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Firedaughter Clothing  Just American Dreamin' Over Here ❤️💙


This is my favorite. Instead of paying attention to “friends” who don’t clap for me when I win, this is where I prefer to focus my attention. Do your thing. Dazzle yourself. Drink in the love you receive from those who give it. End of story ❤️ #lovemygirls

We used to feel like Champions when we reached the top of the mountain. Now we feel like Champions when we find a parking spot. Because let’s face it, that’s actually the hard part now 😂

When I went husband-hunting I had just 2 criteria: 1)he had to look fine af in suspenders and 2)he had to drive an old beat-up Land Cruiser like a Real man. As soon as I met James both those boxes were checked and i was all up on him 😂 (please know I never went husband hunting them’s just jokes baby) Happy Valentine’s Day to my hunk and the 2 human babies and 1 fur baby he gave me. And to YOU all 😍 Love love you all!

Gearing up my high school sports mamas is, not secretly, my very favorite thing. I remember when I was young and knew everything and I was like- why are those moms so obsessed with their kids’ sports?? Don’t they have lives of their own?? 😂. Then I became one of those sports moms and damnit if my kids’ sports did become my life, and damnit if I’d trade supporting my kids and cheering for them and the conversations with other moms about our kids, for ANYTHING. And so the start of every season is extra frenetic in the FD shop, and my heart as usual, is full and content, and I am grateful 🖤

Haha yessssss this is how I know I’ve made it!! Have you seen my backyard?!! This is why my husband can/is retiring at 52 in a year and a half- we already have everything we need ❤️ #bigassbackyard #happydog #happykidswhoplayoutside #whatelseisreallyneeded #myhusbandscarwasmadeinthe90sbutwehaveabombasstreehouse #gotourprioritiesstraight 😂❤️

Can you tell Samya is missing her youth?!! Hell has frozen over and I made old school camp ringers!!!! And I’m so excited for the upcoming baseball season, and if your high school kiddos are trying out this week like ours are, good luck to them and YOU, the mamas, the ones who have worked as hard as they have to get them where they are ❤️

What an incredible game! Nothing but intense play and class on both sides- this beautiful game of football at its best ❤️. I have loved this entire season, even without either of my teams making the playoffs. It was full of surprises and passion and Underdogs showing what they’re made of ❤️

when you get to do life with your best friend 💖

T-minus 1.5 hrs til SuperBowl party and just realized I didn’t make myself anything to wear!!! This is. an. emergency fit to unlock the shop on a Sunday for!! 💚🏈💚🏈

There are no words to describe how much I love watching my boy play rugby!! He gets out onto that pitch and is pure 🔥🔥🔥. Over 15 tri’s today and countless tackles and assists, and mommy and daddy are psychos on the sidelines and have no voices 💙. Lovelovelove

Whenever I see those memes where girls talk about their dream of wearing pajamas all day every day. 😂 #livingthedream

These boots tell the story of my life I think. People always laugh when they see them and say Samya buy some f*cking new boots. And obviously I could go buy some new boots but these ones are soooo worn-in and comfy. I love how familiar they are, I put them on and it’s like my blanky from when I was a kid. I don’t know what it is I’m trying to explain. Maybe just that I wish we weren’t such a disposable culture. Embrace the worn sometimes. Everything that glitters is not gold. There’s beauty and comfort in the dull and worn sometimes ❤️

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