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yy  you found me 💯

Thankful for all the friendships and memories forged as well as the lessons learned in 2017, here's to a better year ahead. HAPPY 2018!! 🤗
p.s. cleared my phone memory so i can only feature the loser whom i last took pics with a year ago LOL

Nah, I'm still not gonna wish you hbd. Be patient and wait till 2359. Jk, blessed 21st, love ♥️ p.s. thx for posing with the soft toy LOL

Thank you all for making my semester so enjoyable 💖

Happiest 21st, OOTF 💖 I am and will always be thankful for you, love you plenty xoxo. P.S: It still feels like yesterday when we hid your bag away from you during econs tutorial (and that's like 4 years ago) LOL

The most lepak group definitely goes to us; lepaking in GSR and drinking teh and kopi at Koufu while the other groups were busy with station games and all HAHA. Thank you R2 for the amazing 3D2N 💖 Let's all add oil and mug together in time to come! ☺️

Blessed 21st, chingu 💖 Pretty sure you know that I am and will always be thankful for you. P.S. @alvintsz asked you to get the right alphabet for your party next time, jiHgyi

We are MAFIAAAAAA 222222 🔫 The tans will fade but the memories forged will last forever. Thank you for the good vibes *korean 💞* Cheers to lifelong friendships!