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now u see mee now udon  AirMani exchange If you think I don't know how to take/edit photos you are righto

Blood Orange

The rabbits were LIT!¡! 📸: @bendanad

Rain drop
Drop top
Opocot mak kau meletop

"Baju lawa. Makeup mahal. Susah payah orang siap lepas tu bapak awak ni baru pergi satu rumah dah nak balik. Buang duit teksi je lah"

Not enough kuih order je Uber Eids promo code Aidilfreetreats

Relatives bombarding me with questions that are not safe for fam I think yall better just leave your questions over at

Yall know Clean Bandit but have yall met Clean Armpit lmao

Glad not everyone has instagram because I'm too lazy to type so much except for the usual thanks, apologies and goodbyes and GOOD LUCK for future audits


(Extend 3 months to compensate the 3 months of HL)
(Also it has come to my realisation now Faris not here I AM THE OLDEST ONE LMAO)
(Just to clarify: no lah I didn't extend bc of the HL)

Even my juniors leaving before me bruh thank you good luck have fun and all the best for ni men de future most importantly right now your pink IC belum dapat balik

Upd8 dua dua dah dapat

Concept: There's never a need to call it guyliner

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