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Isn't God just so amazing? He created those skies, and that water. What a God we worship and what a God we have to call our father! My heart is overflowing with such sweet happiness and just peace about everything. He's showed me today how he has a plan and that plan is PERFECT! God is SO good and God is SO great.

"Heart ache, the feeling of such sorrow, and emptiness. Disgust, an adjective used for the ugliest of things. Empathy, the feeling given to the families of lives lost. Shame of a country, of a people, of a world." - A view of an American devastated by the actions of ignorance

"Contentment, a feeling of such sweet fullness, joy, and peace. brought from the ones I love, and cherish the most. What a wonderful thought of mind to be surrounded by the friends who are there no matter what." - A quote from a book about a teen who goes on adventures with his friends of new

"Feelings of such sweet sorrow looking back at the place where my heart resides, and to the memories of ache, I say hello again as I once did. What a time of soul finding was ironically brought by the sorrowing mans grip of despair." - I don't even know, something sad, depressing, yet ironically good

I'm already missing the bestest best friend anyone could ask for! Thanks for all the laughs and good memoriesβ€οΈπŸ’©

"Adventure is grabbing onto my poor and broken soul. But broken is no thing to regard in the eyes of the great adventure herself, for she is too glorious of a captivator for the thought of brokenness or lower class. She is a thrill in vaines that can not be compared to any other likeness, adventure is all a man needs to fulfill his soul, wether he be in great valor or in great cowardice she calls and calls to his soul."- the Old mans wisdom of adventure

"What sweet joy in heart, does the mother bring. For all life is brought through her and her alone. she is protector, provider, fighter, and lover of all darlings. What sweet joy and love is she that I call mom, and what great happiness she brings to my day. oh how I love my mother. Through days of corruption, there, she, brings light and comfort to her darlings, through Great Depression she is there to be a guide of truth. Oh mother how you are loved, oh mother what great beauty you are, oh mother what a mother you are. So I bid thee a final time, I love you mother" - The mothers son, gives his thanks to she, who saved his life from brokenness.

WE ARE FREE! Thanks to our lord and savior we have freedom from our sins through Christ! What a great God and father we serve! Am I right?!?

"Oh how I love the life bringing season, It fills the earth of darkness with rays of light, bringing death to its distraction, bringing death to its external end. Oh how I love the life bringing season full of blossoms and color, full of happiness and joy that could bring a room to light. Oh how I love the life's bringing season." - written by the mad man in a madhouse, for his thoughts are always this way so is it really a life bringing season? Or his is just mad?

TAY TAYZEL! I wish you the HAPPIEST of birfdays! I couldn't have been blessed with a more godlier and AWESOMER mejor amiga! Thanks for all the fun times and great adventures we go on, and thanks for always being there when I need someone the most, and continuing to be a bright light for lord! Oh and also I think you should come back from Texas so we can pig out on ice cream and watch movies πŸ™ƒπŸ‘ I love you and miss you, have a happy stinkin birthday!!πŸ˜†πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

"WHY do I have to conform to your ways for acceptance? WHY can't I be who I want without you judging? WHY can't I change? WHY can't I leave my past behind and make a future? You world of fake acceptance WHY do you preach on love and acceptance when you are a hypocrite of many ways, you are a lie and true enemy of me. Your sermons of acceptance are fake for I have seen that your ways are only for those that conform to you. So world of lies and fake acceptance I leave you and part from your disgusting joke of acceptance. Goodbye you evil lier." - The Kid who wants to break away

"Ugh! Sweet love, you kill so I kill, you take so I take, Im again entangled in the rotting cell, but funny enough this cell has me rejoicing and making a mockery of myself. Instead of death and sorrow that is being wished upon myself it is a wanting for your rotten bars, and cold air to keep me company. I yearn for the day I die in your arms of gold for I know then that once death approaches me I can leave this forsaken earth of wonderers and fools, joyous and alive. Goodnight my sweet love that is out there, goodnight my sweet half of soul" - the hopeless romantic presented by a new perspective of his life

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