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Allistor Kirkland  «The one and only Scotland» Oldest of the kirkland brothers Long love queen mary of the scots Aye, why have beer when you have whiskey?

[] hey hey hey! its admin! for some reason im in a freakishly happy mood. Blame the surf i guess. Anyone wanna rp?[]

(( #scottiesfacetho XD, stolen from @ollie_kirkland

Hello my lovelies, sorry i havent been on

Through all he's been through, its no surprise he has scars. Tattoos? Yes he has them, though all of them are reminders of the hard triumphs. All the countries have scars, but allistor's are the deepest. Ragged lines running down his back and torso. People have shied away in disgust when he reveals them. But they make him who he was and is.

Goodmornin' all ye wee little ones

((Its a work in progress...))

Rp anyone?

"Aye stop screamin. I ain't gon drop ye" he said calmly irritated at his baby brother's lack of faith and trust in the scott. He caught the small nation with ease and chuckled, a signature smirk playcating the red-head's lips ((Well hello there, im new and have no idea what im doing. XD jk))

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