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POP LO! Thanks Section 2 for being such a chill section, really don't mind having this section for the rest of the 2 years. Thanks Adlan for being the best buddy, for being humble and cool. Shoutout to the other Loos and also @weini_v for being supportive for the past months. Special mention to the back of the section @rohlol @ganexh99 for making these 2 months eventful and interesting, making the dreadful BMT full of laughter.

Birthday? Nah man, it's Book In Day.

1st 31/01


Happy Belated Neoweini!! Sorry for the late post, there's still next year👍🏻


Gamcheon Culture Village👍🏻I look awks

Happy Birthday Elysha!👍🏻

Maju花 first book out.

Great Job to all AJ Wolves for playing so hard and well, from layout Ds to laser hammers. Idola @ahmokahmok

People often ask me "Why did you change CCA?" , the answer will always be "It's the people". If I were to be given the same choice again, without doubt, it will still and always will be SRU Gen 6.0. Thank you team.

Thanks for coming specially just to watch me play, know you're not into frisbee but still came nonetheless👍🏻hope I didn't disappoint you😅

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