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yy  you found me 💯

I'm beyond blessed and honoured to have played a part in both of your special day. Thank you both for being such awesome friends, it has been a true blessing to have known y'all. Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness. 祝你们百年好合,永结同心,早生贵子 💞
P.S. Kindly swipe to the last picture to witness @aaaiilicec unleashing her salt bae potential. Miss Chan, 请 LOL

#teambride aka the 'I do' crew 💫

Happy 2nd birthday (🎂) hehe! Thank you for the mad ride through these 3 years. It is honestly alot more fun than rollercoaster rides; the adrenaline.. 🤭💖 p.s. I promise to always agree to disagree on my shopping expenses (hehe??)

Thankful for easygoing and helpful groupmates 🤗 shoutout to my blaw girls too hehee

Beyond blessed 😊 May I be forever 18

HI ALL!! Kindly support @alvintsz and I. We need new specs hehehe and we are suckers for free goodies 🤓
@owndays_sg #OWNDAYS #owndayssg #owndaysfollowerdiscount #eyewear

新年快乐 小🐶s hehe. Always a good time even though we no longer meet up as often. May us all be more civilised (no more profanities LOLOL) as we turn 22 this year. p.s. I am glad y'all survived through the professionally driven 旺derful car ride LOL

大年初二 🍊

祝大家财源滚滚,狗年旺旺 🐶

I still love you even though you miscalculated my height; am totally feeling (168-24)cm HAHA

Thankful for all the friendships and memories forged as well as the lessons learned in 2017, here's to a better year ahead. HAPPY 2018!! 🤗
p.s. cleared my phone memory so i can only feature the loser whom i last took pics with a year ago LOL