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Happy spring, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining. And I am trying to do a hundred things in one day. Can’t wait for summer and time to breathe and catch up on sleep.

Yellow sunlight I miss you today. Extremely tired and achy. Just a “I’m so sad don’t talk to me” day. Ridiculous. What do you do when you’re upset?

Cochlearia danica, Lamium album, Plantago sp, Senecio vulgaris 🌞
pressed these for the herbarium assignment 🌿

New herbarium specimens!! Hoping they press well..

Is it just me or are insects very underrated? Insect populations have declined by 75% (!!!?!) over the past 20 years.
Plants you can easily put outside your door: potted lavender, oregano, thyme and chives 🌿🐝 🌞
Wearing this lovely necklace by @eejewellery reminds me that I want to chose to plant for bees and other insects 🐝

The weather is absolutely lovely and suddenly everything is blooming happily. ✨

Flowers in bloom! Happy moments! Spring you’re such a delight.

My favourite human in the whole world. So glad I met you🌞
thanks for your photo skills dog loving @bbrugola 🐶

It is finally done! To be honest I’ve stopped painting as much and as freely since I started my course. I’ve just been really scared of doing something wrong even though I know I have a lot to learn. It’s just hard when you put so much time into something and all it takes is a quick ‘pass’ aka for me a ‘not good enough’ to make me self conscious. Anyway I’m happy with how this turned out and will try to paint as much as I want to again. ❣️✨ #fiorereart

Bookstore child. The sun makes me feel a bit lighter and motivated. 💫

Noo not another birthday!! I’ve reached the 20th year of my life. How strange. I’m very happy with where I am and hows things are going. Feel very loved and sleepy. Essentially just another day but a nice one I think.

Spring? It’s so nice to see you!
All these little signs of spring time are making me happy. What’s your favourite season? 🌿

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