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Finn Harries  Passionate about design, architecture and the environment. 🌱

We’ve just launched our new short film with WWF! The Kingdom tells the story of Sonam Phuntsho, a Bhutanese forest caretaker who has planted more than 100,000 trees by hand. It’s a positive environmental story that explores how one person can make a difference in a great big world. Click the link in my bio to watch it. We’re sharing a behind the scenes film on JacksGap later today. 👊🏼🌱

I’m excited be able to share more on this collaboration. MINI LIVING is a research project, exploring how the creative use of space can support our cities and the people that live in them. We’ve been working together over the last year but things get real next year with a permanent space launching in Shanghai. Stay tuned for more! #MINI #MINILiving #BigLifeSmallFootprint #Advertisement

Parsons School of Design sometime last year. I’ve been catching up with old professors recently, updating them on what I’ve been up to since I graduated. It’s crazy how quickly time has passed. Over the last couple of months I’ve been settling back into London and beginning work on two new design projects. I’ve also recently applied to study my masters of architecture in London next year. I’m excited to share more soon! ✍🏼🏢 Photo by @mitchellphun

The Choose Love store has opened for another year in London! The concept is brilliant. It’s the worlds first store that sells real products for refugees. You come in, make a purchase such as a blanket or a sanitary kit and that money goes to buy one of those items for a refugee, supported by Help Refugees. If you’re in London come down. It makes a great gift for family and friends. You get a little card to say what you bought on their behalf. Jack and Alice are volunteering in the store today!

The revolution will be Instagrammed! Here’s a summary from Rebellion Day last week. Thank you to everyone who took part 🌍🙌🏼 Find out more @extinctionrebellion. Cinematography by Sam Davis and Louis Hollis.

This is Tomás. He’s one of the people who decided to give up their Saturday and join the protest today after seeing our call out on Instagram. This movement relies on all of us to get active and organize. Change only happens when a critical mass unite under a common goal. Get involved. 🙌🏼

We came. We saw. We conquered. 🌍 Today was INCREDIBLE. Thousands of people gathered to occupy five bridges across London. We stood in solidarity to demand action on climate change. Check out @extinctionrebellion to find out more.

Earlier this year I travelled to Beijing to visit the Urban Cabin. I’m fascinated by these conceptual spaces because they’re designed to explore alternative possibilities for living in the city. The next stop is Shanghai where the concept becomes reality in the first built project launching in 2019! I’m excited to share more soon. Photo by the brilliant @thismintymoment #MINI #MINILiving #BigLifeSmallFootprint #Advertisement

My very talented friend and collaborator @timtothewild has released his short film from our trip through Asia. Click the link in my bio to watch it!

Last night we joined WWF for the annual State of the Planet Address and a preview of the new ‘Our Planet’ series with David Attenborough and Netflix. 🌍
By the end of the evening I felt full of hope. Despite the challenges we face, the speakers throughout the evening pointed out that we are making progress! We have never been so well informed and so well equipped to embark on the transition that is required. Professor Johan Rockström talked about the need for ‘Biosphere Stewards’ to make sure we don’t cross the ‘Planetary Boundaries’ that science has so clearly defined. Whether we like it or not that falls to us and our generation. We have no choice but to rise up to that challenge!

Arctic Architecture | This image was taken in 2015 during our trip with WWF to record the affects of increasingly warmer summers on the Greenlandic ice sheet and the surrounding sea ice. I’m standing on the edge of Jakobshavn Isbrae, one of the fastest retreating glaciers in Greenland. We spent the night here listening to the eerie cracking sound as huge chunks of ice broke off and crashed into the water below. In two weeks Jack and I are taking to the streets of London in another act of civil disobedience to demand greater action from our political leaders on our rapidly changing global climate. If you’re reading this then you have the capacity to take action too. You have a voice. Use it. On December 3rd, leaders from across the world will gather in Katowice, Poland for COP24 to discuss their commitments to climate change. Let’s make sure they know what’s at stake. If you live in the UK, you can join Jack and I in protest. Look up ‘Extinction Rebellion’ online. Time is up. We need to act now. 🌍 @jackharries @timtothewild

We’re outside the British Houses of Parliament campaigning for immediate action on climate change. Watch my story for more information. Look up ‘Extinction Rebellion’ to get involved. We don’t have anymore time to waste. 👊🏼🌍

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