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now u see mee now udon  Ya somehow somewhere managed to become a designer and medic

Concept: There's never a need to call it guyliner

All IC is 🌸pink🌸

Friends tell the truth, Mike.

Violence is never the way but today I helped beat some faces

Happy ORD @naveen997 thank you good luck have fun and all the best for your future endeavors bruh just remember not to drink water after you eat fish later you stomach will feel gulugulu gulugulu

Send nudes first before I can show you medic.

Missing @__fhkim__ eh

Tfw you prove people wrong like when they believe Firman should be a Fireman but he is a medic instead but it's all chill he can be Muhammedic Fireman.
📸 @__khaizalkamal

Thank you to these MVPs for bringing my sister to Gardens By The Bay for her birthday

If my wheelchair-bound sister can fearlessly stand up to pose without any safety precautions then you too should be able to stand any minor inconvenience

Mother claims we are annoying children but guess who decided to buy herself a matching shirt 2 hours before making our way here

Mother looking like she can't find her son among all these pricks

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