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{Day sixteen - accent wall} We love a good block of colour to style our rooms!

This is the recently painted feature wall in @benjamin_squire's office. It's a striking sapphire blue, and yet calming at the same time. I think this will be a great room when it's done, especially with all the natural light from the front window.

{Day fifteen - floral fascination} I've noticed that a lot of prints and patterns in our house show up in the bedding (and curtains) as opposed to on the walls.

This beauty is from @dunelmuk and used to adorn the spare bed in our old house. Picture this: white furniture, bright blue feature wall, reversible bedding. Loved that combination. Trying to work out how and where it fits in our new house πŸ€”

Do you layer up prints and patterns in your rooms? What about different colours?

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{Day fourteen - on the floor} There's been some talk recently of us one day having consistent flooring throughout the downstairs.

At the moment, our kitchen has tiles and the rooms either side have hard wood floors/laminate. I'm not sure which side I'm on (excuse the pun!) -- what's your preference?

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{Book club read, done} Enjoyed a lively debate at book club last night after reading #theimmortalists by @chloekbenjamin πŸ“š

If you found out the date you were going to die, how would you react? And would it change how you lived your remaining years? πŸ€”

Book from @kibworthbooks | Book club location @kibworthswan

{Day thirteen - in the pink} After deciding to take our time with the master bedroom, we put our energy into decorating the spare room once we got the keys 🏑

A few weeks of sanding, painting, glossing and we were ready to call the space ours. I knew exactly what colour I wanted and was grateful that Ben didn't laugh me out of the paint aisle when I went for Raspberry Twist.

It's so bright and warming, with white walls and wardrobes as a contrast, and patterned curtains that I can't rave about enough!! What's your lead bedroom colour? πŸŽ¨πŸ–ŒοΈ #myhousethismonth

{Day twelve - basket} Playing serious catch up today, oops! Don't have anything wicker in our house -- not our style really -- so here is my beauty stash basket, full of essentials and lovely miscellaneous things πŸ’•

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{Day eleven - time to unwind} After a rather full on week, I've needed to remind myself to breathe and take time for myself. Helps when you've got a companion like this guy 🐢

Are you enjoying all the #myhousethismonth snaps so far? 🏑

{Day ten - my little corner} As the weeks whizz by, I'm starting to figure out which parts of the house are suitable for what. This is definitely my little corner!

It might not look like much but this corner has most of my essentials for getting ready, as well as my jewellery collection and ~obviously~ a stack of books.

The front spare room is light, bright and perfect for spying on the neighbours whilst straightening my hair πŸ˜† Are you part of your neighbourhood watch?! πŸ˜‰

{Day nine - where we dine} Delayed #myhousethismonth post from yesterday, as we had a lovely evening with friends.

Our current dining situation is either lap trays in the living room (bad habits die hard) or sitting at our table in the kitchen 🍽️ The previous owners used the extension as a dining room (think long table and 10 chairs!) but we're still feeling all the spaces out to work out where to put everything. Plus our simple @ikeauk table would be lost in there right now! How do you feel about dining rooms being at the front of the house? πŸ€”

{Day eight - vintage vibe} Watch out, it's another bathroom πŸ“Έ again for #myhousethismonth πŸ˜†

Although I can't take credit for this space, the bathroom is definitely the most finished room in our entire house. The fixtures and fittings are all in this vintage style; certainly makes a change from our usual modern aesthetic. Probably because we inherited it rather than selecting ourselves! πŸ›€

Is there anything in your house that you've left from previous owners, or is it all you and yours? 🏑

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{Day seven - sofa so good} Is there anything better than getting comfy on the sofa with a good cushion, a blanket (though not in this heat!) and your best dog?

It's about time that @cooper.squire made an appearance as part of #myhousethismonth - he's a huge part of our lives and takes up just as much space as we do!! This πŸ›‹οΈ is from @johnlewisretail and it's still going strong after 5 years, well, just about. There are definitely noticeable bum prints these days πŸ‘

{Long days} In my experience, stress brings on break outs, and boy am I suffering at the minute. Way too much going on 🀯 Time for some me time!

I've gone back to the OG face mask - @elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 🀩 I love it!

You apply a light cover all over, leave for 10-15 mins and then wash off with warm water. Perfect. Use it a few times a week and hopefully you'll feel refreshed like I do πŸ’•

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