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Fiona Fuimaono-Ledoux  ✝️❣️Roger🗝👨‍👩‍👧‍👧May the space between WHERE I AM to WHERE I WANNA BE always MOVE ME!⛪️DCCHAWAII👸🏽DOK🔝licensed Primerican for family🙏🏽

Join @i.nib.eenie & me on #dokreeltalk #postgym #ontheroad #freedomfridays as we discuss Proverbs 18 nuggets with u! "A proverb a day keeps the devil away!" It keeps foolishness at bay when we do listen & obey!

Leadership training w/Bronson here at #TeamMana #primerica 👌

How valuable are you? How much value are you constantly creating for yourself to help others? #lp (PC: @kelly.ulu 👌#dokherstory )

#wisdomwednesday #rp "If you're enslaved by greed, you cannot lead." 💣
@johnmaxwellteam In other words, if you're not "losing your life" [investing into others] GIVING yourself or things away -- you will never live a fully abundant or fulfilled life. You'll never be satisfied so long as you KEEP to yourself or have that "scarcity" "limited" "safe" mindset. #takerisks #failforward #flyzone

Walking with the wise & becoming wiser by faith & perseverance (together).

1. ...For the testing of our faith PRODUCES Perseverance! James 1:1-2
2. #thelittletreasures ❤️Blessed because my kids are WARRIORS in the making for Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.
3. #winning #husbandofmyyouth #partnerforlife #bestfriend #loveofmylife #rogertagaloaledoux
4. • 🐌Slow & steady [consistently, sowing seeds & faithfully putting in work in persistence]
WINS the race! •

After they started singing I had to record a little bit of anointed worship led by @itsbeenkunalately @siai.g @paepaeuli @eleitui Thank u fur sharing your hearts of worship with us at @dokworldinc 🔥🙌🏽👌#purposedprocess

#lp #wisdomwednesday "Walk with the Wise and become wise." Yesterday, @dokworldinc Ps @taeaotevaga
we had the honor of Pastor @katinadebbie sharing wisdom about #PurposedProcess our new series we've been on. What a powerful timely Word thank you! And to her lovely daughters & GL684 fam sing worship led by Kuna (we didn't even take a photo together 😁).

What a great way to start the week! Our Sundays are designated for fellowshipping with other believers to continue building a strong Biblical foundation for us as a family & our kids.

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