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Fink  All pix from the band.

Also found this in the same shop ... I feel a new hobby coming on ... #thereelness

Crate digging the other day in Berlin - stumbled accross this - proof that when your design team run out of ideas for album covers there is always the “draw a face on a balloon” strategy

In case you missed my post from Tuesday, we also put together a mixtape of our current vibes - which Vakant have put on their soundcloud for your streaming pleasure - Hob Digay arrives in  blizzard of delays around the 26 minute mark ;) Link in bio. #mixtape #quantumentanglement #vakantrecords

I occasionally dabble in the electronic - it's an itch I need to scratch from my years of DJ-ing I think - my side project QE, which I do with a friend here in Berlin, has a new track on a cool comp called Tenacity, celebrating ten years of the Berlin Record Label's sonic feel free to check it out, and as Altern8 said back in the day, "watch yer bass bins I'm tellin ya" Link in bio. #hobdigay #quantumentanglement #fink

This one is a lovely version - you can't see Nicky build all of the electronic beats live - but he does, every night - and this one at Sziget is a cracker... Link in bio #sziget2018 #fallintothelight #fink #summerfestivals

Sziget is honestly one of the best festivals on the planet - I think this was our third time on the amazing a38 stage and I wouldn't want to play anywhere else - this was the 10th gig in 11 nights - so we gave it everything we had left in the tank... Link in bio #sziget2018 #pilgrim #finkmusic #festivaltour2018

We opened the set with this one at DTRH - we wanted to kinda get in the groove, get everyone else in the groove, and just ease into the set - it's deep - and sometimes starting with this one is a bit of a risk - but we want to kinda put out there that this set will be organic and we'll let the tracks breathe y'know... link in bio. #resurgam #fink #downtherabbithole #finklive

Always a great work out for us at festivals - LTC has grown and grown, wider and louder... whilst on tour it hit the 40 million mark on @spotify - which is kinda mind blowing for us... it's one we always look forward to getting to in the set... link in bio. #fink #downtherabbitholefestival #lookingtooclosely

DTRH was one of our first festivals of the season - it was a glorious day and we were on mid-afternoon - and it amazing - we loved it - and Warm Shadow just felt great from the first note... link in bio. #warmshadow #fink #downtherabbithole2018

It didn’t really feel like the tour was over until I got back yesterday – and I could put my washbag in the bathroom where it will sit for a while – I’ll unpack it in a few days – it takes a few to kinda believe there isn’t another flight, or another gig, or soundcheck, or double cross-load into a field somewhere… but there isn’t – I don’t need a dinner token to eat dinner – I can use a bathroom, a real one, whenever I like and I don’t have to queue for it – I don’t have to brush my teeth in a moving bus with sparkling water because all the still water has been earmarked, fairly, for the coffee machine… but on the other hand, I don’t get to play for all the amazing and wonderful people I have played for over the past 3 months – and I miss it already… I miss making people happy…. We know you have choices at festivals, some really hard ones, but we thank each and everyone of you who chose us... it means a lot to us… you can’t help feeling proud when thousands of people choose you over someone else, and when you look up at the end of the show, they’re still there… thanks…to all the promoters, festival staff, hard working crew, handlers, drivers… and thanks, to you, for making festivals what they are…. F

Saw a screener of this awesome doc this week .... deep, concise and insightful history of one of my favourite bands ... amazing to fall into Lydon’s chaotic world for a few hours - congrats Abramorama on another amazing doc .... #thepublicimageisrotten #pil #abramorara

My VIP Remix of “I Wanna Run” by @kitheory is in @kin ! - link in bio

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