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Fink  All pix from the band.

In case you missed the post last week... there's only a few days left for you to order your personalised hand-written lyric sheet for Valentine's Day. Link in bio

What's In My Ears this week welcomes in the new year with a mixture to cleanse the palette after all that Christmas stuff - my first record store visit of the year was apparently the oldest record store in the UK - a really cute little place called @recordalbumuk. I used to hang out here a little when I lived in Brighton and chat away to the old boy who ran it when I had time to kill waiting for the train up to London, as it's right next to the station. So as I was in Brighton this weekend I thought I'd pop in and say hi, and enjoy a warm little shop filled with discoveries... talking of which - what's in my ears - new discoveries for me -  @lowly, @stelladonnelly, and @tiny_ruins, with some electronica from Primer and @mmphsounds, our pals @suuns_mtl (who were simply epic this summer) and the obligatory Saharan nugget this week from Ahmoudou Madassane... link in bio

We thought we'd try something for Valentine’s day as, after all the enforced gift fatigue of Christmas, V-day just kinda jumps you and you've got to go through that whole "what do I get them now" bullshit... I was thinking that if my wife's favourite artist would write out the lyrics to her favourite song - man - that would be perfect.. so although it won’t sort ME out, it might sort YOU out this year. We’re offering a limited run of 50 hand written lyrics to a Fink song of your choice dedicated to someone. If you don't get through this time - maybe we'll do it every year... Valentine’s Day sucks - so at least in our small way we're trying to make it less sucky ;) link in bio

This week it's a special playlist - many of us of a certain age I suspect were given the gift of the Beasties Book for Christmas - and it is amazing - the pictures painted of early eighties New York, punk, and then the explosion of Hip Hop are just fantastic... Licensed To Ill, their first album, was the first album I actually bought - and although it is very much a moment in adolescent time - it's still an important record... in the book they talk about this club Dancetaria and include a playlist of big tracks from right before they began their journey into Hip Hop that they partied to regularly in the club - so I made it into a playlist - and it really is a cool snapshot of 1983 New York...
Here's a picture of the book - and the record I bought in my school uniform with pocket money all those years ago...
We'll get back to normal next week - but for now - Dancetaria in 1983 ;) link in bio

I promise to stare at more carpets in 2019 ;)

This week my ears have been full of deliciously clean electronica as I struggle to find a moment's peace in all the seasonal noises - with a few nods to the past - "Switch" from @siouxsie.thebanshees , from a record that I read that John Peel played in its entirety on his radio show in 1979 upon receiving a copy - and a classic d&b tune that I've been routing around my collection trying to find after hearing it on Nick Hopner's solidsteel mix a few months ago by Photek - a peice of vinyl that is now a shocking 22 years old... link in bio

My ears were full of some fantastic new music this week - afro, retro, electro, psycho, acid-o, @alicephoebelou - anything you can "o" I'm down with... Link in bio.

As the Best-ofs flow like Gluhwein I get introduced to loads of stuff I missed in the year - some great left-field moments this week from @thekvb, Low, Skee Mask, Mala Fama, @boyharsher and the latest on Aus Records - @cinthie_dj ... link in bio

This week we begin in Mali, swing by @khruangbin’s christmas wonderland, then get all electronic with and Penya, and finish with our friend @sophiehunger’s cracking track "I Opened A Bar" - living the dream ;) Link in bio

This week my ears have had the pleasure of the company of Oneohtrix, Big Red Machine, Goat Girl, Deena Abdelwahed and the super-epic Gum Takes Tooth... link in bio

One of the best ever issues of the awesome magazine Lodown - if you see it - grab it - it’s been my metro companion for weeks ....

This week’s instalment starts all ambient with @kellymoran__ and @olafurarnalds then new Goat and Esben and the Witch muscle their way in, @aleladiane bliss-folks me out, my original dub heroes Smith & Mighty dub me all over Bristol town and we end with a classic cut from Brainfeeder's X comp - MONO/POLY... Link in bio.

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