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Ramon Valdez  Watercolor artist. Alkaline Trio lover. Lover. Perpetually awkward.

Water park epic fun times. II.

Water park epic fun times. I.

We have an announcement and one of our boys is happy about it. Can't wait to meet our new little one.

After a week of Mondays (so far), you gots to drink your potions. <3 <3 <

I'm not staying up late to watch Drive, you are.

Slowly coming together. When I finally get to painting, I wonder how many more erase lines and sketch marks will be visible.
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It used to be my greatest fear, that when I'm going through someone's profile trying to figure out how I know someone or looking for painting inspiration that I'd actually fat finger double tap someone's picture of their grandparents setting off a long chain reaction of confusion and distrust into the other person wondering why I liked THAT photo. Which has happened 2-3 times.

Decided to take a break from the current painting to start the layout for another one. #art #arte #sketch

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