love me.
For sometimes I try to change her, yet she never changes for she has such security in who she is.
And I'm astonished a girl with such grace, would grace her presence upon me.
And when I want to see this girl
and feel her love, all I have to do is look in the mirror, for she is me.

Know you are the girl your soul fell in love with.
Know you are the girl you need,
right now and beyond tomorrow.
Love yourself like your soul loves you.

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As the year comes closer to an end, what I seem to be reflecting upon the most is:
•The power of the universe.
•the power of myself.
Extraordinary things shift & occur when you work hand-in-hand with what lies in the great beyond.
You, yourself, at your very core, hold a supernatural presence & energy. Match that with the cosmic forces of all creation, and suddenly an abundance of answers come flowing in and your world begins to move rapidly with fluidity.
I've learnt to listen attentively and treat every incident as divine intervention, as a message and a wake up call from the universe to me. And sometimes these divine messages feel like a good old slap in the face. When we are active in our spiritual paths, the universe flips us upside down, inside out and rearranges the furniture while it's at it. Just when you are trying to process one divine message, another one pops up ready for you to reach out and grab it. The universe knows no time, distance or boundaries. When it is ready, when it feels you are ready, the cosmic push happens.
This year has been one mammoth of a year for me. It's been an extraordinary blessing but also an incredibly challenging time, sometimes emotional and very hard. But that's the universe. It pushes past what you think you know, goes beyond who you think you are, to finally reveal to you what you TRULY are.
In 12 months I've gone from a heartbreaking break up; to finding my one true soul mate, my husband, my lover, the father of my children, my co-creator, the man of my dreams.
In 12 months I've gone from an unfulfilling soul crushing job; to discovering my one true divine purpose and manifesting my own business & helping my beloved with his business @justbespace.
In 12 months I've gone from never being overseas; to trekking the Himalayas in Nepal and journeying with a Hindu priest in Bali.
In 12 months I've gone from no intuition; to having endless downloads, remarkable visions, trusting my heart, becoming my soul, being directed by my guides & angels & creatively writing it all.
In 12 months, I finally know who I am.
WRITTEN / 27 DEC 2018 /
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Office job, retail, hospitality, dentistry or teacher. What ever job you may have, take this little 5 minute ritual into your workplace for a jolt of motivation, a reset & peace. The practice is simple, but the results are impactful.
Pop to the toilet when you feel restlessness arise. The short walk and change of scenery will instantly lower your tense shoulders and furrowed brows.
Recluse into your safe haven of a cubical, and take a seat.
Close down the eyes, take a big inhale, then begin to count to 10 as you exhale. When you reach 10, with your eyes still shut, imagine there is a beautiful hue of pastel colours surrounding you and gently glowing. Open your eyes and just before exiting the cubical, simply whisper "thank you". No need to come up with a topic or reason for why you are thankful, just with little effort say the words. For gratitude is one of the greatest feelings, and just by saying them you can create a shift in your mind set & bring yourself back to a heartfelt place.
Simple, time efficient & the little jolt of inner peace you need to keep you going for the rest of the day.
▫️Thank you to my dear beloved friend @tiarnemusic for inspiring me to write this post.

So here is the story of how we met.
Our story started long ago, in fact it started before either of us existed on this planet. Our souls made a binding pack up in the sky, a devotion & a prayer. Our spirits looked down upon earth; Tal said "meet you down there", which I replied "not without a game of hide and seek first." So we looked. We looked for each other in many different people, in many different countries, for many years, with many joys & sadnesses along the way. Sometimes we felt like we'd never find each other; other times we had this burning sense of knowing that our other half was out there.
Perseverance & passion are key in this thing we call life.
So one day, the universe decided to give us a helping hand in our game of hide & seek.
I heard a new yoga studio had opened up, for a non-yogi like me I thought I'd give it a crack. Now what I'm about to tell you, you may not believe, but trust me, this is how it all started:
I jumped on the website to book my class when BANG. There he was.
A photo of Tal popped up & instantly I knew something. I remember whispering to myself "that's him". At the time I wasn't sure why I even said that but it was what my heart felt. So off I went to meet him. Now Tal has his side of the story, but this is mine:
I was standing at the bottom of the stairs of @justbespace before class, when I looked up to find a beautiful man with Jewish curls, light eyes and a very big moustache standing before me. Now let me ensure this was not one of those "love at first site" moments. It was more "home at first site". Without even meeting before on this earth, he felt like home, I felt I had finally found my home.
He greeted me with a big smile & hug; the moment we touched I felt comfort & familiarity, I certainly didn't want to let go.
On this special day we met, Tal was just trying to make ends meat at his newly opened yoga studio. As for me, I had just gotten through the other side of a break up and had big plans to get lost in Bali and Nepal. Both of us independent and focused on our individual spiritual journeys; and certainly wasn't expecting what was going to happen next...

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LOVE•IS•IN•LIVING : 5th affirmation
Just when I think I couldn't be anymore in love with my life, the universe calls out to me and says "look!" - and behold, more dreaminess and abundance are graced my way.
I wake up, go about my day, then go to sleep and wait for the next day. It sounds so simple, so ordinary, yet the experience itself is something profound.
It's like walking with a great breeze of constellations swirling around me; it's like seeing through a pink haze; it's like a constant sensation of a trust worthy kiss. And I feel like every moment is like an out of body experience, my heavenly self watching down on my earthly self in absolute joy.
These are the moods and the magic of accessing a life of pure existence, of true love, of innate living and of soulfulness.
This is not a story of a perfect life or a problem free life. In fact this is the story of a life that lives day by day: with heartbreak, with melt downs, with frustration and with concerns.
But the mind shifting and abundance bringing factor to this life is:
living a life of unconditional trust and responsiveness.
Have trust in God's plan for you. Be responsive to every single call from the universe. Signs, messages, divine intervention happens on the daily, don't just acknowledge them (or worse, not see them), but rather take the vital step forward and be responsive to them. What does it mean to be responsive? To take action & to be proactive, to have a readiness.
When you see a sign, act upon it, do not let it pass.
When there is no sign, go out and act upon what you already have and known.
It's a constant striving to be closer to the universe and closer to knowing your own heart. Just like a relationship, you learn you things about each other each day. That principal applies the same to your heart's treasures; each day you will learn more within, each day more of your purpose will be revealed. And sometimes abundance is hidden is sad times, painful moments & life changing circumstances. But know, beneath the crack is gold ready to be poured out.
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