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fionna ✧  📍 New York

Buzz buzz 🐝
Download @bumble for early access on the new @mejuri honey collection!!! You’ll get 10% off and 10% of the profits will go towards @womenforwomen

What I’m doing this snow day 😌 my body feels so soft now with their body scrub I’m shook #BodyBlendz

Happiest when I’m reunited with milk tea 🤩

Always room for dessert 🤩

Happy about this weather ☺️☺️🍂

Nov 1st 🍂

Teddy coat season 🐻🐻

The ultimate ‘steal your boyfriends clothes’ look

Please let this sweater weather stay for a few more weeks 🙏🏼

When you’re on your way to your dick appointment 🤣💦

Takes way too many pics that the ice cream starts melting

Forgot to fix my pants after trying on shitty overpriced costumes 🙄

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