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First Citizens  Official Instagram feed of First Citizens. The indigenous bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

Swipe left 👈We stand! #rocksyoursocks 🎉Picture #2 our Park Street Branch employees rocking thier socks !

Happy Thursday!

It's World Downsyndrome Day!

Rationale behind idea

These are chromosomes.
The one circled is chromosome 21 - note the three copies of the chromosome. This is Trisomy 21 also known as Down Syndrome. You and I have just two copies of Chromosome 21. People with Down syndrome have 3 copies.

They look like socks, right? This is where the idea of Rock your Socks for World Down Syndrome Day was born from... simple!

On March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day, we celebrate and raise awareness by wearing our brightest, loudest socks.

And why is WDSD held on March 21st? 21:3 (chromosome 21, 3 copies = 21st day of 3rd month of the year) easy to remember!

Siblings in Sports ! 🏌⛳ Yeji Lee, Golf Youth Nominee

Wanjoo Lee, Golf Senior Nominee

#firstcitizenssportsfoundation #SportsAwards #FirstCitizens

Tonight the energy and excitement could be heard in the cultural drums and classical instruments at this prestigious event.
#firstcitizenssportsfoundation #FirstCitizens

Cameron Wong the 2018 Under 12 Girls Singles Tennis Champion 🎾 Tennis Youth Nominee

#firstcitizenssportsfoundation #SportsAwards #FirstCitizens

Our Group Chief Executive Officer Ms. Karen Darbasie being welcomed at the First Citizens Sports Foundation Sports Awards
#firstcitizenssportsfoundation #FirstCitizens

Andrew Babwah - Badminton Youth Nominee, at just 9 years old Andrew is already a veteran on the local and regional Badminton circuit.

Looking Sharp tonight Andrew 😎


The First Citizens Sports Foundation Sports Awards 2018
The various Award categories:
📌Top Ten Youth of the Year
📌Top Ten Senior of the Year 📌Youth Male and Female of the Year 📌 Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year
📌Jeffrey Stollmeyer of the Year Finalists and winners in the small and large categories
📌Lystra Lewis Team of the Year finalists and winners

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Team First Citizens enjoying themselves as they carry the Torch along its journey during their leg of the Relay. Putting meaning to Fun, Fitness & Friendship in every event on the CariFin Calendar. Thanks guys and gals.🙏🏾👏🏾👍🏾💯❤️

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@firstcitizenstt has believed in our vision from the start and the bank has been a festival partner since our first edition in 2016.

As NFF turns 4 this year, we are thankful to have the continued support of this regional institution.

Tune in to the Business Corner on @power102.1fm at 2.00pm TODAY where @thejasonjulien, Deputy CEO- Business Generation will join @elizejulia NFF's Festival Director. The two will discuss how the festival creates a space for local businesses, enabling economic development as we connect enterprises to our growing audience.

They will also highlight our Green Business Expo which has been added as a new element to NEW FIRE Festival 2019.

#sustainabledevelopment #greenbusiness #developingourlocaleconomy #firstcitizensputsyoufirst #indigenousbanking #localenterprise #partneringtoenablepositivechange

Seize more SECURITY! First Citizens gives you instant updates on your credit card activity, keeping you a step ahead of potential scammers. Sign up now! Visit link in bio for more details #EmailAlert

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Here lies the reason why @lotusflowermoon_poet sits atop the microphone throne.

Not only does she hang suits and ties but she hangs victories plastered on the hallowed walls of FCNPS past. Not only does she hold things like shame and family secrets, but she holds our awe in the palm of her hands. Not only is she the 2018 winner of the First Citizens National Poetry Slam, but she is a representative of strong women everywhere.

Today, on International Women's Day, all hail Queen Deneka Thomas, the wondrous wordsmith warrior! 🙌🏾 As we look back to #FCNPS2018 and behold the fierceness with which these poets wield their tongues to annihilate enemies, one can only imagine the bloody battle that is about to ensue for #FCNPS2019 🗡⚔️ Semi-final tickets are on sale!
Check out @nationalpoetryslamtt Facebook page for more information

#FCNPS #FBF #IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay #SharpenYourPens #WithWordsAndWar

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