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Fink  All pix from the band.

This week’s instalment starts all ambient with @kellymoran__ and @olafurarnalds then new Goat and Esben and the Witch muscle their way in, @aleladiane bliss-folks me out, my original dub heroes Smith & Mighty dub me all over Bristol town and we end with a classic cut from Brainfeeder's X comp - MONO/POLY... Link in bio.

So much in my ears this week - definitely gone down a major indie rabbit hole with Mountain Movers, Paul Jacobs and @hookworms_vevo a classic from Larry Heard aka MR Fingers and a cut from one of the most anticipated records of the year - @rosalia.vt - link in bio...

Sometimes the postman gets it sooooo right !!! #frankmiller #thomyorke

West Cornwall is the best ... had such a lovely weekend - empty beaches and pasty-in-a-bag joy

Additions to the “ears”
Playlist (link in bio) up ... I DJd at a bar this weekend, so it’s pretty varied - Sisters, Pil, Moderat, Shackleton, Bowie , Howlin Wolf and Good Morning all jostle for your attention ...

Went to two of the best gigs of the year this weekend - ÄTNA on Friday at Silent Green, and these two crazy cats IBEYI on Sunday night - truly inspiring uplifting vibez....

This week it's been all about @thiswilldestroyyoumusic, the new @ryx @cigsaftersex with some rare groove from Idris Muhammad, classic angularity from @esgtheband and the sound of the desert from Les Filles de Illighadad... Link in bio

What’s In My Ears is a rolling playlist on @spotify of what I'm listening to at the moment - records I find on the road, in the numerous nooks and crannies of my collection that make it onto the turntable, and cool tracks that bump into me as I live a life in music....I used to have a radio show, now I have a playlist - it's the future, now ;)
This week, as it's the first week, I'm just dumping all my current faves in the list, including some obscure awesomeness from Tsunamis, west country legends @beakbristol some oblivion courtesy of @blisssignal and a guilty pleasure from @lanadelrey - I'll update the list again next week. Link in bio

Also found this in the same shop ... I feel a new hobby coming on ... #thereelness

Crate digging the other day in Berlin - stumbled accross this - proof that when your design team run out of ideas for album covers there is always the “draw a face on a balloon” strategy

In case you missed my post from Tuesday, we also put together a mixtape of our current vibes - which Vakant have put on their soundcloud for your streaming pleasure - Hob Digay arrives in  blizzard of delays around the 26 minute mark ;) Link in bio. #mixtape #quantumentanglement #vakantrecords

I occasionally dabble in the electronic - it's an itch I need to scratch from my years of DJ-ing I think - my side project QE, which I do with a friend here in Berlin, has a new track on a cool comp called Tenacity, celebrating ten years of the Berlin Record Label's sonic feel free to check it out, and as Altern8 said back in the day, "watch yer bass bins I'm tellin ya" Link in bio. #hobdigay #quantumentanglement #fink