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Hey everyone!! As some of you may already know, in 2 weeks from tomorrow Me and a group of teens from my church will be heading to Portugal! There we will be working along side Word Of Life Portugal, with them we will be helping with the local churches VBS program, doing a property project, and as well as going out to the city and sharing the gospel! Of course to be able to get there I need your help! How can you help? Well if you look above at the picture, you see my Adopt a box. All you do is pick a box (each box = a $ amount), and DM which box you picked! My grand total is $2300, As of right now I need $460 to be able to go! If you have any questions please feel free to DM me!

Hey everyone! This is just an update on my Adopt a Box and a reminder it’s not to late to give! If you want to know more Info about what this is, take a look at my most recent post, and of course you can DM or PM any questions you have!

Hey everyone! Some of you know, but some of you don’t, but This coming March 29th - April 7th I will be taking a mission trip with some other teens from my church to Ramada, Portugal to work with a ministry called “Word of Life”. With them we will be helping with the local churches VBS program and also going into the town of Ramada and sharing the gospel! Of course to be able to get there I need help, so I have created an “Adopt a Box”. Through this adopt a box it makes it so much easier to give, all you have to do is pick a box of your choice (each box represents a dollar amount)! So let’s say you pick the box number 8, you would be giving $8! That simple! Thank you for whatever you may be doing to help! I’m am very grateful! DM if you have ANY questions and as well to talk about how you can help! Thank you so much!


““Goodbye to a time of unspoken thoughts, but of written down times. Goodbye to the behind and hello to the front, no more sting, no more urge, we are done here forever more. Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye” - the end of a long story that has taken place in hearts of love, in hearts of pain and anger, in hearts of selfish narcissism, in hearts of abuse, in the hearts of many more things done to the poor soul struggling for his light at the end of the tunnel. His wish is for that light to be ever so much more than the light at the end but the light right there. He says Goodbye to you all, and wishes his heart could still be with, but now it’s no more. Goodbye”- the Goodbye letter of a past him


“To this year of ups and downs I say farewell, goodbye to another space of time that has been full of fake laughs and real tears. I say hello to my new heart that is being formed through the one I call I am. A new beginning to a long story set in the Provence of space full of fruits that are full of smiles and joy. So I say again to you, Happy new year, to my loves, my joys, and my people” - A man saying goodbye to his old year of time.

“Rusted from pain, colored in a color oh so grey, the birds cage is all that’s left of the dark room. None to be seen or heard for help. He is alone, without hope, Love, Joy, and a sense of peace. for any moment the brother may return. •
The marks so prevalent, are from the brothers gruesome pluck, a pluck so constructing that death itself is ever so afraid. PLUCK for personality, PLUCK for color, PLUCK for flight, PLUCK for happiness, PLUCK for being a chirp in the quiet life. •
Within in time the plucks stop as the cage is opened, after time oh so long freedom is so close yet so far away. For there is still a space between swing and door. Still broken and pained by the brothers pluck, he sits and waits for his wings to spread.” - the photo of a bird trapped in a cage of destruction

Isn't God just so amazing? He created those skies, and that water. What a God we worship and what a God we have to call our father! My heart is overflowing with such sweet happiness and just peace about everything. He's showed me today how he has a plan and that plan is PERFECT! God is SO good and God is SO great.

"Heart ache, the feeling of such sorrow, and emptiness. Disgust, an adjective used for the ugliest of things. Empathy, the feeling given to the families of lives lost. Shame of a country, of a people, of a world." - A view of an American devastated by the actions of ignorance

"Contentment, a feeling of such sweet fullness, joy, and peace. brought from the ones I love, and cherish the most. What a wonderful thought of mind to be surrounded by the friends who are there no matter what." - A quote from a book about a teen who goes on adventures with his friends of new

"Feelings of such sweet sorrow looking back at the place where my heart resides, and to the memories of ache, I say hello again as I once did. What a time of soul finding was ironically brought by the sorrowing mans grip of despair." - I don't even know, something sad, depressing, yet ironically good