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DJ FINGAZ  20+Yrs/ 59 countries / dj / producer / 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲 • THE MONEY MACHINE • @fabricali ™/ #djfingaz / 🐻🎵🎹✈️🌎💱🛂📍 ⬇️LINKS / PRESS KIT / SHOP / VIDEO & MORE

It wasn’t luck that got me here... It was hustle!
I’m so humbled to be doing what I love still for over 20 years and I didn’t stay doing this because im lucky!
It’s still all hustle, humility, consistency, talent and of course my extreme good looks 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 I am thankful for the people that book me and believe in me still with only having 9000 Instagram followers 😂
Things don’t happen by chance!
It’s there for anybody that’s willing to put in the work.

And please all you fake “Dj Fingaz” stop using my hashtag! There is only ME 🖕🏼 #djfingaz

Back in my 3rd home of Thailand !
Kicking off the “More Good Luck” Tour
Tonight in Bangkok @levelsbangkok
#djfingaz #asia #BKK

Was dope running into my boy @travismills at the airport and also meeting another young talent @smokeasac !
Continued success to these young talents.
Now off to Asia ! #djfingaz

Found some Raw footage from Hip Hop Al Parque in Bogota Colombia ! @hiphopalparqueoficial
This was My fist festival I ever played in 2003, around 20,000 people.
It’s cool that it still goes on today even bigger and better.
And When you talking San Diego, Put my name in the convo.

I need some super Street swag on this. 🔥 #djfingaz .
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20+ years Full Time, 5 passports, 59 countries !
I have never had an Agent, Manager or Assistant.
I’m Not only DJing but,
Videos / film & edit
Marketing / Grafix
Tour logistics / Routing
Music Production ..... •
👉🏼Tag another DJ like me. I’ll wait ....

I mean really this is getting out of hand.
I think it’s so dope when a female DJ knows her shit! There are some really good female DJs that wear cloths and they don’t have to show their tits and ass to get booked. ( but they are still HOT ) well some ... 😂

But now days all the Models are trying to be DJs and DJs are all trying to be models !
The connection to the music and respect for the craft is really void. It’s now basically just a popularity contest for likes.
A lot of you female Djs need to spend more time trying to be good and less time trying to be popular.
Throw on a shirt and practice counting beats and bars! This goes for some of you Male DJs as well ! 😂
This is in NO WAY a bash on woman that DJ. It’s my opinion about Woman that can’t DJ without being half naked. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Your welcome ♥️

I’ll be that Lap you can cry on girl.
Happy Hump Day. 😊
#itsnotme #djfingaz .

One of my all time favorite producers is for sure @rickrockbeats ! So I’m sure at times my ear is influenced by him. I’ve had the pleasure to know him and work with him 20 years now. .
#go .
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Saturday Vibes.
I really want to work with @dopeitsdom
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Friday night In October vibes. 💀🔪
Who’s killing this one !?? .
#go #djfingaz
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This shit always happens.... it's January and then BAM ! October Happens! haha

Well I'm finishing the 4th quarter in this order.
San Diego
Los Angeles
Bangkok Thailand
Koh Samui Thailand
Taipei Taiwan
Kaohsiung Taiwan
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Phnom Penh Cambodia
Hong Kong
Shenzhen China
Tokyo Japan
San Diego
New York City NY
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Bali Indonesia
Hong Kong
More TBA
Hello 2019.....

#djfingaz #global

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