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Can’t believe this potato of mine is a Hall Queen. You looked perfect, I’m proud of you.

Thank you to this human for encouraging me, supporting me throughout the 6 months. Even though you yawned like a hippopotamus for the duration of the parade, hope you still enjoyed it😂😍

Congrats 3SGs👍🏻need to start practising our "90!45!", "SEMULA", "....THEN?" and "KNOCK IT DOWN"

You danced so well even Halimah came to watch you👍🏻

POP LO! Thanks Section 2 for being such a chill section, really don't mind having this section for the rest of the 2 years. Thanks Adlan for being the best buddy, for being humble and cool. Shoutout to the other Loos and also @weini_v for being supportive for the past months. Special mention to the back of the section @rohlol @ganexh99 for making these 2 months eventful and interesting, making the dreadful BMT full of laughter.

Birthday? Nah man, it's Book In Day.

1st 31/01


Happy Belated Neoweini!! Sorry for the late post, there's still next year👍🏻


Gamcheon Culture Village👍🏻I look awks

Happy Birthday Elysha!👍🏻

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