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y e n  hello, featuring some highlights of my life in tiles ✨

Welcome to the legal club!! 🍾 I hope you like the angbao HAHA

I think @alvintsz is getting better at this 📷

I have a thing for brown bears, they're secute 😍 p/s: I feel like I'm standing next to @alvintsz bc he is tall af :')

生日快乐!!希望你能快高长大 😇 (p/s: nfns needs to be back with full force soon and take nicer boomerangs on vic's bday ya LOL)

Congrats on being one of the ten to get that EOD badge!! ✨ Is that tier 2?? Just kidding, I know it's tier 3 HAHA. On a serious note tho, I am so proud of you 🤗💖

And he asked, "What is this gay ass thing?!?"

Hbd 💖 Wishing you forever 21 on every 21st of March, old lady 😌 P/S: Can you please attend lecture with me later to relive our poly moments? LOL

Tera thanks to the Soo family for making all of this possible ❤️ LOL love you guys a lifetime 😚

Also, giga thanks to NFNS (y'all deserve to appear in my feed so yes!!) who arrived earlier to help me with my (very troublesome HAHA) decorations while I spent most of my time supervising 💖 Shoutout to my lovely personal photographers @j_ilicious & @jiahuiie, my gorgeous cake-cutting assistant @nyujiaxuan, my 12/7 errands runner @aaaiilicec and of course, not forgetting my 24/7 errands runner @alvintsz 🤗

T'was a great night ✨💯 Mega thanks to everyone that came all the way to my place to celebrate my special day with me in advance. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I hope every single one of you did too ya HAHA. Wouldn't ask for a better company. Thank you all for the thoughtful gifts as well! Lava y'all long time 💖 P/S: Gave up trying to upload clear images using the album option on IG :')

Please make our CNY gathering a yearly affair not because I lost most of my money to Denzel&/Victor but because the company is 💯. Hoping that the rest can join next year or at the very least, join for the next outing *hinthint* @aaaiilicec @jiahuiie @kennethzxyuen and WL :')