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I placed that piece of paper there on the floor on purpose - makes the picture look even more professional, don't you think? (and it distracts people from seeing my atrophied calves - thank me later, I know it'd physically hurt looking at them... Same goes for the bags under my eyes)
Top, bag & shoes: @gorillawearusa ❤️
My supplements @bpi_sports_uk 💙
You can get 40% off your whole order at @bpi_sports_uk with my code FBE40 - you have to try their peanutbutter candy bar whey 🤤 (HANDS DOWN the best one I've ever tried)
 #werbung #BPISports #BPIsportsUk #TEAMBPI #BPIUK #BPIAthlete @justin_mr_jt

Let's go and lift some heavy sh*t 🤓
Receiving so many messages atm. asking me if I stopped lifting/reduced my workouts/not doing cardio anymore/and so on..
Guys.. Just because it's not in my story/posts doesn't mean it isn't happening lol
Quite the opposite actually.. The less I post, the more productive I am.. I improved a lot recently, even though I needed to hear that from some people before seeing it myself lol
The WHOLE outfit is from @gorillawearusa - so in love 😂❤️

"Oh wow Fiona, it's so cool you finally started wearing clo..."
*sees bra through top*
"Oh well.. At least you tried"
Joking, not leaving the house like that 😂
Btw.. Girls, am I the only one that somehow always ends up having their whole life in their handbag/sportsbag? 😂 it's crazy how much unnecessary stuff I carry around with my "just in case I need it" 😂
My small tub of ISO HD WHEY from @bpi_sports_uk comes in super handy tho - when I have super long days and didn't prep enough food I always make sure to have it with me 😊
FBE40 for 40% off at #BPIsportsUk (:
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I'm alive guys! Chubby but alive lol
Hope y'all are good?
Changed the way I use/view social media a little.
Trained glutes and hams today - of course I flex my biceps after that 💁🏽‍♀️
Leggins: @gorillawearusa ❤️ the Leggins is so high waisted, I could pull it over my sportsbra 😂 comes in pretty handy when you don't want to show too much skin lol

#tb to me flexing in my Aurora tights and bra from @gorillawearusa 🤷🏽‍♀️
love the details on the back 😳

"Stay the fck away from that tabloid bullshit, reality TV, the news channel feeding your fear and hatred, lulling your unique human consciousness into a materialistic slumber only useful for selfish gain and the aggrandization of the ego which is ultimately an illusion and which will never be satisfied no matter what you buy.
This gratification is and always will be transcient, so don't buy shit you don't need, don't hate people you don't know, ans most importantly, don't spend your precious time on earth consuming garbage styled as entertainment."
-Terence MCKenna
The quote doesn't fit at all, but I had to share it because it's so damn true! So much negativity out there and things that eventually will make you 'stupid'

Best capiton wins a shoutout lol
This is my "I don't know WHAT THE FCK I'm doing here but the picture turned out to be kinda okay" pose ☺️
Drinking my peanutbutter candy bar whey from @bpi_sports_uk of course 💁🏽‍♀️
You can get 40% off your whole order when you click at the link in my bio and enter FBE40 at your checkout ☺️

Lol the quality of this is SO poor, my eyes hurt 😂 I'll definitely get myself a new phone mid 2018 😂🔫
Anyways, just wanted to show of my chest gains real quick💁🏽‍♀️

Melde mich mal wieder auf deutsch bei euch:
Habe vor kurzem @fitmealat für mich entdeckt und dachte, das ganze wäre vielleicht für den einen oder anderen von euch ebenfalls ganz praktisch.
Fitmeal nimmt euch euren mealprep ab und liefert euch fix fertig vorgekochte Mahlzeiten direkt nach Hause (Österreichweit!). Auswählen könnt ihr zwischen verschiedenen Boxen, die von low carb bis hin zu vegan gehen und insgesamt 50 Gerichten (je nachdem was gerade für euch passt). Hab heute gleich als ich die Lieferung erhalten habe mein Beiried mit Brokkoli und Reis verdrückt - perfekte Portionsgröße, super Geschmack und Nährwerte 💁🏽‍♀️
Kann euch nur ans Herz legen das ganze mal zu testen, nimmt einem echt viel Arbeit ab und spart Zeit ein (:
Könnt gern auch meinen Code FIONA5 verwenden um 5% Rabatt zu bekommen (:
Bei Fragen steh ich natürlich gern zur Stelle 🤓
Hoodie: @gorillawearusa ❤️ (yes, it's from their men collection, but I LOVE wearing XXL stuff at home and at the gym lol)

#tbt flexing with my best protein from @bpi_sports_uk 🤓
Tomorrow I'll FINALLY be back in the gym after taking some days off - excited like a child on Christmas lol
And I honestly never thought I'd say that, but I can't wait to get am at 5 am tomorrow to do my cardio 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Get 40%off your whole order at @bpi_sports_uk with my code FBE40 (:
#BPISports #BPIsportsUk #TEAMBPI #BPIUK #BPIAthlete @justin_mr_jt

"Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind."
Been thinking a lot yesterday.
Instagram/Social media fcks us ALL (!!!) up big time!
The constant strive to perform and be "perfect" just takes away the actual possibility to be "perfect" in our own way.
And even if you're not doing it consciously..
You're CONSTANTLY comparing yourself to others..
EVEN THOUGH you're well aware of the fact that most of the stuff here is an illusion.
Sorry, but that's just the way it is and of course I'm not an exception of this.

All this will only distract you from reaching whatever you're trying to reach. And eventually it will make you feel bad. Which is completely stupid because why would you want to spend any second of YOUR time being sad? You'll never get that time back - let that sink in. Every second spent sad is one second closer to death. One wasted second.

Also never forget that you might not be best at something, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, get better at it or be good at something else. Who even said you'd have to be good? What does "good" even mean lol

Stop stressing yourself, enjoy the journey, work hard, try your best to improve and never forget that there are also other things in life (:
Ps.: I'm NOT trying to say that it is wrong trying to look perfect/good in pictures - especially when it comes to Fitness/Bodybuilding stuff - I ENJOY looking at beautiful/good physiques (it's an form of art to me and many other people) and I love posing and creating good pictures.
What I'm trying to say is that the way WE look at it and deal with it is wrong.
Or that, at least, we should overthink and reflect a little from time to time (:

Not sure whether I decided to take a nap whilst taking my pictures or if I'm just too stupid to open my eyes whilst taking a picture of me.. Must be the first one 🤔
How did y'all spend your sunday? I spent mine sleeping 🙂
Sorry for the shitty pic, couldn't find something better lol

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