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Fine La Villalobos  I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast. I am alone in the night been trying hard not to get into trouble.

My date for today: Unexpected deadline,I love you❤️Not.

One pancake for the grass widow,please😋

Already on my way to the office but walking through this winter wonderland makes it at least less worse.

When you want to treat yourself with a two hour time out,the best thing you can do is flower shopping💐

Current mood. Coming home from the office at 10pm is already pretty bad. Coming home from the office at 10pm and hearing that your car got towed away is even worse.

Wine evening at mum's house❤

At least one highlight in sight.Although travelling with my colleagues will probably be a very interesting experience🤔🙈

Office life.I will definitely miss this view.❤

Drinks and fun. #aboutlastnight

Life goals👌🏻🙊

Hangover breakfast🙈💃🏻🍾🍸

I'm sorry for the spam but these lights really stole my heart💫