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yy  you found me πŸ’―

Nah, I'm still not gonna wish you hbd. Be patient and wait till 2359. Jk, blessed 21st, love β™₯️ p.s. thx for posing with the soft toy LOL

Thank you all for making my semester so enjoyable πŸ’–

Happiest 21st, OOTF πŸ’– I am and will always be thankful for you, love you plenty xoxo. P.S: It still feels like yesterday when we hid your bag away from you during econs tutorial (and that's like 4 years ago) LOL

The most lepak group definitely goes to us; lepaking in GSR and drinking teh and kopi at Koufu while the other groups were busy with station games and all HAHA. Thank you R2 for the amazing 3D2N πŸ’– Let's all add oil and mug together in time to come! ☺️

Blessed 21st, chingu πŸ’– Pretty sure you know that I am and will always be thankful for you. P.S. @alvintsz asked you to get the right alphabet for your party next time, jiHgyi

We are MAFIAAAAAA 222222 πŸ”« The tans will fade but the memories forged will last forever. Thank you for the good vibes *korean πŸ’ž* Cheers to lifelong friendships!

It was an INSPIRAR-ing 3 days with y'all, my fellow Hufflepuffers πŸ’– Truly thankful that our paths crossed, thank you all for being such a friendly and positive bunch to be with. See you guys real soon!!

Thank you all for giving me a great headstart for my first camp and for teaching me so much over such a short timespan πŸ’•πŸ’― So sorry for the late post and see y'all around in school! #FObestcamp

High tide or low tide, I'll be by your side *korean heart* 😏 #ASocCamp2017 #Turfwars

Welcome to the legal club!! 🍾 I hope you like the angbao HAHA

I think @alvintsz is getting better at this πŸ“·

I have a thing for brown bears, they're secute 😍 p/s: I feel like I'm standing next to @alvintsz bc he is tall af :')

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