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Finn  |hey|their|there|they’re| Open mind, to the words presented below

“I sit in disgust as I stare at a screen to read the directions on how this “man” needs my body to look so that he may do what he will to this thing not of his own creation........ why is the way my skin flows not enough for your hands to touch, why is my body not enough for your heart to lay close?...... We have allowed ourselves to become a culture where the way the skin flows, body shapes, and hair sways to be at the utmost importance of the interactions we give...... Can you oh man behind the screen not look at my body, my face, my eyes, my souls and think ‘how beautiful is the way your skin flows, how beautiful are your hands that put my insecurities to dust, how beautiful is your stomach that forms butterflies who bring love to all...’ look no more and Judge, look no more so you can put my body into a box where only some might enjoy. For fuck sake! Close your eyes and look with your hands, maybe then you will see beauty in everything!”- I like em fit (the words spoken by men whose eyes are covered by their own stupidity!

“Listen to the emotion being poured, listen to how he cries out for her through a device only some may call ‘natural’. Listen, oh listen to the way he looks through her eyes into the cave that only she allows him to light. Listen to the way he moves from side to side as he walks to the edges of her walls that she has built. Listen to the way he loves her! Listen to the way he adores her! Listen to him, the lover, the fighter, the man that she swore she’d never love. Do you not hear it? Of course not, you aren’t listening to what he has to say! You’re not listening to the way he writes down his emotion.” - listen

“You linger in my nights were I am at my utmost alone..... You compliment my hair, say my eyes are just too beautiful, and give lectures on why your urge to grab me is so powerful..... OPEN your eyes oh foolish man! Look not at my eyes, nor hair, nor face..... LOOK at ME! Not the appearance this society has deemed acceptable for loving..... let not your eyes guide you into a valley where water is few, and food is scarce! Let not your mind close its doors due to the truths that my body scream once shirts are removed..... let not your heart shrivel at the sight of my exposed bones! Oh you poor man..... oh you poor appearance pleaser”- letter to the man who stares

“Your lips wrapped around mine only to pull me in with hands on the points of my boned waist. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy...... Your mouth moved in ways that made my heart stop, eyes dim, and body freeze. The ease of passion that dripped from your lips left me with such urge for more. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy...... Your eyes looked at me as if calmness were their friend, and beauty was to be their brides. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy...... Your voice clashed into the air only to make love with my ears, the deep twine of your frequencies carried me into the clouds where only God himself could set me down. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy...... You, Oh boy, you! What sweet honey dripped from your lips, what sweet passion rushes out of your heart, Oh boy......”- The boy sitting over there at the table in the corner of the restaurant..... yeah! Him! (Not my photo......)

“The car was ashed from his ‘poetic device’. I began to stare into his eyes and think.... HAH, I laugh in disgust from your pathetic way of speech, as you sit across my space questioning the things that no man has. HAH, I laugh as you sit across my space and ask me to say the words you want, dress the clothes you want, and move my mouth how ever your sexual pleasure may ‘need’. HAH, I laugh in disgust as you sit across from me with your strong hearted heart, and your smile ever so crumbled by lies. HAH, I laugh and laugh at the pain only you can ever experience. I laugh at your control, I laugh at your words, I laugh at you. HAH, I laugh at the way you manipulate, claw, and scratch down my doors. HAH, I laugh at you, for now I am a lion, a beast whose might to live and stay protected is stronger than ever. I laugh at how you think you have control, how you think you own my body like a dog, how you think you can touch me in places where I myself never go, how you think you can be, how you think you are, and how you think you will be. I say this to you oh man with the ashed car, stay back from my doors, stay back from my heart so guarded” -boundaries

“She walked onto stage with her dress long and hair so short. Her mouth began to move as my eyes and ears began to listen, and watch as she spoke moments of her life that brought her to where she is now. As she finished, she looked up...... her mouth was done moving, but my eyes were still fixated. In this moment my mind was in a space so free, it became a meadow where grass was tall, trees were fruitful, and I was there alone sitting and allowing my mouth to move how I wanted. Here in this space I was no longer forced into a box where words were sometimes deemed unusable by society. Now my mouth moved with freedom, with an escape. Now.... my mouth is unchained to walls built by this world.” - Freedom of Speech

“All you do is tare and scratch and kick with claws so strong...:.. All you do is feed my fear of you so strong I am but a piece of trash you so gently ruined, with your hands ever so wide and black........ your hands still choke even with a distance so vast....... WHY do you torture me as if I were a dog biting your skull for freedom. WHY do you lay here mad? WHY do you say you love me, but once doors close, the love is gone and my heart is left abandoned in snow, cold, and hard.......... YOU tare me down with ease. YOU tare down only when she doesn’t look, only when she doesn’t breathe” - no title

“A new chapter began. A new chapter full of things so unknown, things that make feelings lose their grip and give power back to the humans so deserving. she gave these things to stand, and grow into a boy no longer kept hostage by gifts of insecurity, or times of drowning. I swim, I fly, I breathe with nothing holding me down like bricks on walls. She gave and poured and watched, as her heart rejoiced. I never knew of such self worth, self love, and self peace. So I say thank you to the soul brightener, and love giver.” - a story of change through the heart of friend so pure

“I am who I am, and I am who me and I are. My heart, my passions are mine and mine and I are. My love for those deemed unlovable is for me and me and I are. You sit with your deemed lovable loves and wonder why, ME, a man of love, joy, talents, happiness, and god should reach for your ways, should follow YOUR heart, YOUR attractions, and YOUR qualities deemed right by YOUR opinions. HAH, you must not have read above to see that I am who I am, and I am who me and I are.” - A boys realization of his own deemed lovable loves

“What voice do I have in a crowd so vast, so wide, so pure. What voice do I have in my own life. What voice is that speaking behind the curtain of my mind saying: ‘don’t touch, don’t feel, your ATTRACTION is all that you are’. What love is out there for the one like me who ATTRACTS others of a kind so pure in heart breaking. What voice is mine, What voice is theirs? What voice is his?”- the boy trapped in this worlds web of a hell...... Yes HELL Pic: @isabxel

“There she was, with a smile so bright and a grin so deep. But that was all a mask, a cover, a shield of protection. The mask was for emotion she never was able to give, the cover was to hide the bruises, cuts, chains, and hands that choked, and damages the wings she needed to fly. The shield Was for the others, the people that she had to keep away, not for her own good but for his. This little bird never flew and never chirped, she protected, shielded and covered what he wrecked. This bird, is what saves, this bird is what heals, and this bird is what freedom from death looks like. We all need a little bird in our lives” - the bird of salvation, love, and freedom