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Fiona Staley  cuz can unko dan

sunsets over LA

when ur photographer finally visits so u can post selfies!! ☀️⚡️🐝

my cinnamon apple


tryna stay warm out here

there isn’t a single photo or video to captivate the surreal beauty and energy given off in Hawai’i. i’ve come face to face with my biggest fears, lived all my dreams and achieved every goal i set for myself here. I feel like i’ve grown as much as i possibly could on this island and now it’s time for me to branch off and continue blooming elsewhere. i wish i could share all the love i have with everyone who impacted me and guided me through it all. follow where your heart leads you...💙

the view looked better through my eyes #2dayZ

last three days

i used to hate taking photos of myself but when u have haley to hype u up it’s easy

thinking of bae when this picture was taken

surfing in new york city

rare selfie wearing clothes

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