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To all the people who call suicides cowards... First off, anytime you talk about something that you know nothing about you come off as completely ignorant and all around a judge mental jerk. Depression is a disease, a brain disorder, not a chosen state of mind, it's a chemical in balance in your brain that makes you feel sadness on a level most can't comprehend, and a lot of the time the depressed individual cannot even understand themselves where the sadness comes from... other times the sadness or depression comes from a lifetime of abuse or a long trail of trumatic experiences that maybe the individual didn't deal with or couldn't comprehend at the time therefore it haunts them daily... either way their experiences are exactly that, they are THEIR experiences the way they feel is how THEY feel, and the only way you'll understand it is if you ask questions and actually listen with an open mind. But sometimes a depressed person reaches a point where they feel like they have no way out... imagine being in pain hurting inside all the time while everyone else around you seems happy and they think everything's OK... it can intensify the depression greatly, standing in a crowd of happy people, all having a good time, smiling, laughing, chatting, all the while this individual with depression stands there in their own head, wondering, "what's wrong with me? Why can't I be like them?" Imagine someone had cancer, but maybe they didn't tell anyone, and they went to chemo, they did all their treatments but yet they were still in pain and the cancer was still winning, they were still living quietly in pain... depression is very much like that, maybe it's not on the surface, maybe you can't see it, just because you can't see it in an X-ray or a cat scan doesn't mean it's not there... Anyway, what if that person with the cancer decided they don't want to feel that pain anymore... they can't find any way to carry-on so they commit suicide, and their pain is over... and afterwards you find out they had cancer. So, to people that call suicides cowards, i ask you to contemplate that, (continued in next comment)

"Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there..." The pain others feel is real, and when you have depression you cannot even pin point why the sadness is there, and depression rarely takes a day off... so we push through the days, with hope, hope that there will be less sadness tomorrow, but for some it consumes them to the point where there is no more light... I personally don't have many friends, and for the past 26 years I've found friends and comfort in music, the songs mean more to me than almost anything, because I not only understand them, it always made me feel like I wasn't alone. Loosing #ChrisCornell in May... it effected me in a profound way, his music helped me through some of the hardest parts of my life, and this morning we lost #ChesterBennington ... and once again, I feel like I got the wind knocked outta me... sadness on a level I understand all too well...I'm sorry Chester... I'm sorry you couldn't push through another day, I'm sorry you couldn't see the light anymore... my most sincere condolences to both his wives and 6 children... I wish all these great men could've stayed, but sometimes no matter what, you just can't keep them here... #RIP #depression #depressionisreal #suicide #resteasy #linkinpark #onemorelight πŸŒ„

If anyone has wondered why I don't post much anymore it's mostly because I'm always posting stuff on my other page @fingerscrossed4moto . Life's been pretty busy this year and I've had less and less time to shoot anything, especially my 911, but I ride my #xsr900 everyday and usually stop long enough for a iPhone shot here and there. Give my other page a look see if you feel so inclined . ✌🏼 #motolife #yamaha #caferacer #livetoride #getoutside #goexplore #goride

Still here... occasionally taking pictures... #porsche #porsche996 #porsche911 #carrera4s #flatsix #widebody #getoutanddrive #eGarage

Favorite flannel, favorite pants, favorite car, favorite dog... 😊 #PorschesAndPuppies
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An oldie but a goodie from one of my many trips to @porschesandiego when one of the first #porsche #991 #GT3 had just arrived for us all to see. βœ¨πŸ“· #rebelrookphotography #porsche911 #porschegt3 #porsche991 #eGarage

"If you need to, keep time on me.... when I need to, I'll keep time in you...." #fleetfoxes #inthistogether #bestthingthateverhappenedtome #sunsets #musiclovers #getoutside #goexplore #truelove

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