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DJ FINGAZ🤘🏼👨🏻🤘🏼  www.DJFINGAZ.com -60 COUNTRIES 🛂🚀🌎💱 -HMC + LUC BELAIRE 🅱️🅱️🅱️ -Producer / DJ / Designer -www.fabricali.com ™ ➕FREE PORN⬇️


Do you want to build a snowman.....⛄️
Catch me tonight @beautyandessexnyc

If you talk less...They’ll be more anxious to hear you speak.
#djfingaz x #fabricali x 👑🐻

Where you think I got it from!
My mommy was super fly.
#tbt #mommyFingaz ❤️
#detroit #singer

This day in History
February 14th 1975
A legend was born #djfingaz
@williamhouseman ❤️👑👶🏻

My birthday is tomorrow ❤️(ladies please see last photo)
-Also upcoming dates:
Los Angeles
San Diego
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Pattaya, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Taichung, Taiwan
Phuket, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Yangon, Myanmar
Mandalay, Myanmar
More TBA....
#djfingaz #fabricalifornia tour
#asia #dj #global #hmcboyz

Orange you glad it’s the weekend? 🤣
Tonight I’m rocking @momsbarla with @djbossanova 🍊🐻👑 #djfingaz #fabricali

The actual Tesla Astronaut was the fabricali bear!
Order Yours Today!
#fbca #fabricali #westcoast 🐻🚀

Lil Eric, Lil fingaz, Lil Jon & Lil five At a Lil get together in LA
@headlinermusicclub @ericdlux @djfive @liljon #djfingaz #liljonalive #hmcboyz

I can set it off anywhere, anytime, any club & any country! 💥
Info@djfingaz.com —————————
👉🏼full video link in Bio
#djfingaz #djlife #dj #worldwide #headlinermusicclub

Hello Weekend 😊

#djfingaz x @xzibit @liltunechi @bustarhymes @diddy @z_trip @ericdlux @tooshort @e40 @dmx @mitchyslickwrongkind #tbt
I started from a passion and a dream.... I’ve worked with the greats
20+ years 50+ countries #hiphop

Never forget why you started.
How you started. & who helped you get there.
Lights, Camera, ALL action !

Fabricali tees back in stock.
Get 31% OFF when you spend $100 or more.
Use promo code: FBCA31
At check out!
www.fabricali.com @fabricali
#westcoast #fabricali 🐻💎💰

My first cellphone had a carry case with a big ass battery ! Monthly service fee + $3.99 min for calls.
Flashback #fingaz

A little “Mega Super turn up After Movie Feature Release “ 😂
I mean a clip of my doing what I do! It Was nothing but great vibes in Weston Super Mare UK 🇬🇧 Thanks Hub City.
@hubcityhq #djfingaz

Accurate. 💩

Excited to be back in the US and in Park city this weekend with @briskoner !
Then I’m going to disconnect and take a month off from DJing to focus on other things. #djfingaz

I took the High speed railway, turned up at Icon club, made an appearance at Rainbow Village & scared people with some weird mask 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
And I want to share it with you All. #djfingaz

Randomness in Taiwan....
I don’t even know what day it is 🤣
#taipei #taichung

Today I went swimming.....
Took über moto to lunch and a Tuk Tuk to dinner.
So I wanted to share it with you all. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
#bangkok #djfingaz

I do everything based on feeling and vibes.
My intuition has always served me well.
I’m a very positive and optimistic person with a huge heart, compassion and empathy for humans but that doesn’t mean I have to reserve any amount of space in my heart for everyone or am I obligated to show love to everyone or everything. I see a lot of people saying I love you all. Love. Love love. Spread love...
Fuck that! I don’t love you all! I don’t even like most of you...I give everyone a certain level of human respect but why would I waste my love and energy on you.? Just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean we have beef or I have hate for you or wish you bad. I don’t let any built up negativity occupy my life, I simply just don’t care about you or what you do...Or what you have...Etc ... AT ALL. I just think most of you move funny so I moved right out of your way.
You can’t force love to exist where it doesn’t. In the same way you cant denny it when it does.
I go Strictly on feelings, intuition, actions and vibes.
How did you make me feel... or how do you treat others around you.
I can see right through anyone’s fake bullshit because Energy doesn’t lie!
I didn’t need you in 2017 and still won’t need you in 2018, 19 or 2020 ( ok maybe 2021 😂 )
Enjoy your 2018! “Love” William ❤️

I just want a woman that looks at me the way Ali looks at me 🐒🤷🏻‍♂️😂 #2018Goals

Love to everyone that supports me and fuck everyone that doesn’t ❤️ #djfingaz

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